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Looking for some advice on controller

Hi! I used to play way back when the game first started, played for like a week and quit. I recently remembered this game and I thought I could give it a try. Is the game still populated? And how is the controller support? My laptop heats up alot so I only play games where I can use my controller (Dual Shock 4). Will I be able to fully play the game with controller? Or I will have to occasionally use mouse/keyboard?

One last thing: I love PvE, which class would be good to start with? I really enjoy magic classes or tankers, but if there isnt much people playing, then it would be good to be able to solo.


at peak times yes, just have to shout if you want to do low level dungeons

im a controller guy too. its good, tho youll have to use 2 sets because most if not all class combinations got lot of skills to use.

as far as i can remember i used key boards only once and it was an optional costume quest. used keyboard because the customized quest skill didnt work for controller

save yourself dont be a 1st char tank
try any ele-pyro variant or onmyo variants, both do good aoe magics.


Thanks! I’ll check them out!