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Lithuanian names

It saddens me to see how Lithuanian names got butchered by the English translations just from screenshots.
Is there any way I can contribute to the English translation to properly fix EVERY Lithuanian influenced word there is in the game?
For example.
One of the cities has to be named Klaipeda, not Kalipeda.
Especially most other names.
I’ve worked before on translations for Games like ArcheAge, B&S.
From Korean to English/Russian.
Why, is because I was born in Lithuania, Klaipeda, I study mythology, I know everything there is about Lithuanian paganism, mythology, folklore.
Would love not to see the original concept’s inspiration go to waste :stuck_out_tongue:
thank you for your time !


Official translations are made thru the official Github page, found HERE. If ure really interested, u should take a look. Also, I suggest u to contact @Spadow as he one of the main contributors there and I believe he can help u about.

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Okay, will try,
Thanks for the info c:


The ‘Kalipeda’ was a typo and I believe this is already fixed. We have a Discord server where you can join and discuss about this. Click here to join. We have two people from Lithuania in the server who helps us sometimes with the names, but I’d love to hear your opinion about what you have encountered so far.



Thank you a lot!
Will do when I can and have time :smile:
Hope I will be of some help.

Your concern has been noted by others as well.
There was an issue posted by another fellow contributor on Github pointing out the subtle errors in Lithuanian naming in the game.

IMC has responded to the issue, stating that they’ll need to find a time to correct the Korean words before we can correct the English names. Thus, we contributors are currently waiting for such a time when we can correct the spelling of Lithuanian names based on grammar.

Come join us on Discord, as Spadow linked above. :smile:

Another question.
Would you really love the words to be kept in their original aspect? (As in how the Devs intended them from the start - Lithuanian. Or you want a proper English translation for them to be even translated from Lithuanian to English)

Great link by the way.
That person pointed out what I was concerned about, saved me some time I could say, haha.
I will definitely jump on your discord server when I’m not working :smile: and go through with people.
I’m helping out the russian guys a bit as well when I can.
Pluses of having a Russian mother, and a Lithuanian father LOL.

I can’t say on behalf of everyone, but I am in favor of making the change so it doesn’t look half-heartedly done. :wink:

Also, I’d rather that people will read the lore of ToS in proper Lithuanian spelling than incorrect spelling.

Haha, I believe the person that posted the issue (the link) is also Russian :stuck_out_tongue:

Also Russian? That was unexpected.
Yup, I understand.
Would love to translate it properly, since It won’t be a big bother for me, and I rarely use a dictionary, only case would be a really old word. haha.
Joined the discord channel, will try to jump in today around 5PM UK time. :smile:

Personally, I prefer name in their original form unless it’s in a different alphabet.

I agree for names to have there original forms. I mean tics and dots on the letters shouldn’t make the pronunciation any harder then it is now.