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List of Issues: July 24

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We have made an announcement regarding ‘List of Issues: July 24’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

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IMC Staff

The issue that additional damage of skill Aspergillum is not normally applied.

This must be the hardest to fix bug since Commander Load Fail.


Weekly reminder about Muleta 100th point enhance attribute and arts enhance not working…

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Not even a word about bots.

The issue that a certain skill is able to cancel skills of boss monster without any condition.

Good. Basically the people saying that its “intended” cant say that anymore.
It’s a bug.


and as a bug they should wipe all the things they got while using it, and soft ban them too.
bugabuse is still something to punish.

Problem is, the exploit is out there and the staff said absolutely nothing about actually punishing the exploiters. So either the staff says something about it, or other people will use it too, if only to catch up to the people that used it and are still using it until now.