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List of [EU] Fedimian RMT players

Since the “report” function of the auction house is completely useless I decided to make this thread that will serve as a pillory for all the scumbags that buy gold with real life currency and keep playing with complete impunity.

I’ll only post screenshots of blatant RMT to avoid incriminating possible legit players that lack knowledge about the AH. You can post your screenshots too.

If any of them are trades between players they shall provide evidence down below for me to delete the ss.

Don’t close this IMC, this is the only way we can do something about it. So everyone can blacklist the scum.


(lvl2 gem)


I heard it works like some kind of vote to take an item down from the market. If many people report a suspicious item, it’ll be automatically unlisted.

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Ah that may actually be plausible.

Yesterday someone shouted to report X’s trade which had the exact same pattern as the ones above, when I went to do it, the item wasn’t there anymore.
Either it does work like that, or the guy just took it away.

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I’m not for naming and shaming, but there are things that NEED to be done, so … Go Anikk !

Please staff, some investigation/ban is necessary over here


That might be true, but no too many people actually use it. I’ve seen the same stacks of items for days in some cases.

Haven’t logged into the game for about 2 or 3 months but it looks like Fedimian has way more blatant RMTers then the other servers. That list is so long.

IMC had never punish RMT players. I’ve report so many time an1k it’s useless i think, it’s allowed… lol

I’ve reported someone (main account with yellow text and shout selling her stuff for cash) to the staff here in forums a few weeks ago and I just got seenzoned. The person’s still running around in my server. I’ve also reported someone buying 400m twice a few months ago through tickets and just a few days ago I saw the same guy buying 400m again. Hard to believe they’re doing anything about RMT even though GM Grape told us they are.


Widely known RMTrs are still running around here. It is really sad. :tired:

Funny how most of the non-token restrictions are made to prevent RMT, but it doesn’t do the slightest except punish the actual honest and more casual players.
Sad thing is that today I realised that anyone can RMT, even the friendliest and simplest guy who’s in your friendlist/guild you’ve known for months, he’s just gonna do it because why not?

Careful with this thread though, you could get them all compensated from IMC for defamation like one of them reported.


Even Fedi’s god supports the cause.


this thread dont help and do it nothing
i ask support about this and he answer me standart usless words

However, there are necessary procedures that needs to followed in investigating an account.
Rest assure that all reported players are being investigated carefully.

Thats all, no action for this players, this answer i read every time, when report someone.

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“this thread that will serve as a pillory […] So everyone can blacklist the scum.”

If I were still playing I’d try to get a list of Klaipeda RMTers on here.

Be like Moo (Qwertoo for the newcomers) and RMT like a maniac, but from IMC, it’s legal :tired:

Pretty sure Qwertoo doesn’t RMT, but runs saalus daily so much (he multiboxes) that everyone can believe he hit the 32767 item cap with shards.

You can notice him casually selling 500 to 400 shards time to time for a marvellous undercut price down to 150k because he surely has too much of them.


Moo is the hero we need, but not the hero we deserve.


Some low quality drama, I whispered one of those RMTers because he had the audacity to copy the exact costume set I was wearing (he changed right in front of me), I said to him to enjoy it for as long as he could if he doesn’t get banned from all the exposition and evidence, here’s the fun :

Isn’t Codex like, a guild so dead only necromancers can join it?
ToS eSports 2k18?



Oh yeah, that does piss me off. I wouldn’t share a whisper conversation just for this though.

Going around my point? Let’s see who answers…



Won’t throw any more oil in there, not the point of this thread.


Sooooo, you decided to specifically made an account just to respond for that one message?

Really makes you think.


Do we need anyone’s permission to talk about other guilds in the way we want?

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