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Letters for Saper> Fletcher> Falconer

Good Morning!
I have doubts as to the use of cards for these classes, in the slot see I use the card that STR *, I’m weighing to put Prision Cuter, the red slot, more in blue and purple do not know what to put

I would go:

Purple: 3x Rajapearl (10% Chance to apply Bleeding)
Red: 3x Prison Cutter (30% More damage to bleeding)
Blue: 3x Zaura (30% More Def)
Green: 3x Pajauta (+12 Of all stats, so 36 useful stats, Con/Str/Dex)

thank you bro,vou colocar

hi Casey, i think fletcher have skill brohead have effect bleeding 12.5 seconds with 2overheat.
what rajapearl card didnt be worst??


It will then give ‘Excessive Bleeding’ debuff to replace it.

No idea if it replaces the time. I’d still go for it regardless - means all your attacks will give Bleeding effect - which in turn would give you +30% more damage.

ohhh i see.
thank you Casey but what this build will be efficient? sapper - fletcher - falconer?

Musketeer/Falconer/Sapper is a more efficient combination, because one skill buff makes your Min Atk match your Max Atk, and you got some more direct damage skills from Musketeer. It’s mainly a bossing build.

I personally go for Wugushi/Falconer/Sapper, because I do a lot of Challenge Modes solo, so all the AoE attacks tend to help massively. I did try Fletcher/Falconer/Sapper, it’s nice and that -Def debuff helps against bosses, but I liked Wugushi far better for Challenge Modes.

I can’t wait for Wugushi to get their patch in the future, will make their attacks more potent and hit flying mobs.

An example:

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the video not working but no problem.
wugushi - falconer - sapper seems nice to try. thank you casey

You will have issues with flying mobs though, as you’ll only have your Falcon skill, Sapper Stockades, Punji and Wugu’s Miasma skills to hurt them.

Keep that in mind.