Lets make Boruta great, because it never was [BORUTA SUGGESTION THREAD]


I say let it regenerate hp! senzu bean ftw! :rofl:


Boruta is a shitstorm that everyone already foresaw long before it came, it was never going to work well coming into ToS unless it was very well implemented (pfft).


Everyone was hoping it wasn’t going to be ■■■■, knew it was going to be ■■■■, but it turned ■■■■ as expected.

Smile and Optimism, gone

That’s why we need this thread, to get attention from IMC


Currently I really don’t have any reason to go Boruta. I see three directions Boruta content can be heading for.

  1. encouraging high level competitive plays between guilds
  2. becoming a fair PvE content for everyone, either instance guild raid or open field boss raid
  3. eventually getting ignored by everyone except three to four guilds

The current Boruta content is branded as the most competitive end-game GvG content, alongside GTW. While it is more justifiable for large guilds to win GTW, it is not quite the same case for Boruta raid, because the latter involves end-game item progression.

Ideally speaking, even if someone is in a one-man guild, the design of Boruta raid should still allow him/her to stand a chance to get personal rewards. Personal rewards have nothing to do with guild competitions. Participants should not be given more advantage in gaining personal contribution simply because he/she has more guildmates who can block the entrance.Therefore my first suggestion is to normalize personal contribution by some function of number of guildmates on field.

The guild contribution is where GvG comes in. At the moment it seems like across all servers the same guild wins no matter what. Some guilds even allow members to bring alts in to afk for rewards. It defeats the purpose of letting guilds organize and plan for competitive GvG, which should require both quality guild members and non-trivial field tactics. The wing debuff is supposed to take care of this, but it didn’t work properly.

Potential solutions are to also normalize guild contribution by some function of number of guildmates on field, and to give a fixed amount of guild reward per raid (like 10 cubes), instead of scaling with number of members on field. Winning guilds can rotate on who get the rewards internally, and alts and unprepared members are discouraged from the competitive content. It also allows mid-size guilds with well-geared players to compete in the content. Combined these with a properly working wing debuff should make the stage more interesting.

From a completely different angle, in order to make Boruta raids enjoyable, it requires a control on number of players on the field. Servers can’t be smooth in combat with more than 50 people. So a possibility is to make a instance guild raid version for everyone to get rewards within their own guild, and a GvG open field version for competitive plays. In the GvG version, only one party=5 people is allowed from each guild to go in, as representative of the whole guild. Members from the top 3 parties are banned from entering for a week. Top 3 guilds get 5 cubes and a stacking debuff that lasts for like two days. The same guild can send different parties on different days if they are large enough, but the stacking debuff will discourage the same guild to enter on consecutive days. This way everybody can progress their gears, while GvG rewards reputation, faster progression, and entertainment for more guilds. (plus the normal PvP salts).


As I said in another thread, the first thing to do is remove the stupid 70% cutoff on rewards. People don’t want to spend 6 hours per day just to get nothing in the end. It’s absurd. While 45 shards and 3 marks can seem to be a good reward, remember that’s only once per week while for example you can get 2 blessed gem per day while doing Feud… or even get an endless amount of OP rewards by simply clicking on the Event Notice Board every day!

To improve Boruta, you can do two things: either do a “Boruta Feud” in the vein of the “Gemstone Feud” (PvP contribution + time contribution + damage contribution – Boruta is just a “regular” boss like the one in Gemstone Feud), with Boruta being awake only one hour per day every day and rewards distributed based on contribution to everyone at the end of the week; or only allow people to enter for a limited amount of time per day to give everyone a chance at the dragon.


Boruta takes so long because IMC didn’t realize that one guild killing it, takes FOREVER.

There would have been so many ways to circumvent this.


Here is an attack suggestion, a fly straight leaving a track of death(damage) every 10min.

Tail Swing can be a option too.

eating someone seems kinda anti pratical.

More objectives inside the area would fit nice.

Auto removing dead ppl after some time.

These are the points i think would make Boruta a better content.



It’s funny how the guild’s responsible for making Boruta a ■■■■ form of content have nothing to say.

IMC where are you? :3


Additionally, why does Boruta happen on Monday? When Maintenance prevents it from being finished?

You know IMC, you could always move the date. (Or actually add alliances that allow more than one guild join at once?)

Boruta was badly planned and half of the server has to be excluded because of it.


“Prevents from being finished” is a strong sentence…

We killed on Monday in a intense battle versus 8 guilds…
Seriously if you guild dont kill that guy in 3-4h you need more DPS.


Why is this thing even PvPvE in the first place, how does it make sense…
Can’t we just completely get rid of this aspect now that GTW is back, that we have feud and TBL, let’s just stop with the PvP overload.

Let’s just keep Naruta at a high-level end tier world boss, nothing more.
Simple way to fix it.


well… one point is:

  • Its a pvp content with a dragon in the middle.
  • Other point is that because there is channel limit, it would be the same thing as any world boss.
  • If it was Full PvE, it would be really boring and only 100 ppl would do the content, while with pvp up to 1000 ppl can recieve the reward.


Yeah, well come to Klaipedia, where more than one guild exists.


The rewards are subpar if you’re out of the big three, and there’s no guarantee you’d be allowed to afk. Since so many guilds have their head up their ass. Content sucks man. There were so many ways to fix this before release, and IMC ignored all of them. Now, I’m gonna bitch until they fix it. Just like the AFK bokor thread.


We were fighting 8 guilds (Who gave up too fast, lol) please do not try to compare the amount of players or guilds of Silute with Klaipeda, because it’s ridiculous.


pvp shouldnt be mandatory for gear progression at least for this game, since this game pretty much pve based, and you need boruta acc for gear progression, as for the seal i think its ok that its given only for 3 top guild, as “pretigious” stuff :tired:
what im trying to say is gear progression should be available for any player, for e.g ET, velcoffer, other unique raid, and this is limited to top 3 guilds.
pvp reward should be like GTW at least, like silver, or bs, or bg, or other stuff that increase your “speed” for gearing up.


I agree, this content discouraged many players because of the rewards
Many friends of mine stopped playing


boruta is the worst content imc have ever made, as a pve player idc about the equipments and i just find ridiculous that guilds have to monopolize a stupid boss for 4-5 hours a week just to make/sell overpriced gear.
this is worse than bad events since it will remain forever, so imo screw this content as i won’t ever play it, the time spent to do it doesn’t reward you back so its hopeless.

also make gemstone more enjoyable, like 2 times a day, balance TBL better and people will start to play it more because pvp content today is pure sadness.

and make some pokemon pve content with albuns so that people could play anytime just like the card battle from the beggining of the beta.

  1. Make boruta no more regen so casual guild can actually kill it.

  2. Make boruta half defense if you’re not using velco trans 10.

  3. Make boruta hp according to how many people in guild so every kirito have a chance.

Fck it, just make it boruta like santa claus giving reward to everyone.


8 guilds? How many of them are there combined?

On topic, only way this can be at least fair is to limit the amount of people. I want old GvG 15v15 back :frowning: