Lets make Boruta great, because it never was [BORUTA SUGGESTION THREAD]


This thread is meant to highlight the issues of Boruta content. Although it would be best to keep this thread constructive, drama is almost intrinsic to anything dealing with Boruta. Therefore, if you have a suggestion, I recommend bolding it so that it will be easy to find and easy for IMC to read.

Issues surrounding Boruta:

  • Monopolization
  • 100 person map limit
  • No official alliances

Boruta is one of the easiest contents to monopolize as only guilds ranked 1-3 receive the Shining Boruta cube. Secondly, individual contribution grants Boruta cubes to individuals who are already part of the rank 1-3 guild contribution. In other words, all cubes go to the same people every single week.

The 100 person map population limit also allows for guilds to either, make alliances to help fill the map so no others can enter, or simply inhibit players from participating guilds to enter.
It is understandable that the channel cap is necessary, as I doubt more than 100 people could be held in one place in this game without lag. However, I think that it’s unacceptable that 3-years post-release, we still lag on a full channel.

My suggestions:

  • Prevent guilds ranked at #1-#3 from participating in next weeks Boruta.
    Guilds that are excluded should receive the amount of 2 weeks worth of Boruta participation.
    This allows guilds to rotate their Boruta runs, therefore animosity and toxicity are lessened; fewer people overall are excluded from content.

  • Change individual contribution to only apply to those who are not included in the top three
    Boruta Seals and Drakonas content are fairly substantial, it’s simply unfair to punish players who refuse to join larger guilds. Those who are already part of the top 3, will be receiving double to rewards for half the work since they will only have to run once per 2 weeks.

  • Alliances are conducive to making Boruta runs smoother.
    If two allied guilds are capable of hitting Boruta without hitting each other, more damage can be inflicted in much less time. Meanwhile, guilds will be capable of participating with each other, instead of staying on the sidelines.

This concludes my suggestions for now, but please add on some difficulties you’ve faced when fighting Boruta.

Thank you


Just thinking how it’ll eventually play out:

With the suggestions in place, the top 2 guilds will fight on alternative weeks for less conflict with getting rank 1. The top 4 guilds after them will discuss and make two alliances, 3 guilds each with the top 2 guilds heading each alliance, and the two alliances will fight on alternative weeks to monopolize Boruta separately. Until there is a new alliance of 3 guilds with enough power and players to contest with either of the existing alliances, nothing will change from then on. If the top 6 guilds are in cahoots together, they can simply switch stronger guilds around in their alliances to fend off new alliances attempting to replace existing alliances. Individual contributions will probably have little effect with the channel limit, only 70% of the remaining players getting the prize, and 3 guilds already taking up the channel to fight Boruta.

End result would be instead of the top 3 guilds, Boruta will be monopolized by the top 6 guilds. Simple solution would be just to make Boruta a single guild raid, maybe everyone who participates at least gets a prize and the guilds are ranked based on who clears Boruta the fastest with the higher ranked guilds getting additional rewards, but yeah, no clear idea on how to fix Boruta.

Boruta is just clearly not ready for ToS.


Remove the pvp
make boruta the most badass boss in existence
like ultra instinct, teleport around, use spirit bombs, disable healing, disable sp all kinds of nasty ■■■■ that could wreck people, bullet hell style
It will be really hard to kill and everyone who contributed well enough gets something

dont let it regenerate hp though, that ■■■■ is retarded

Unfortunately I doubt our servers would be able to handle that anyways


1 vs 1 GvG Weekly like old times.

Rewards: Exchange shop medals (cuz costumes op, and add TP potions there and soul crystals or w/e)
Boruta Raid entry upcoming week (top 5 guilds maybe?)

Boruta Raid = 10 minute to 1 hour (depends on how it’s done) PvE Raid during the week.
Ranking system depends on DPS done during this time by the entire guild.

Ranks between guilds, the fastest guild takes the higher Rank. Maybe limit it to 10 people per guild per instance in order to avoid making it a ZERG. No entry limit, so you can tryhard the f*** out of it.

High Rank = More Guild reward.

Alternatively make like Ragnarok. 3 GvG maps, each opens a diferent raid / dungeon. Your own guild can farm in there, smaller guilds can pay a loan. Monopoly but everyone gets a piece of the cake.

I Kinda dislike taking PvP out of boruta cuz it made the server more interactive. I got to know a lot of ppl from other guilds lol.


I do not know how to turn into an ideal content but remove the channel limit (or grow to 300) and change the time (at least at Silute starts at 5pm, lol) it would help a lot!


Another thing that could be done:
Make guild contribution rank the same for each allied guild

Ex. Guild A, Guild B, Guild C are allied.

Guild A gets Rank 1. Therefore GB and GC will also get rank one instead of two and three.

Therefore rank 2&3 are saved for other alliances.

Easy way to remove incentive.


ktos already planning increased channel limit and guilds spawning together, so it will be easier to overthrow the defending guild unless they make a heavy precast (and put actual dd’s off bioruta making it a long-long game)

wanna make boruta better? actually team up against big guilds, they want you divided and that’s exactly what they get


In my opinion something like gemstone would be better

Make more channels and put limit for only 1/2 party (5/10 members) per guild per channel so everyone can participate and have a chance, even smaller guilds.
Put time limit on the content, 2 hours max would be nice, it’s insane how much time we spent in this, we are currently fighting in Silute and the fight already got to 12hours, today will be 18h total.
Expand the rewards so everyone will be encouraged to participate, no reason to enter the content and lose several hours to get nothing.


Here my thoughts on some points:

  • Boruta leaves many players feeling excluded. Introduce another version of Boruta (PvE) that players can attempt in order to get Boruta rewards.
  • Boruta offers an experience different from the rest of ToS. Keep a version of Boruta that maintains the PvPvE concept, but make sure it rewards are balanced against the PvE version. I think having two versions would be a compromise between the different things that people want.
  • Boruta is stagnant because the same guilds win over and over. If IMC wants the winners to change from week to week then the winners’ debuff needs to be extremely aggressive. It might even need to affect 2nd and 3rd place. Or maybe just bar players from entering entirely. As it stands right now, it seems too weak to be effectual.
  • The timing is wrong in so many ways. Boruta opens when a lot of players can’t play. I wouldn’t mind something like a second Boruta that is available at a different time of day. I’d be happy with anything that gives more players even a chance to go in. Boruta is also designed to be unreasonably long, when it’d probably do better designed around being about an hour long. It’s just exhausting to play as it is right now. I am getting to the point where I am afraid of asking my guild to go to Boruta out of fear that they’d quit the game out of frustration.

I had some thoughts about Boruta’s fundamental problems, but since they were long-winded I’ve collapsed them below.

Other Thoughts

I think the idea of PvPvE is fun in its own way. I think that intrinsically such content will always have winners and losers. Problematically, this potentially leads to scenarios where only a limited number of players win over and over, leaving everyone else out. As someone pointed out before, changing the way Boruta works might increase the number of guilds that have a chance at winning. However, this only goes from ‘some’ to ‘some more’ without encompassing ‘everyone.’

This leads to the question of ‘how many guilds should get a chance for it to be okay?’ to which the answer is that there is never enough guilds included. The solution that was suggested was that Boruta should just be converted to content that is attempted per guild. I think that such an idea doesn’t affect the fundamental idea that stronger players will generally be better at progressing. Further, I think that this may rob players the opportunity for a different experience.

Stronger players always have more opportunities to get things than weaker players, and this feels bad because weaker players end up feeling like they are missing out on something. This is a fundamental problem with MMOs, because at the same time that this may upset weaker players, stronger players should be rewarded for their investment (whether that be their time or, dare I say it, money). That being said, Boruta looks like an excruciatingly exaggerated case of this because a lot of fairly strong players don’t even get a chance due to the way this content is designed.

Boruta offers a unique opportunity for guilds to work together or against each other to accomplish a common goal. This leads to interesting ways that guilds and fight and work with each other that feels different from guild territory wars. Having a boss to deal with while also dealing with other players leads to interesting problems regarding how to split a guild’s resources between two different fronts. Further, there is a guild-politicking element involved outside of Sullivanas Lair. Deciding who is your enemy, managing alliances, coming up with plans, and other things are ‘fun’ things that can happen without even a single skill being cast. Unfortunately, this was fun for only a couple of weeks until the winning alliance appears and dominates the content. At that point the winners keep winning, and growing strong from winning too.


if the rewards from boruta events wasn’t too “meta” the lvl of hype from huge guild would not be the same as now, why ? because a single players needs tons of boruta seal to do a +5 and that gear comes with a awesome unbalance on pvp content. so late pvp guild with geared players needs it more than everyone and thats make it too unfair for comoon players.

do you want do boruta ? so leave your guild and joint to a pvp one. o waith until imc put some seals on a event reward like halloweend and exploit that with cheats and multiacounts like everyone…


This is precisely the opposite of Monopoly. If there are 2 sets of guilds able to participate on a biweekly basis, then it would not be a monopoly anymore.

(content would still suck, mind you, but at least it would be sucky content that could be run by other guilds not in the top 3.)


To add my two cents:

  • Would be fine with locking out rank 1-3 for an entire week, in lieu of a mark that doesn’t work. This would encourage other guilds to be involved in the content, and would also encourage guilds within their alliances to consider who should aim for rank 1 (that or just share rewards like a good alliance would).
  • Channel cap needs to be at least match GTW.
  • Start and End times should be adjusted, on Klaipeda 7pm-1am is a pretty ridiculous time investment. Boruta should only be up for 2-3 hours at most, and adjust his HP totals accordingly.
  • Just disable PVP. Neat idea, doesn’t work for this content. Implement other ways to PVP such as bringing back old GVG with QoL changes, or actual PVP modes like capture the flag or straight up deathmatch.
  • IF YOU WANT TO KEEP PVP AS A THING, OK. But, make it an attack that Boruta uses on the map periodically like every 25% for a couple minutes to shake things up and shift potential ranks. People would go at each other’s throats for a small amount of time and thats it. Give Boruta 2 minutes of immunity as well, so he can watch as the realm burns.
  • Make Boruta Stronger and more threatening offensively. If the HP totals are reduced he should hit like a bus and have more interesting attacks that threaten to wipe the entire alliance.


I would say to simply remove the PvP aspect and reward everyone who can achieve a minimum contribution, with increased reward based on how high your contribution was. Extra rewards could be given, based on how each guild performed, unless in a fair amount that doesn’t justify “abusing” the maximum capacity of a channel.

I would also say to create another Channel, but I think this could create more issues if contributions would be individual for each channel. Mob guilds might abuse it anyway for top ranking. There is also the story aspect of Boruta being the ultimate dragon, so would be weird of having “2” of them.

Honesty, the PvP aspect is what kills the possibility of smaller guilds to attempt something. If you gonna keep it, then apply the PvP rules (I read somewhere that they are not applied). Besides this, other good ideas were shared here already.


A sad part about removing PvP here is that you might get what happens with the demon lord world bosses - a lot of unorganized individuals throwing skills that don’t contribute anything but end up crashing the channel. How can IMC manage this problem?

Stupidly enough, PvP keeps crashes in check because guilds that don’t behave properly can get chased out


disable ice wall completely :haha:


Well… make Boruta actually threatening, then people will have to move around more than just spam skills. Also increment his arsenal, with more frequently used wide abilites. This “fearsome” dragon only uses one very small physical attack.

I’m not sure if this would fix the crashing problem, but certainly would reduce the spamming.


Honestly just delete it
Add instead more bosses that are actually fun to fight against like the new maddon maiden

Remember r8 ghesti in stalactite cave? now that was fun, or the vampire butterfly demon
unless you had enough def to only get 1 damage


That’s one thing too, it’s clear the IMC intended to not have Boruta be monopolized, since the mark ideally would deter the same competition. However, it’s badly implemented. I really think IMC needs to understand that their “solution” doesn’t work.


Yeah, so the easiest solution is to just cut it off at the knees and straight up deny them entry for a week.


IMO I think if we can get the rewards (drakonas/seals) from other content individually, there will be less drama for boruta, boruta will be a plus reward for those who want to join, not mandatory to get those end game rewards anymore.