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Lets do some weapon attack calculate. :)

People when already at fault but still want to retort… they can come with all possible no brain cell argument.

Drink more baby formula milk. Hopefully, it will help grow your brain cell.


You made him self-conscious. :joy:

I just use what I learnt from Konoha village :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

So whats the bug?
You know the only way to fix bugs in tos is make everyone use em until IMC is forced to fix it


Please investigate it @GM_Francis @imc

He wont kick. They just rename like how ironcurtain renamed to 3LegsWarrior.

Grapesoda so many fan :smirk:

yeah , got people just sit in town and /memberinfo all day long , every day , such a great fan .

Threads like this surface when someone / some group getting salty. :salt: :salt: I’m pretty sure if there’s a bug they use it too. It’s just that they lack skill to utilize it. :haha:

This still considered cheating tho. Anything for aiming high? Honestly is that they offer in that guild? Like abuse everything for aiming on top? (despite of the end game gears) haha lmao flippin hands

Ew haha what a man of his words

what skill lol… this isn’t dota or tekken. it’s mmo where the only skill that matters is your card swipe.

o shiet someone do better at this game instead of my group even we whale a lot.

just get +31 4Head

@GM_Francis @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Bob
Please help. I’m so jealous.

Someone : exploiting the bug.

GS: Are you jealous?

LMAO nice logic


The game is full of bugs.

Everyone doing DCP bug TU (no complaint) cause everyone benefit from it. :wink:
When the highlight of “Severity bug” all guilds doing 4-8 mins runs of WW. (Now no one seems to be breaking those records)

You can tell other people are using bugs cause you can see their names in the ranking. (F10) WW - Tell them to do a 4-8 mins run of WW now?

This is just my opinion. I play with all the guilds and would like to be as neutral as possible.

Whenever GS members are ranking or something there’s always something wrong but when it’s other people then it’s “Fine”?

Please stop being a hypocrite.

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they wanted to remove insta kill, but cancel it in the end. It will properly stated in patch note too if this was implemented. not a bug?

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My guild current situation

@evercode - bug is an error, flaw or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways.

still a bug cause its not intended to be like that

@OldandNaive - DCP TU definitely don’t we all?
The rest no I refrain the people I play with :wink:

I play the game to have fun not compete and check who has bigger balls. (My Balls tiny That’s why my name is XSBalls)

rephrase my word. they intended that way.