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Lets do some weapon attack calculate. :)


+25 T10 Staff base attack is 19151
with 3 lvl10 blue gems = 19151+1125
and with maintenance from shop +2128

After calculated it should be 22404 right?
But why it’s 23154.

Please help me, I’m so bad at doing math :wink:

now with trinket :wink:

Same enhancement
Same transendence
MT from the same shop
But how?

Wanna know who is the owner of these weapons?
I’ll tell you guys later :slight_smile:

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maybe some little buff or enchantment lost somewhere, there are so many mini buffs from everywhere that it’s hard to see them all xD

now what about this

23154 minus 22404
= 750
that means this staff got 5 blue gems?

more 750 attack is not little its like you have more 7 enhance bonus

Visual bug on trinkets I’m pretty sure. Check your F1 stat.

swell hands + over reinforce?

That is not my trinket.
It’s someone’s before him enter and after enter JSR.

And that happens everyday.

Swell hands gives you maximum attack not weapon dmg.

and over-reinforce is for sub-weapon :wink:

interesting. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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And in this case I’m talking about his staff.
Even if he got overestimate buff from appraiser it would show that his staff is +32
and his staff dmg would be 23499
but this looks like this guy has x5 lvl10 gems in his staff


Throw shade for what

100% not visual bug , they able to active / deactive their “damage buff” anytime they want and any content they do like joint strike / wbr / raid party / guild raid

PS : the abuser are top player and whale from same guild and lastweek they got new achievement in the server

Okay let me spill you the bean. It’s my guildmates Mercies, Oldflame, Kubis19 and the gangs. Most of the higher ups from GS already knew about this bug abuse but they keep their mouth shut so only them can get the advantages.

PS: I wonder what my guild master gonna do about these bug abuser tehee :wink:


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Bug: exist

My guild:

As long there is a bug that u all can abuse, u people will abuse it. IRL if you all play sport games, first thing u do is to bribe the ref.

Why don’t you guys use your real accounts? Let’s start a conversation where there is no alt even in forums, no?

create more clone doesnt make you look better in real life ( pro tip )

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