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Leticia's Secret Cube: July 14

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Leticia’s Secret Cube: July 14’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

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Can we get an explanation of what that Boruta Enhancement item does?

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It should be a fodder, unequippable seal by looking at tosneet (and translating from the korean version).

Fodder how though? Does it replace at any level? Like, for example, going from level 2 to level 3, would you need 2 of these fodder seals? Does it negate the other costs? There is a lot of missing detail before I dump several thousand dollars into this cube.

The above with google translation is all i know about it. It looks like it can be enhanced though, so that would rule out it being good for any level.

Boruta Seal - Enhancement is a stage 1 seal. It can be used when upgrading Boruta Seals in place of a Boruta Seal.

Because it is a stage 1 seal, it can only be used to bring a Boruta Seal to stage 2, but not stage 3. You can upgrade the Boruta Seal - Enhancement by combining another enhancement seal into it, like you would a Boruta Seal. You cannot use Boruta Seals to enhance the enhancement seal. Once the enhancement seal is at stage 2, you can use it to upgrade a stage 2 Boruta Seal to 3, and so on.

They are unequippable fodder seals used simply for enhancing Boruta seals. The typical rules of enhancement and required stages still apply.


when using enhancement seal, is it 100% success or just have normal success rate?

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same rate, like normal boruta seal

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huhuhu okays, thank you for the information :slight_smile:

I thought it would negate the failure or at least raise the success % … bah , its just a nameless seal of sorts. =/

400 cubes in. Nothing but Attribute points for Rank S. Disgusting. Post your Loot Box probabilities, IMC. This is getting ridiculous…