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Leticia's Secret Cube: January 12, 2021

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Leticia’s Secret Cube: January 12, 2021’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

Why are the costumes/acessories now in Leticia Cubes instead of Goddess ones?

Also: rank S – arch stone fragment x10. My lower mandible just fell off…

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I assume you guys enjoyed how whales bought up all the leti for sole resets and going in with arch frags because they will keep opening leti cubes anyway

IMC-ed once more time. GG

Damn, I remember I was the one who requested this. Let me guess, I’ll open 100 cubes and not get the fragments. :rofl:

As they say … Tree of Savior is not a pay to win game … Imagine, you will never be able to buy the end game item for real money that has horrible drop rates …

It just has a name, despair …

I believe that fragment of arkstone is not sold in the ktos cube.

they are sold too, but only 5 pieces.

Kinda ironic here.

Ktos got double drop rate, double CM count but half of Letica

Itos got double loot from Letica and half of drop rate/ CM count than KTos.

So basically ITOS = P2W.


pay and luck to win :rofl: if you think itos is already p2w wait till you see twtos packages

thank god those doesnt happen here.

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Can you link that TW TOS packages? I’m curious.

moonlight varna, straight into tp packages :distinguished:

image and da legendary +40 varna
how does reload X TP to get +16 full pot sounds?

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Or you get a box that contains 3000 attribute points (I assume that’s a typo).

To be fair, 10 arch stone fragments are about as much worth as 777 Blessed Gems from last cube (at least based on my server’s economy).

It’s actually a good thing to have these in the cubes because it will effectively make the market ones a bit cheaper over time.

Best to wait and see if its really frags then. IMC will pull a fast one and offer No refund if that was the case.

Oh, an item designed to be horrendously rare and obtainable only in strictly timegated contents that’s required for basically all endgame equips is then sold in the gacha cubes, how surprising.

Said no one.
The arch-etipical example of designing something as a scarse resource just to profit on it later…

I was referring to the attribute point box that’s also S-Rank. It says that you get 1x box that contains 3x attribute point 1000 items each. So that would only be 3000 attribute points lol.

Not surprising at all.

I believe Crevox mined that info back in October when it was supposed to come out but delayed.

This could also mean two things:

  1. Intended bring player base to endgame or at least closer (Kara, Ark, God/Demon Armor)

  2. A new wave of content is coming soon that’ll erode the value of Arch Frags tremendously, whether its bigger loot chance etc


We could have thought the same about Boruta card being in gacha…and yet they implemented a stronger card that requires a Boruta card to be crafted. So there isn’t much we can take for granted.

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This could mean a third thing: future equips that will require arch stone fragments by dozens. Those maybe will become the new Practoniums.

i open 160 cubes and get fragments and costumes just garbage ill never buy again

Of course you don’t get the fragments… it’s called “gatcha” for a reason. :haha: