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Leticia's Secret Cube - Feb 12, 2019


Click here for the full list of items included in the cube.


man… you’re going to make tons of money with this… kekekekakakaka


IMC is officially milking the last one of this corps.


Why play when you have just to cash shop #lazy


“Legend Card Box”

“Legend Card S E L E C T I O N Box”


ironically I have 0 interest in this cube :confused:


Why did you have to put WB cards in there ? :tired:


Stop adding everything to gacha cubes.
Demon Lord card selection box? when will it stop?


Good thing I leveled my legendary before this patch - fodder cards are about to jump up in price lol.


i think legends card selection box is good to make the price acessible of this cards lol


You probably have better chances getting a legendary card from actually killing demon lord world bosses than from getting one from this cube, lol.


The goal is the goro box.

JK. I just don’t understand why goro box is still there. I have 3 in storage and would hit the screen when I get another.

I wonder if the +11 voucher and the trans 5 voucher are ever gonna hit us. I am guessing in a week or two. Pop corns ready.