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Leticia\'s Secret Cube: April 6, 2021

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Leticia’s Secret Cube: April 6, 2021’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

Division Singularity Gigantic Box or “444 million silver: the box”

That is their own money they spent, not yours. And IMC never force them to buy. Why so cynical?

Please release the next package event, and remove 10 purchase limitation for challenging package. For me, a new player, 10 reset voucher packages are not enough to upgrade gear! and also i don’t want to spend few month to save silver from daily to buy arch stones, just remove the purchase limitation, thanks!

It’s way more than 444m per box. Eh, like another ~150m in raw materials, + the random chances at VV and such. And in it’s sole defense, it’s high likely the pull rate is lower than the other equal tier items due to it’s value, however it’s still enticing enough to garner attention and purchases anyway for it’s appearance alone.

It’s ridiculous that someone in their marketting team decided this needed to exist, and exactly why I spoke against this poor practice in the last thread. If you think they won’t one-up this one too, you’re clueless. They could… but definitely really shouldn’t do worse.

And “but they need to make money/just don’t buy it 4head/no one’s forcing any1 2 buy” are such cop-out responses. Think about this more critically. They’ve had their time to not design stopgap packs and gacha content, and chose this instead because it’s easy money. This stuff can do damage to a game, and defeats the purpose of what they “set out to do” in the first place.

You are 100% right, but this is box #100+ at this point.
Everyone that saw this and came to that conclusion already stopped playing from the first sign of a p2w trend. It’s way to late to even complain about how garbage it is because it’s been the norm for years and nobody did anything big enough in-game community wise to persuade them against it, other then actually quitting in droves.


It’s not even P2Win, it’s gamble to win for the most part. The items you can actually buy to have a significant impact are heavily diluted and thus overpriced in these packages.
I don’t even see how selling all these consumables is a legal practice in the West.

In my opinion buy to play with expansions you need to buy as well is the best way to finance a game, because then your income is directly linked to your performance(better design = more players = more income), instead of feeding on lottery addicts that spend hundreds or thousands of dollars every single month on cubes which drop 99% crap.

We’re already far away from the term “microtransaction” in TOS, for some cents you cannot even buy anything.

Even after all that opinion you give, people still buying them. If you really really want something to change, i think you better not only writing long wall of text on forum , but also start approaching directly any whale to have your mindset before buying what IMC sells. Otherwise, it is just all talk no action. Attacking the seller, but not giving any effort to make the buyer become smarter as you are, then dont blame the seller if they still sell the same low quality bait.

I wasn’t going to bother replying, because the response under mine was absolutely correct, as much as I wish it wasn’t.
It’s a game that I unfortunately feel still has potential and could bounce back out of this, if they thought more about the product they’re creating. I’ve seen this sorry crap happen before in plenty of other games, and I know it definitely isn’t too late.

But, this is actually the most ignorant idea I’ve ever seen.
The sellers here are 100% to blame for designing this game around what it currently monetizes.
As if you think becoming a ToS Missionary and going whale to whale to ask them to stop buying them would work, even as a conceptual idea?? Or that my commentary and opinions aren’t the only pragmatic actions I can provide this situation.

There isn’t any other action to take, aside from not buying anything again myself. And I’m not about to go around telling people how to spend their money. The people that spend on this game are not blind, and I’m not entertaining the idea that they are.


?? i never wrote to stop buying them, instead

Imagine all 100% tos player has 如月’s mindset before buying, repeat that everytime IMC selling something, until IMC finally increase the quality of their bait, that would work, even as conceptual idea.

You can write all you want but the fact whale still buying those 111x DS reset means:
-whale is okay with what they purchase (money well spent/no refund complaint)
-imc is satisfy with what they sell (why bother if these can sell well)
-everybody happy except those player whose perfect MMORPG ideal world been disturbed by this fact, and their complain seems futile, cant stop whale from buying. Despite all the complain, they too still playing this game/active in this forum, cant move on.