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[Legacy Guide] [Outdated after Re:BUILD patch] Magical Farmers : Linker --- Thauma Builds


I forgot to mention. To reduce the cost of warp scrolls, I suggest bringing 1 gem which you would like to level. Go to the safe spot and feed all blue grade equipment drops to the gem. You could feed purple berthas too if you do not wish to turn those into powder (purple powder higher than blue).
It will reduce the amount of return-to-towns you need. Just return to town when you are overweight with mainly red/orange primus drops.

You could buy 2 warp scrolls with the free 5 TP every day for your farmer unless you need other free TP items - soul crystal or anything - on other characters.
Overweight with primus -> use warp scroll at safe spot of baubas cave -> select a town to warp.
Refresh buffs, repair, dismantle some items, sell items, store silver, (…) -> use warp statue.
Your Safe Spot Baubas Cave location will show as ‘Previous Warp’ on your map when you use a warpstatue. Thank you lunaa.
Please excuse me for repeating some information.

@icyruios linker3 is good to farm+party support too. But remember you cannot use spiritual chain during levitation. You must use spiritual chain + lifeline before levitation. Also at some maps, due to height difference + levitate, the spiritual chain will break. Also thaum2 + Link3 may feel bad if your 2 mobs without swell drop a good item.


Noob here, I’m interested on the linker3-thaum3-sage2. What is the stat allocation for the build? Thanks.


Usually full int, unless you want to put in some con


Why do u need Linker with Onmyoji? (specially link 2 which isn’t that great if u want it for the Mental Pressure dmg)
Wiz3 with maxed magic missile does pretty nice aoe dmg (+ future sinergy with Wizard 3 bonus thing) and maxed earthquake is pretty nice, also with Thauma 3 u dont need to learn quick cast
Thauma 3 is a must for full spr builds
The remaining rank can go to Sorc for the Summon + cat and whatever extra u want, it does some nice dmg, specially with Lethargy and a summon with strike damage

From the mentioned list, i’d go for the Sage and Shadow

For Thauma 3 builds, I always go full SPR, it scalates pretty well with Swell Brain <3


You may go full spr, full int, full con, or a mix of stats. Full-stats are best for party play to share through lifeline.

Option1: linker3’s spirit shock includes a SPR scaling to boost its damage. You could go around 150-250 SPR (with gear) to scale spirit shock and prevent SP problems on sage. Remaining points may go to full INT, or full CON. I recommend SPR + CON for (very) new players to increase survival and prevent high potion use.
Option2: all SPR. No SP problems and high healing on aukuras scrolls. Low HP pool.
Option3: all INT or all CON, highest magic attack for you (INT), but weaker swell brain for party. Low SP pool and weaker spirit shock bossing damage without high SPR.

Experienced players may use their own preferred stat allocation.

Build template:
if you are not full SPR, put the remaining point into transpose on thaumathurge. CON should transpose to INT before casting swell brain -> swell arms. INT should transpose to CON before using healing items (potions, aukuras scrolls) to heal up faster.

Full SPR may take reversi.

Sage options:
-may drop missile hole to 3/5 and take 10/10 ultimate dimension if you need more damage.
-may drop dimension compression to 3/5 to take 10/10 ultimate dimension if you dislike bossing.

Sage farm: (lure & sleep with dream eater attribute) - link, hangman - swell - micro dimension. Repeat up to 3 times. When micro is on cooldown, use ultimate dimension. Then repeat micro dimension. Cycle through those 2 skills to match link & swell cooldown. Max the after-effects attributes of micro dimension and ultimate dimension.
Bossing damage: spirit shock with attribute -> dimension compression x2 / micro dimension x3 (wait 2 seconds inbetween each cast to allow the attribute to trigger) / ultimate dimension.

Level-up: use magic missile + joint penalty a lot. Link, swell (double exp), magic missile helps you level faster. Use spirit shock on bosses. It will take a while to reach sage. When you are sage you will enjoy farming drops and farming at hunting grounds.

@mathias_cronquist I agree Wiz3 Thau3 sorc1 onmyo3 is a good onmyo build. The linker2 version is to combo with thauma swell to double drops. It is easier to kill swell-body mobs when they are linked. It is a more difficult to kill swell-body mobs without joint penalty especially at the hunting grounds (Hunting Grounds 340, 370).
Onmyo’s big AoE farms regular maps and easier-hunting grounds without linker effectively (but of course no double drops), that’s an advantage of onmyo vs other farmers.


Thanks man, very detailed and informative!


If I were to go for Wiz2>Link2>Thauma3>FF3, should I go full SPR to make full use of Swell Brain? Or would it be better to spend some SPR to make sure my SP recovery is good enough for farming, and put the rest into INT/CON??


sir thinking about making sage too, is this path or or should i go linker 3 1st?


Go sufficient SPR to get rid of SP potion spam, then rest INT (or CON). Depends if you would like to use transpose. My reply was late.
@fcknrmlty hi cknrmlty, both thauma3 first or linker3 first are fine. Linker3 first = easier to solo boss with spiritshock and better links for challenge mode. Thauma3 first =stronger party buffs for early party challenge modes. Either way, you must spam magic missile to level up. These builds are difficult to level.


Right, so after all that link-thaum-featherfoot stuff, I’m getting kinda bored and decided to unlock shadowmancer and reset my farmer into a shadowmancer-orientated one.

The only reason I think the featherfoot build was amazing as a cheap farming build is that if you played well, you literally could walk into HGs and not need a single potion. Bloodsucking is an amazing survivability skill and I felt that it was all I really needed to save myself from spending potential tens of thousands of dollars on potions/aukuras scrolls.

What I didn’t like at all about the Link2-Thaum3-FF3 build was:

  1. the amount of set-up needed to fully maximize damage on bosses,
  2. the vulnerability of the build to lag and
  3. The ‘selfishness’ of the build when it comes to party play (induns)

Dungeon 330’s are pretty much a staple for wizard farmers as it really helps a lot in leveling up to get yourself to the stronger attributes of the offensive classes post-rank8. I personally don’t like it very much when the build I’m doing doesn’t offer much in terms of teamplay (yes there are skills like enervation, kurdaitcha and blood curse but their cooldowns are so long that you have a period of downtime where you’re just spamming jump and attack after joint penalty’s and other skills are off cooldown. Sidenote, removing levitation buff is a bich in induns for me so far (I’ve accidentally right clicked another player numerous times and as a KB player, moving my hand to use a mouse is in a middle of a fight is rather disruptive to my rhythm).

Anyways, with those cons that I have listed, I was looking for another farmer that could offer the survivability of a FF build but at the same time, is not a FF3 build.

Bone Pointing (and Kurdaitcha) debuffs with Curse, which increases Dark-Elemental type damage by 50%. Bone pointing decreases magic def. Blood Curse debuff heals allies for a % of the damage they deal

After reading this I’m considering doing this build:

It’s basically Wiz1-Cryo1-Link3-Thaum2-FF1-Shadow2.

Like I said, blood sucking is probably the skill I value the most in the featherfoot class as a solo farmer and I figured why not get just one level in FF for that skill.

Since Shadowmancer skills are mostly dark type, I figured that with the curses from kurdaitcha/bone pointing, I could make up in terms of damage from giving up 5 levels of Thauma’s Swell Left Arm and 5 Levels of Swell Brain. I feel a real loss in the ability to swell 8 mobs instead of 10 (which kinda contradicts a farmer build) but I think the overall gains in terms more fluid skill rotations, teamplay contribution (linker 3) and ease of boss fighting (linker 3 too) out-weighs the cons. Also I have blood sucking, my favourite skill.

What I’ve said is mostly in theory, yet to put into practice (after this maintenance I’m definitely trying it out).


  1. Has anyone ever done this build? If yes, what did you think of it?
  2. If no, what do you think about the vulnerabilities of this build (aside from obvious lack of aoe which all wiz farmers have)
  3. I’m not an experienced player, I only have been playing seriously for a month and a half, so from first glance, what am I not taking into consideration by giving up Thauma3 for FF1?
  4. What gear do I need to prioritize on? Should I go rod+shield/dagger for more SPR or do I get a good staff? I don’t need Centaurus cards, do I?
  5. I followed the Shadowmancer skill point distribution as per guide but I don’t understand why shadow condensation is not taken. The damage seems decent so I’m guessing the effective range is bad? I’m asking because I’ve never tried it out and I don’t know how it feels like.
  6. Shadowmancer skills don’t state its AoE Att Ratio, does this mean they’re all single target?

My thoughts:

  1. I’ll mostly be continuing to farm HG 370 during loot buff after the moon event (trying to keep myself in top 10 moon ranking for whatever reason)
  2. I’ll be farming in frienal/gliehel/baltinel memorial to level up as many mobs there are of holy property.
  3. IIRC quite a few mobs that drop the asio/wastrel mats in Astral Tower are of dark property, so it will kinda suck there.


My old build is not there …

wiz3 > link 3 > thaum 3 > ?
the Magic Missle Build

wiz2 > link2 > thaum 3 > alchem 3
the Sleep + Arcane Missle

hmm … this one works on some maps but not all …

wiz3 > link2 > thaum 3 > Rune1 > war 1
ROD/ROJ + Invocation


better off going linker 3 instead of wiz 3 for more links, i dont think quick cast is needed on that build, you could also go warlock 3


Hmm, I guess with thaum3 quick cast attributes …


Hi Sanders, I am glad to hear you enjoyed the feather3 farmer for a while. I will try to answer your questions, I will hide the text to shorten the post.

Answer << click here

Yes the debuffs of featherfoot boosts all shadowmancer skill damage. I do not use kurdaitcha myself, but I remember it is a channeled skill which gets canceled when you take damage. I recommend wizard2 instead of cryo1 on your build for the channeled skills bloodsucking & kurdaitcha. Bone pointing debuffs 1 mob and kurdaitcha debuffs multiple mobs. It is quite still difficult to debuff all linked mobs quickly.


The cooldown on Condensation is high. You could take it instead of Hallucination if you prefer. The skill distribution is a guideline, you may experiment to find your own preferred skill distribution. Skill reset potions are often available (events, poposhop).

Shadow Skills and AoE

Text << <<< click

Shadow Thorns = single target skill (must aim at Curse-debuffed mob during link). Shadowthorns attribute is very strong vs ground and weaker vs flying.
Shadow Conjuration hits all linked mobs (true AoE).

Shadow Condensation = each mob may be hit once by an orb.
Example: 5 orbs summoned + 3 mob = 1 hit on the mob.
2 orbs summoned + 2 mobs = 1 hit on each mob.
Joint penalty works to splash the orb damage, example:
joint penalty + 2 orbs + 2 mobs = 2 hits on each mob. And joint penalty + 5 orbs + 5 mobs = 5 hits on each mob.

Shadow does not need Centaurus card or AOE equips. Just the classes enchanter (lightning hands), featherfoot (kundela) and alchemist (alchemist missile) need AoE/centaurus cards.

So, shadowmancer AoE isn’t great either. It is similar to featherfoot’s AoE and possibly quite worse when you party with falconer (very popular archer class) because shadow skills do not get boosted by Aiming & circling. But like you mentioned all farmer builds have low AoE.


Feather3: the other option with linker3

Text click <<<

Keep in mind the Feather3 farmer requires lower magic attack to farm stronger mobs. Synergy of joint penalty - poison bonus damage attribute & kundela slash: double hit attribute allows feather to easily farm with lower magic attack.
Shadow will require higher magic attack, especially at hunting grounds 380. At all other (normal) maps the performance is similar on both builds.

Featherfoot3 kundela slash becomes a very strong AoE when you party with a falconer (circling & aiming debuffs). Circling is like a prolonged Hangman’s knot and allows your kundela slash to hit [AoE attack ratio] amount of mobs without needing link.

Another option is linker3 + thauma2 + feather3 instead of Link2+Thauma3, but you will need more AoE attack ratio to hit 10 linked mobs and you will not swell all linked mobs (at hunting grounds). I know some players who prefer link3 + thauma2 for feather. For party content you might get another member on linker3 thauma3 runecaster, so cycle spirit-shock debuff on boss properly. I think Linker3’s spiritual chain was fixed for flying feather after the latest iTOS patch.


Answer <<< click

Hunting grounds 370: easier for feather, needs lower magic attack and no problems vs dark mobs. Hunting grounds 370 = mostly Fire mob, dark mobs, and some earth mobs. A tip I would give to very invested farmers is to get a Salamander Purple card for this hunting grounds. Salamander card = STAR% chance to restore 5% SP when killing Fire-type mobs. Or the dark (specter monarch) or earth type (rocktortuga) cards if you prefer.
You will get card album drops from farming at Hunting grounds. Some players shout to create a card-album party or some guilds hold card-album events (each player brings X amount of albums). In the end you will have a lot of cards.

Frienel/Gliehel/baltinel memorial: easier for shadow. Link + swell + shadow conjuration. Shadow thorns spam on lone mobs during link cooldown.

The fastest way to farm materials and gain exp is challenge mode on multiple characters at the map, join shout party or shout yourself. After the challenge mode daily, wizard solo farm.


Rod + Shield would be best for survival with Swell Right arm for shield bonus def. CON, SPR, INT or any combination is fine. Looting chance is very nice too.
Also when you invest into weapon&shield you may transfer rod + shield through team storage to save silvers. Rod to other wizards and magic-clerics. Shield to wizard, cleric, swordsman (some builds). Archers may wear shield but they usually don’t.

Finally I must mention shadowmancer tends to use (a lot) more SP than featherfoot. The cost per skill is higher and usually it spams more skills. 4 overheat shadowthorns and 2 overheat conjuration on very low cooldown.

I hope I answered this sufficiently for you to make a decision. My experiences with the class might be different from other player’s. I invite everyone to drop a comment if you have a different experience or would like to add some information (on any subject or discussion). It will be helpful for other players who visit this thread and read the posts.

Wiz3 Link3 Thaum3 -> runecaster, I suggest. It is one of the possible ’ final ranks ’
for the wizard2 + linker3 + thaumathurge3 + runecaster build. Another option is warlock1 or sorcerer1 instead of wizard3, at rank 10.

Wiz2 > link2 > thaum3 > alchemist3 did not fit the post anymore, so I have not added it (yet?). There’s 1 video of that alchemist farmer build in the first post only. Sleep + Arcane missile is strong enough to farm yes.

Hi everyone, the class system is being reworked on ktos. I will make a new farmer build guide in the future.


is it hard for a full SPR sorc1runecaster to farm asio&wastrel map with vanila 380 berthas zvaivgde rod?


In fact, my farmer character is wiz3-thauma3-sorc1-onmyo3 full SPR. I like that build because it’s overall fine for everything else (ET, CM, raids…), so it doesn’t feel like I need to dedicate a character for farming. You compensate the lack of Linker with Marnono, and just use Genbu Armor full time, which you can replenish almost immediately with a bonfire.


What do you mean by “Asio and Wastrel maps”? If you mean the raids, you’re good to go as long as you’re in a good party :wink:
However, the Asio raid requires a TON of DPS to complete the first part, so if your build is weak you will put more pressure on your teammates.


i mean to farm astro and wastrel material, outside HG. I tend to go full SPR for lifeline+swell combo, spirit shock, swell and summon depends on SPR. But if by that i will lost power of solo farming, then i will go full INT. How much is rune stone price?


Rune stones are 100 silver each, each spell uses 1 rune stone.

Spells you’ll be using a lot are Rune of Destruction (2 Overheat) and Rune of Justice (3 Overheat). Do keep in mind that all the spells require channeling, so you need at least a Wiz2 (for surespell) in your build for it to be playable.

Maybe consider using a Froster lord card in your grimoire? It deals magic damage and synergizes with rune of destruction. I don’t think you have to worry about DPS especially with a max SPR thauma 3 in your build. As long you get a +11 Trans 5 weapon, it should be able to handle mobs with less than 300k HP.

I have to warn you that I tried out sorcerer linker thauma and relying on my froster lord to deal damage… It wasn’t as pretty as I thought. It sounds really good on paper but you have to consider changing your playstyle compared to other builds. You have to time your froster lords attack with your link-hangman combo. Either link-gather-swell before your froster lord attacks OR walk further from your froster lord, link-gather-swell-sleep and use the summon attack to attack the creeps.

Also its best if you manage to gather them directly below your froster lord because it can ‘shotgun’ the creeps with 5 lines of magic damage… but its really difficult.


Greyhiem, I wish I waited for a response from you before I went balls deep into the build :haha:

I learnt immediately that I needed wiz 2 to cast the spells I needed and not long after learnt that at the end of the day, it requires more set up and worse, more investment than just a simple featherfoot3 build to dish out good damage.

A lot of the relevant mobs (asio and wastrel item mobs) are dark property and its really annoying to have to make up for the differences (I had to get used to weapon switching my high spr rod and dagger before buffs) and then to my staff just to squeeze out that little more damage.

Also I made a mistake of pouring my attribute points into shadow thorns. I thought that with the high skill factor it would be my main damage spell for farming but whaddaya know? Shadow Conjuration actually deals more reliable burst damage than Shadow Thorn.

Its a pity, I really like the shadowmancer costume but hands down the featherfoot3 build is without a doubt, the more superior build with the same amount of investment.

Its great that you still intend to put in effort for the game. I kinda gave up for now because the game feels unplayable (memory leaks, stuttering and crashing every now and then). Its definitely not a PC spec or connection issue.

When the game gets an optimization update or when the EX class system comes out, I’ll be sure to join back again! If you need testers or theorycrafters for your guide, I really don’t mind lending a hand (if you do need one).