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[Legacy Guide] [Outdated after Re:BUILD patch] Magical Farmers : Linker --- Thauma Builds


Awesome as ever. Thanks!


Thank you very much! I will go with sage as well.


It’s a sign that you need to go Thauma 3, so you can get the full chibi experience.


Does a Thauma c1 enough to farm?

Psychokino’s Magnetic Force is good to replace Joint Penalty for collecting together mobs?

I was thinking of a wiz2kino3thaum1alch3rc build, or with sage1 instead of runecaster so i can make a farming wiz, but dont have to sacrifice another char slot.


' Just an extra tips for [ping], since [//ping]  is not really reliable or accurate. '

Server Ping

How to perform the ping test:

1. Open a Command Prompt window (press the Windows key + R) and type cmd, then press Enter.
2. Type:
    ping <server_address> -t
Server address:
+ For [NA]  Klaipeda, type:
+ For [EU]  Fedimian, type:
+ For [SEA] Telsiai,  type:
+ For [SA]  Silute,   type:

- to stop, press: Ctrl+C on the CMD. 


With FF farm combo are you suppose to curse or no? Since that would take more than 3 seconds to get off. Or do you only curse for bosses/party content?


You can gather mobs. But mobs die slower without joint penalty. If you farm normal-map mobs, your build will be fine. But do not go to Hunting Grounds to farm.

@zhangxxh does not take 3 seconds because you summon bone pointing before you combo. Bone pointing attacks automatically. You should curse tough mobs (elites). Other mobs surely die from combo. Refer to the vid of the first post (if it is available in your country) it will show some tips for featherfoot farming.


During the reset event i tested “wiz 2 - Linker 2 - Thauma 3 - Alchemist 3” Is, surprisely, good for farm, Dream Eater works with Alchemistic Missile and has a good AoE, but small hitbox(easier to hit after joint penality). Isnt the best build for Farming, but is functional, in HG(370) I find goods results and can farm Uosis, and other herbs, and turn into potion.

The best(probabily) silver-maker for thauma-linker builds;
Cheap build;
Farmer and Alchemist in the same character;
Isn’t SP hungry;

Almost useless in party, well, you can play with your friends as Linker/Thauma Support;
The hardest Thauma-Linker build to level up;
Really Weak in CM, even as a support;
Potioncraft is a bit Slower;


I am glad you mentioned it. It’s a good continuation of the alchemist farmer (old rank9 video)

I will wait for a vid of rank 10 and some tests and try to add it to the first post if it is sufficient. Text size limit reached on first post. It will require some additional AoE ratio for alchemistic missile.


What makes it the best silver maker? I have no idea about alchemists.


alchemistic missile + sleep attributes. it just too good. can solo HG340 easily without expensive weapon.


@Randy lol about thauma’s disproportional body parts, I think the worst is with left and right arms swelled. Swell brain actually look nice because it looks like chibi style. Left arm alone is ok-ish, but left + right arm is worst XD so I guess that’s why I either go thaum1 or 3 but never 2


Potion Making, you can farm 500 Uosis/30 Min with thauma in Raskoy Lake, and turn into SP Potion(you need Dilgele to make HP Potions, you can grow it in Guild Tower, its a bit more expensive, but you can get some profit), or other usefull potion(not at all i guess, AoE and Block Potions are nice, but not worth to make it all the time, and Movement Speed Potion you can get from Uphill).

1 Uosis = 5 Potion
1 Potion = 1k Silver (SA Price, sometimes you can get 1,5k per potion, Depends on the demand and
market opportunities to increase your profit)

Shop (Gem roasting, better now thanks to Uphill, and Awakening Shops) when you are playing w/ other char.

the only real problem with this is, each potion(5) take 20 seconds to make(500 or even more take hours, special potion are made 1 by 1) so, leave the character make than, and do other stuff, like read a book/blog/novel, watch a video/movie, etc. In the end, you can make 2,5/3 Million in 2/3 hours a day (from my personal results, thats is way better than any shop).


Alchemist rank 10 farmer.
Features a similar time-limit to featherfoot’s combo. And AoE ratio requirement like feather and enchanter.

Text cannot be added to the first post (character size limit reached). Soon to edit second post.


Im interested with the build. how much mattack should I target if I want to farm in spell?


-I’m running a linker2-thauma3-featherfoot3 build, (edit: i’m not even thauma 3 yet, still thauma 2)
-I have 5k Mattk after buffs with lvl 20 kundela slash dmg upgrade
-I’m farming HG370 (Baubas cave) just fine at level 360.
-I didn’t do any story quests so I’m like 40 stats short too.

Guide says 4k Mattk after buffs for HG370, I think 4k should be enough for spell tome Town since mobs have like 600k hp compared to Baubas with 900k-1.2m HP.


Instead of how matk(I already kill them easily with shadow conjuration), I would like to know how much def/mdef I need there. Every time I get in the cave monsters kill me very fast with ranged attacks/magic attacks, which makes farming very hard.


Spell town you may go 3000-4000 magic attack to farm. You could also go lower 2000-3000 but then you must spam the skills more. For example featherfoot kundela slash x3 instead of 1x. Also link more mobs = need lower magic attack for AoE skills. Try to get as many mobs as possible with joint penalty.

@sanders it’s good to read it worked well. Are you also farming at one of the locations mentioned in the guide? I think those locations are the best (for featherfoot) inside Baubas Cave.

The spiral arrow tala archers are very annoying and very dangerous.
I recommend only walking through them once, then go to one of the safe spots inside Baubas Cave.
When you are done with farming, use a warp-scroll (use 2 free tp to buy 1 warp scroll at the TP shop). You get up to 5 free TP every day.

The next time you use a warpstatue you will be able to teleport back to the same safe-spot inside Baubas Cave. You won’t have to walk through those Spiral arrow mobs anymore. Sometimes a few of those rock-pile mobs spawn at the safe spots. Just kill them before you rest/warp/feed gem.

I think 6000-7000 def if you really want to farm at the Danger Zone. Recently a ktos patch has increased the mob spawn inside Baubas Cave so it’s even more dangerous later for iTOS. The farming spots I recommend are the most upper-right and the spot on the left (not the very bottom left). Those two spots have a safe spot to rest. Note: even though I called it safe spot, you shouldn’t afk there because sometimes mobs will aggro very far or some rock-pile mobs might spawn.

This image indicates mob types after spawn patch

This doppel retiari farm video shows the increased mob spawn of Baubas Cave:

Baubas Cave mobs have around 3000 Magic Def + 1 mil HP.


What an elaborated answer, thanks a lot for taking your time to explain and teach me how to do it. You’re the best. I will try it later and see how it goes now that I have this info.


Is it better to go Thauma3 than Linker3 for FF3 builds? Link3 have lifeline and a stronger spirit shock.