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Lagging out without disconnecting, but chat works fine

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : 02/02/2018

Server Name: Silute

Team Name: RedScy

Character Name: All

Bug Description : Basically, what I put in the title. The environment stops moving, I can move but can’t cast anything, the chat works. I play alongside with my brother, he plays on another computer and has the same issue. But dispite the problem, on his pc, when he got the problem, I still could see he moves and cast spells from my pc. I believe it’s the same for me. Anyone could help? :confused:

Steps to reproduce the issue : it happens often with no time to show.

Screenshots / Video : I’ll attach later, when it happens again

Game Control Mode (Keyboard/Joypad/Mouse) : keyboard

System : this happens on two different machines

  • OS : W10 and W8
  • Internet Connection : 2mb, via radio (?)

By the way, This is/was a problem to WoW players too, exactly the same description.

I think it’s this issue ? Client freezes constantly

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@Goldie is probably right.

I’ll ask the same thing:
Are you by chance playing over wi-fi? Could you try staying somewhere near the router or use a cable just to see if it stops happening?

But it also could be your ISP route and connection problems outside your reach. That’d be only solved by either contacting your ISP and trying to get it fixed/changed or using VPN.

I know VPN can be expensive for that so don’t worry too much about it.

Another important question: Do you have random connection problems to some brazilian sites or sites using CDN in brazil?

I was having some issues to those lately randomly during the day, it’s out of hands of my local ISP, they can’t do nothing about it. But it actually stopped lately but you could have something similar.

It can be the connection, of course. I share this here to know if anyone else have the same problem. I already asked my ISP for a optical fiber connection, just wainting the queue to pick it. I’ll update here if the issue doesn’t happen anymore. But what’s annoying it’s because I can’t just relog. I have to kill the process and start it again. Why aren’t tos functions better programmed?

It can be a connection problem but whyyyy can’t I just relog. I don’t want to be the guy who put IMC on the grave, but some things are just unacceptable.

I believe it’s the same issue, didn’t find this topic.

If it’s ISP provider’s connection optical fiber won’t help it.

Also, did you check the cable vs wi-fi thing? That should be a cheaper solution if it works.


Before anything, ToS uses 3 connections, I think it’s something like “main/account”, “chat” and “channel” servers.

There’s actually reasons for that, just for the sake of knowledge:
A) Logging off actually requires communication with server, there’s a few reasons to that such as making sure the client get the “in combat” information and that you actually tell the server you’re closing the client so it closes your connection nicely on server-side. (You can actually click the X directly or use ALT+F4 to bypass that I think, not sure.)

B) You’re not closing your connection nicely, I don’t remember if client-side TCP actually can catch unclean connection loss or if you have to listen to other events like interface changes or etc to actually get your application notified about the connection loss. You might need to wait for TCP timeout or ToS heartbeat timeout for the game to disconnect you to login screen.

There are few solutions though like moving to UDP and getting better netcode that would survive some connection instability (hard, high risk), properly identifying connection loss (medium, low risk), allow something as “force to go back to login screen” (easy, low risk) etc.

All my connection problems are because I recieve signal from the air, antenna to antenna, wind or heavy clouds disturbs the internet. I believe optical fiber will solve this.

It’s really great to know things like this. Thank you @LunarRabbit

How long it could be?

By the way, I can’t affirm for sure right now, I’ll update here ir I got anything new, but I found kind of a “solution”. This issue happens again a couple times on my brothers pc and mine, and, don’t remember who did it first, we just walk away on the game, far from the current area where it happen, and then the game unfreezed. I’ll test it more times today an update here.

Around 5 minutes. For example, if you get the “desync”/disconnection effect you said in this thread, you can stay online 5 minutes (if you don’t close the client) and still get rewards in a Challenge Mode run.

Now you can re-enter though so that might not be smart to wait 5 minutes depending on how you’re progressing.

If you actually recovered from the freeze your connection wasn’t dropped but you actually got a long-ish period of no data or too low data transfer. That’s somewhat less worse but more annoying lol

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