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Lag when using certain ui modes

Server Name: Klaipeda

Bug Description : When using a controller in ui mode auto/controller im getting lag spikes, My character will keep moving (even after i stopped pressing the move button and im unable to change direction for about 1-2 seconds) after using consecutive basic attacks or skills.
I thought it was my controller but if i change the ui mode to keyboard, everything works fine and the controller still works oddly, im just unable to charge skills in keyboard ui mode so it makes some characters unplayable.
So in conclusion i think something is wrong with the ui modes since the maintenance on may 31st, Everything was working fine before then. I cant stand using mouse/keyboard can you please fix this?

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. I move
  2. and i try to kill mobs with basic attacks/skills
  3. and it Lag’s when i use the controller only with ui modes auto/controller in the game settings.

Game Control Mode (Keyboard/Joypad/Mouse) : joypad

Maybe help Problem with game controller joystick - after patch

Hi @natsuka442,

Kindly send a support ticket for further assistance regarding this. Thank you.