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Lag friendly Archer?


I finally have my prefered builds in cleric, wizard and swordie builds, scout’s waiting for confirmation, so I’ll make an archer class question too XD

I have a Cannoneer-Matross, but I heard from a guildie that this isn’t a lag-friendly build. Can someone reccommend a build good for high ping?

What I’m looking for is PvE, skill-based bulid with moderate to good survivbility, AoE and good single target.

I guess adding Wugu would be a good choice since the DoT would kill most of the mobs…

I would guess Sapper. Even if you get stuck with lag, the traps you’ve set previously will act independently of your connection and help dealing damage. Mainly Broom Trap and Spike Shooter. Perhaps Falconer with Pre-Emptive Strike too?

Sapper > Wugush > Falco is one of the strongest builds and pretty much lag friendly, just letthe aoe on the ground and be happy, also Falco Aiming and Circling helps a lot to split the damage to targets that might be out of the range

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Can I have the link to that build please?

All my 4 archers are using this build

It’s as @therhay posted I personally prefer:
1 point in leap shot instead of mult shot
Max poison pot and Wide Miasma instead of Zhendu, since Miasma is the only aoe poison that hits flying enemies
I usually don’t get hanging shot, but is useful to wait in safety for your cooldowns

Thanks ^^

Also, what’s the best card for poison pot? The last time I played Wugu I was using Honeypin. And does card lv affect the poison pot?

This video shows the effect od the most popular cards on poison pot

as for the lvl, it does not affect the damage of poison pot neither the damage of the additional effect

One last question: what would be the best weapon to pick?


Personally I lean towards xbow but I dont know wether should I pick shield for survival or dagger for… Uh… Um, dafuq does that thing do besides being a stat stick?

dagger does off hand attack, nothig usefull for the build, that said, xbow+shield is good if your damage is not a problem, you wont be oneshoting stronger mobs so a bit more defence sounds good