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Let’s be honest terramancer should be an easy concept but it’s the least interesting of the new classes.


BB looks self sufficient, so… you need buff skills, barb>dopel>BB

Deeds of Valor




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when i saw 4ever, i think of Æ

man having Rangda in the cleric tree would make plague docters great again. not to mention since bokor we dont have a spirit stat summon Barong would be awesome as a pet oh well lets hope the next cleric class is spirit stat summoner


Bokkor is in the wizard class now.

DUN RUB IT IN mate D:< (denial powa)


Rangda is witch doctor from D3


I was hoping for some synergy for Terramancer with other classes but … petrify. Literally only Elementalist has petrify with Stone Curse and that skill has such a long cooldown and no one ever gets it.

Can Terramancer induce petrify by itself? If the effects are the same as Stone Curse, then it can go well with Pyromancer and Psychokino for boosting Fire and Psychokinesis property attacks. But Stone Curse itself weakens other property damage like Ice/Lightning etc so it might just overall be detrimental for party play

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BB make me remember bout this manhwa

I dunno why you are all worried about petrify and Terramancer.

The class looks like it was not meant to work with this concept and have an attribute created to increase the overall damage. Terramancer is a DPS class that uses sand, not a CC class that petrifies… If that was the case, certainly the class would have access to petrification.

Please guys, interpret the thanslations properly… -_-

Sure it does mention a bonus over petrified enemies, but it is only one aspect of an attribute, does not have any combination with skills. The new sand dust debuff sounds way more nicer than that.

Concept of the class is fine. It got me by surprise, honestly, cause normally you would expect that a class that works with Earth element should be built around petrification. Glad to see that they avoided this concept and made something different.

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Aw man, I was hoping Rangda would be a priest so I could pair it with Plague Doctor…still, now I can play ultimate DoT Assassin/Rogue/Rangda scout for stacking the bleeds and enjoy a similar dot-focussed play style.

Petrification wouldn’t work in this game, at least not in the way it is right now
Just look at what is Stone Curse right know, apart from CM bosses the skill has no use. People actually get mad if you use in party content or pvp.

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If they are gonna wait an entire year before releasing some more classes they be goofs.

I don’t know why people are complaining about the lack of petrification with Terramancer.
When they give the “anti-slow attribute” to Sage they didn’t have a way to slow enemies… they give ONE after… (a very bad one but still one)
AAAND talking about that, Sand wall will induce slow or a new kind of debuff?

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To be fair on the complainers side, it is reasonable to bring it up as that because there’s just not much options for that effect to be triggered, if i’m not wrong the only other way to petrify that isn’t within Elementalist is found within Kabbalist (if it still can).

With no outside skill to assist, card nor equipment effect that can provide it, then it is more than a valid point to complain about an earth mage that can’t petrify when the thematic potential is available. Sage can still use the slow synergy with multiple classes (even on other trees), marionette card and equipment effects (not sure if wizard weapons have it though).

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Eh maybe they will add that in future classes. So like in a year or too. Still going to make another wizard though hahah

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Perhaps all the info isn’t leak or announce yet for Terra,wait until December 19th when it comes live on Ktos or maybe before that.

I mean look the 5 new classes and their skills description,it’s still all incomplete.

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no inquisitor :frowning: kim really thinks 3 extra flames its op why kim whyyy??? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

i like how that many of these new class provide attributes that let you choose whether doing more damage or doing more debuff/heal
now if you can also provide an art thats an inverse of cloth healing, which convert the healing into damage, make it 0 healing i dont care cause i just wanna do damage with my clerics