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Silence, a single target anihilation/gap closer, dash, damage reduction… really? i see those things as valuable resources in pvp.


is not BB for doepl, is dopel for BB, dopel is in the build to serve the focus of the build which in this case is BB, I believe that BB skills is enough to rotate DPS without needing damage skills from other classes to complement, so I need 2 other classes with damage buff(barb and dopel) to improve BB skill rotation

probably the only damage skill I will use from dopel is Cyclone, I don’t intend to take dopel in the BB build because of the dopel’s DPS skills, but simply because of the damage buff(deeds of valor), to have DPS with BB skills on the only thing that matters to me in this game, boss…

in RPGs I like melee glass cannon characters like assassins and thiefs or agile and mobile samurai and swordsmen (in some games samurai are full armor and slow, in those cases I don’t like)

and I hate tank and shield classes, no matter what their value, strength or usefulness, I just don’t like shields, I’m going to use 1h sword + dagger (because I’m main scout and I already have sword and dagger)

and I don’t follow the meta or do what is good, I do what I like, and I try to make what I like the best possible for the function I like(boss DPS), and I love anything with oriental theme, and I don’t care if BB is going to be the best boss DPS, I care if MY! BB compared to other builds focused on BB is going to be the best possible to boss dps


Either way it sounds like blossom blader would get something similar to Epee stance, but perhaps not with 100% uptime, so it would be dumb to skip it, since crit damage boosts are usually final damage, which is really significant.

Blossom seems to be standalone-ish and just needs support. So instead of BB being an addition, you build around it to improve it’s damage and viability in content.

Plus it seems some of it’s attacks are potential iFrame skills, which is definitely something appreciated in pvp

People forget that it has been a long time since 1h swords and 2handed have been forgotten over pikes and lances, BB address that being a class that can benefit from both with no problems(kinda hope that fencer and matador can use it too due style points).

Also i am really worried with the double attack attribute with auto-switch on scouts…i really hope they change that, i really liked using a Quick and Dead on a dagger build.

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Wow…sure, anyway you said nak muay and you do know that as a hidden class it no weapon stances and is focused on its own fighting stance to use the skills (and since its a hidden class it acts as a bridge to any build combination with any other stance as you said).

What i meant is: BB has stances for both 1handed and 2handed. its focused in those two stances guess what? It has been a long time since we had classes focused on those two stances, 1hand and 2handed swords and the latter had not recieved any NEW addition in a long time.

Sure, you could say about hackapell, but the class was still a recently addition to one handed and mounted classes.

and don’t put words such popularity and personal picks, I was talking about RELEASED CLASSES by imc with specific roles/stances.


Does anyone know what the AoE ratio is like on Rangda’s Luka? If this is going to be their main DPS skill then I do hope it’ll be spammable and have a decent AoE ratio. I’m wondering what scout classes pair well with this, since most scout debuffs tend to be crit resistance debuffs and what not.

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We’re going to have to wait for the Dec 19 patch to find out more info, all we have are the descriptions for each skill.

Edit: my mistake, wrote the date a week earlier (Dec 12).

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I kinda bet its a slash type, so it will have a aoe due the way the class deal with aoe debuffing and attacking (even if kutukan start as a single target, it later works as a aoe).

It might work as Piercing heart, in that the proc hits get faster with each stack.
But thats just me thinking loud, need to wait until Dec 12 as @WhiteDwarf said.

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The patch will be implemented on kLive server on December 19th, not 12th. It is very likely the patch will arrive on kTest first anytime this week, though.


and then we wait 5 months to catch up to this content -v-

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4ever appendix:

4ever update notice details:


Happy farming, rusiky~!

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After crafting, anviling, transcending, socketing, awakening, ichoring Savinose for 5+ characters, time to restart all the process from scratch… :tired:


I will likely avoid translating this post as it is very long and most of it is just numbers changes and explanations on formula changes. IMC will post this on the official website in due time. I need a break from translating long posts, am busy, and there will likely be a huge datamining session to do very soon with the patch coming onto KTEST. I’m also still working on my usual contributions to ITOS translations/etc with IMC.

Disnai Set Bonuses

These are the new set effects you can put on Disnai gear. This is the new legend set (level 430) and is crafted by using a new type of Planium (not the same item type). It is basically the new Savinose set.

Set 1
3 Set: STR +66, INT +66
4 Set: Block Penetration +331
5 Set: New Skill

Deal damage equal to a Skill Factor of 5330% and stun enemies around you for 1 second. Gain a buff providing +150% damage for 4 seconds. When you use this skill, all other set skills will go into cooldown for 100 seconds.
Overheat: 3
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Dragon Strength: Adds 2 seconds to the duration of the damage bonus buff (total 6 seconds).

Set 2
3 Set: CON +68
4 Set: Critical Resistance +265
5 Set: New Skill

Provides a buff for 40 seconds that gives immunity to advanced debuffs. When the buff blocks an advanced debuff, the remaining duration will decrease by 5 seconds and you will gain a +4% damage reduction buff (stacks up to 5 times). The damage reduction buff will end when the debuff protection buff ends.
Cooldown: 100 seconds

Dragon Strength: Adds 10 seconds to the duration (total 50 seconds).

Set 3
3 Set: Critical Attack +1286, Magic Critical Attack +1286
4 Set: HP Recovery +248, SP Recovery +248
5 Set: New Skill

Heals you for 50% of your HP recovery stat when you hit an enemy with Pierce/Slash/Strike, and 25% instead when hitting with other attributes for 30 seconds.

Cooldown: 100 seconds

Dragon Strength: While the effect is active, if your HP is at 100%, every second it will reduce the remaining cooldown of this set skill by 2 seconds.

New 2 Handed Weapon Ornament

Physical Attack 3200
Magic Attack 3200

DEX ▲30
STR ▲25

DEX ▲52
Critical Attack ▲403
AoE Attack Ratio ▲1
Damage to Bleeding targets ▲10%
[Awakening] Accuracy ▲28
[Enchant Jewel] Critical Damage ▲5.4%

Socket 0/1


Damn, I wish IMC would put 10% of the effort into things such as Homonculus or Chaplain that they do in numerical values of weapons, armor, dmg modifiers and so forth.

Waiting for Crevox to shed some (translation) light into this mathematical PhD exam IMC has written down in their blogs.

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They haven’t said yet, but it has 8 potential, so…

It says you can’t change the appearance.

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Is it possible to put set effect?

Yes, you can put a set effect on it.

The red text is just “can’t change appearance”


I would also like to add that the first word is “Ataka” and the last two are “Elder Trinket.”
So the set effect is already added as Crevox mentioned.

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