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KToS General Thread v4.0


PD doesn’t need to stay close to an enemy while its debuff ticks though. You can always spray and run.


I really want to see news about Wizards and Summoners to be specific, nobody is talking about sorcerer There are no changes to this class (apart from some control skills being removed) and they became forgotten in the Re:Build or people just dont care?


There’s this by Nekorin, sorc summons still look like they need their stats adjusted.


Frenzy now have stack max 20, only 1 target if u change the target lose the buff

hackapell barbarian here poucing is op but frenzy… meh

-> Matador/Fencer CM9 Stage 5


Thanks for the information, I’m still in the dark with most changes. I wish they had made the attribute built-in since Barbarian is such an underwhelming class without it for me.


but the real important question is…

How is Giant Swing? Is it even still in the game? My friend plays a barbarian/nak muay character and really likes this move, so I hope it at least had the cooldown lowered or something.


Sadly, I’m pretty sure that move is gone.


That’s a shame. Thematically it’s one of the most fun moves. I wonder why IMC would remove it instead of make it more useful?


I’m going to guess that with the wide-scale changes they are making… they chose to remove attacks they felt would be harder to balance easily (not that they’ve done a particularly great job with the stuff they left in the game)

Maybe they’ll talk more about it in a blog post or something later on down the line. I hope they will, anyway.


well, finaly have “thief”(scout), my class, in the game, but I’m afraid of being a disappointment in the matter that matters to me, “DPS on boss”, does anyone have Outlaw Assassin video with end game gear showing the DPS vs boss, ? or know how good is the dps of this class vs boss ? (my biggest interest in this game is boss DPS, obviously I want my dream class(thief assassin/scout>rogue>outlaw>assassin) be good in my favorite function “boss DPS”)


Assassins look like they’re going to be damage monsters based on all the footage we’ve seen of them. Not sure about boss DPS but they clearly are very good at destroying crowds (kind of a weird strength for an ‘assassin’ if you ask me)

Outlaw seems to be an evasion tank that can manage aggro, so if you like bossing then you can play the role of tank while still dishing out some solid damage.


Hunters growl was changed to an AoE Taunt for a long duration

Rogue provides silence through Lachrymator.

Just another thing i noticed Monk has a 4 overheat 20 second second cd silence for 5 seconds through One Inch Punch. If the player is good they can perma silence velcoffer till death. No need to bring anything if velcoffer is going to look at you and do nothing till it dies.


doesnt matter if scout is suck or nah,
Outlaw costume are too OP,
thicc thigh ✓
tiddies ✓
pantsu ✓
any other sexy stuff ✓


You should wait until it gets released in ktos this Dec 6 if you want to see videos with high end gears.


new day new patch notes.

little love for Monk and Oracle + unneeded Lancer & Musketeer buffs.

Best buff is probably the Diev one doubling the bonus from Ausrine interaction with Zeymyna & Laima statue.

Edit: I’ll take that back as long as I didn’t see an actual video of the effectiveness now.


Good that they are making adjustments to Death Sentence… but does it still not work on bosses? :\


seems so, but it now has ± 83% uptime and affects up to 16 targets, so it is a huge buff for farming and useful in combination with Dievdirbys so you can have a 100%+ uptime of the debuff to further increase the damage of the owls.

I guess at least in combination with Diev and Miko Oracle is now viable. Who knows, maybe it will become more viable if we ever get 1 additional Class, though it’d have to compete with Diev and Krivis for that…


Never thought I’ll see the day One-Inch Punch become the weakest skill in Monk’s skillset (outside of Double Punch since that thing became an Auto-Attack).


That’s not how Ausrine works.
Ausrine just extends the Laima/Zemyna buffs when you go out of their range, so you can now have 5 minute long 100% effectiveness Laima/Zemyna without even being near statues.

Death Sentence still kinda hinges on whether it’ll affect all dmg, bosses and is still a r1 debuff. But it’s a step in the good direction. (15 targets, +50% dmg, 25s duration on 30s cd at lvl 10 now)

Druid’s Seedbomb also seems to be back to its old aoe buff mechanic. No mention of target cap but is probably back to 5?

Monk’s buffs to Hand Knife & Palm Strike are welcome, but it still needs more attention. (and 400% ish may still be to low?)


How can you say may be low for palm strike still when its 518% at lvl 15 and with 100% enhance its 830% 4 overheats 20 second cd plus you have a 50% more dmg buff through golden bell and strike debuff extra dmg taken. What more do you want?