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Are those new weapons orange grade? Wow it means new legend one are going be LV 450 weapon, right?

i think its probably 430 gears.

look at those crusader claw lol

at the end of the day we are just receiving what kr players(whales) wanted/complained
or what kr majority wanted/complained (which could be affected by bots even if its kr where account creation thing is harder but given the kr playerbase count, somewhere like 100 bots to spam vote in feedback seems pretty nice to win the deal or just to ignite more vote.and i believe some kr hardcore player would went this way just to get what he wanted,to get his build secure as best or just to get his opponent which most likely in pvp or ranked pve to get nerfed)
the problem is the grudge over other class/build is real especially when it comes to pvp
kinda like this

its kinda bother when a patch kinda give you like nothing when it give others like everything
but you actually never know when your turn will come cause they cant just buff all at once apparently
in the end its player mentality that break the game again


Dude i use 2handed weapons primarily, but i knew ornaments were overpowered as fug as revealed.
Honestly your post is just a massive amount of cope, over ornaments justifiably being nerfed.


Two-handed weapons still got pretty buffed, eh. A +16 tra 10 lvl 400 two handed sword right now has got 12512 - 14838 atk, whereas after the patch it gets 12124 - 17166 atk. And even that small decrease in minimum attack can be made up via barbarian art attribute, if you use said class, raising the average damage quite a bit. And you still have to add the ornament on that (the base attack was decreased, but enhancing and trascending still works - it’s just that you’ll have to spend on it…like any other class needed to do so far). And even a +11 tra 10 lv 400 ornament would still add around 2400 atk, in addition of all the other stats. What is there even to complain about?

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ah really?
sorry i dont mean to pointing you but given you are the top commenter above me that happy over a nerf, i used you as an example
but this comment in another thread just give me another idea

it if it is wrong than yeah it was a false assumption my bad
but the fact of the game having those grudgeful players that control the game is sound like a fact to me

if you read my comment thoroughly im accepting whatever they give us cause i stated already we got basically what kr players wanted
like hell i am as an itos player can change a thing, pfft
im just spitting out the fact that when you feel like you got nothing when others got everything, you felt left out that you end up queueing over nerf demand
i know you are fencer bias and this time around no buff like spear mastery come for fencer
but honestly, just chill
dont hold any grudges

Whew…Crusader had potential but… The lack of Overheats kill it… I mean at least have 2 OH. 3 even/

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Awaiting videos of the new classes. Ornaments were expected a reduction but if give for optional set on them leaving the weapon free to exchange without relying on swap I’m very happy.

By the way the 0s cd rolling rock seems to be a bug, the tooltip says 35s cooldown.


welp those vaivora weapons with their overwhelming 5 pot…Obviously the increased ichor chance will help a LOT!
Oh wait…there is 2 items Tranmutation, guess what’s more reasonable here… :heeey:

Those are some cute mobs running around in the new maps with almost 4 mil HP. They also seem to pack quite a punch?

New mobs also have high crit resist and high defense.

I guess they wanted to make CMs a 100% party content, but all I see this doing is discouraging newbies :frowning:

BB is hype! Bong ain’t using it right as per usual but with tweaking, it works. It’s huge damage and medium cooldowns means it isn’t spammable for already OP doppel, and Hacka/Highlander skills can be used while you wait for BB skils to cooldown to burst again.


Gawd Terramancer looks … really underwhelming


May I request a test? I want to know if Crusader’s heals can be used on allies outside of the Crusader’s party.


Don’t forget they said they were changing crit rate/res , evasion/accuracy and Block/block pen

New values on gears are really high, no worry you’ll still crit them

lvl 447 mob =/= newbie ^^


Yeah exactly, but this means all old gear are basically obsolete ;-; Its fine that new gear is stronger than old gear, but when the difference is this much…

In that video, Bong is using lvl1 Sand Blast and lvl1 Implosion. They should do decent damage if maxed: (No Arts, no enhance attribute, max skill lvls)
-Sand Blast: 1869% (1hit, 5OH, 10sec cd)
-Implosion: 6567% (1 hit, 3OH, 20sec cd)
-Rolling Stone: 11337% (1hit, 1OH, 35sec cd)
-Stone Shower: 2486% (5 hits, 1OH, 25sec cd)
-Horn of Golem: 17855% (1 hit, 1OH, 20sec cd)

But it does look like a single-target focused class,so I assume it will suck at AoE. The visual effects on the skills though… they look so bad…


terramancer skill animatioin is the worst
and the animation winner this time is crusader
loot at how that barrier alike disappear… whoosh
also that lightning bolt alike
nice animation nice sfx

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Drakonas Pasiutes
2 Set: Critical Rate +135
Critical Attack +657
3 Set: Enhancement: Critical Rate +(5 * sum of accessory enhancement) (Max. 150)

Dragon Strength Stage 2 Effect
Transcendence: Critical Attack +(30 * sum of accessory transcendence) (No cap)

power 215
Critical hit 735
Physical Critical Damage 1720

i do realize its different equip slot. but assuming imc want “seal” to be relevant for quite a long time since they release “boruta” which is qutie a big deal content
seriously, i think buffing lv5 seal would be good/mandatory at this point imo, most (if not all) level 5 seal curently not even worth compared to the cost
unless if they’re planning to release new legendary seal, but still the gamble and cost to level 5 is nearly not possible even top tier whale would probably not doing it, is there even a level 5 seal owner in itos currently?