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KToS General Thread v4.0

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i agree with this guy but the others are a little bit exaggerating

Meanwhile I feel like that odd guy who’s more interested in the hopes that the 2-H Weapon Ornament is really an Ornament that’s attached to the 2-H weapon and hangs down like a proper decoration for fashion purposes.


hmm waiting for some changes in rapier since theres no rapier shield or rapier dagger… buff like one hand spear mastery

At a first glance, things seem to be rather harsh for one handed weapons users, even for ones that use a subweapon instead of a shield. Given what we know - attributes will be added to give 20% of the other weapon’s attack - that decoration is already giving much more attack than realistically feasible (you would need a +38 tra 10 dagger of the same level to get 3200 atk). And that’s assuming that you can’t enhance or trascend that decoration - as things stand, it seems like you can -, and in addition to the attack gap between one handed and two handed weapons.

So yeah, so far things seems quite dire for one handed users, even ones that don’t use shields.

that can end up 6 month from now for iTos lol
but yeah i dont mind wait at all


dont forget that sweet 15k pdef that can get you tanky enough to go frontline while wearing leather+squire arts for 30% extra damage and crit

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Am I missing something? Increasing the attack value of mace from 0.9 to 1.1 and decreasing the range of min-max means the mace damage increased overall, didn’t it? It has the same magic damage as a rod and sword at the same time but with a smaller random variantion than a sword. Like, sword and mace has the same range but swords can deal a little more or a little less damage without buffs.

Also, are they removing HP from the random stats gear or they forgot to add Max HP ammount to the cap stats table?

So the PVP heals keeps the same value but some skills reduces it further.



those color theme remind me of these weapon


Important things to remember:

-This is a preview of the upcoming systems and balance changes.
-They are not final.
-Korea is giving lots of feedback about what they like and don’t like.
-It’s not even on KTEST yet.
-Final numbers on everything is very likely to change.

Before IMC released ARTS, it was a huge random/RNG gambling system to get the arts you wanted and the attribute costs were like 10x as high. They fixed all of it (or most of it).

Be patient, give reasonable feedback, and let’s see what happens.


Yea, I didn’t liked the changes in paper, I will wait to see the changes Live
I am curious about how the new combat formulas will work

I’m all for a bit of 2handed meta, given 1handed + shield has been too good for too long, but i’d like it they kept 1handed a reasonable option tho


Classic Imc going 1 step forward, 2 steps back and hoping no one notices. Glad to see the patch is being universally disliked.

If they really want to change the max values of random stat gear, I hope they scale our existing ichors to the new max rolls…


So, what they actually want to do is to distinguish One hand and Two hand, giving proper advantages and disadvantages to each.
I would say this is fine, if they create a unique advantage for one hand then.
Two Hand being the high damage is kind of obvious.
But what will be the advantage of using One hand?
Of course on the shield it is obvious, but why, as a DPS, would dual wield? I mean, the most iconic 1H class which is Fencer can’t DPS with a shield in full DPS builds.
One could say that Fencer has lots of damage buffs already that will make the damage equal to Two Handed, and that is actually true.
The advantage only having more gems, ichors and etc? Although I think this is game changing, woudln’t that just make things more inconvenient when compared to two hand?
Two Hand will be cheap now, considering its raise in value. Why would you spend so much money and time on lots of gems and upgrades? Do they have any unique gameplay? Maybe.
I think there should be some new gameplay mechanic though that justifies this change. Maybe a parrying function with the dagger on offhand or something like that.
The way it is now seems a pretty poor design, at least for Swordsman.

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No boost to shields? Come on IMC now two-hand swords do more damage than shields.
The most broken things about this patch to me are the heal reduction debuffs, if they stack they’ll render healing useless for teams greatly in a gtw or tbl setting. The buff and debuff removing skills are welcomed since they are mostly on skills nobody maxes out and give insentive on using them now.

PvP wise these are great changes, 2H weapons are underwhelming, completely outperformed by 1H weapons + Shield.

PvE wise is garbage, the power creep is already sick on this game except probably for Moringponia, which has a huge amount of HP.

Looking forward to the +331 Block penetration set effect, seems like IMC realized that tanks are OP in Gem Feud, GvG and decided to add this great set. Looks way better than Smugis for PvP, on Doppel at the very least.

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1h sword/shield still weakest weapon :tired:

Why do I even hope they would help us out

Nah. vs with and

You’re bringing up Murmillo as if its the only 1h sword class, lol.

Plus that def doesn’t even go towards your shield. I’m confused on why this negates that 1h sword gets no damage…

-_- pve wise sword and shield is hard and slow… mur shield att is great but i dont think it will doing well in this case.
ofcourse if u like u can pair with rodel and barb but i doubt it will be better than some 2H meta pve now .

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Or just slap on a spear class and your DPS is miles better.

No seriously, all classes out dps any 1h sword exclusive class. And “Ready for Battle” is trash seeing anyone with a decent shield can tank everything already without it. It’s pointless to even bring it up.

It’s mostly because we do not have any incentive to even go for these classes. No exclusive sword buffs. They even gave Hackapell the ability to use spear because they know sword is just that bad lmao.