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So are transcended weapons tradable there now or is it strictly the shards?

anyone know if the pastebin will be updated?

…Yeah, just by 100%.


After mdef is accounted for, so it doesnt really help your dmg that much against high mdef mobs/players.
Transcendence on the other hand gives a 550% boost to the weapon while armor gives a 300%+ HP boost.
I stand by attributes ‘not boosting dmg that much’ compared to transcendence.

Also its not hard to hit 80-90% attributes for a lot of pple

You do know that a 550% transendence weapon + 100% enhance literally means a 1100% transended weapon right?


Stop trying to use logic on him, you fool.


90% enhance is not too hard to achieve for normal players. stage 10 is very very hard

Exactly. That means enhance has a better value than transendence. Enhance also applies to skill damage and every other additional damage things you may have besides the blessing category.

Even at 100% or 200% transendence, a 100% enhance will give it double the amount.

I mean sure. You have to get passed the monster defense first, but the instant you do, it’s double damage.

Oh well.

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Right now ktos is on maintenance. We’ll find out in a few hours.

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I was mostly refering to my older statement
"Before this there was really a limit for how strong RMTers can get (enchanting isnt very efficient, 100% attributes doesnt really boost dmg that much), but transcendence will remove that barrier.
You might have some true whaler have stage 8s on everything within months,"

Enhancement has better value yes, so real players wont have much of a disparity with RMTers.
However with transcendence real players cannot make enough silver to catch up to RMTers, thus creating a wide gap.
In the end, it might be 100% enhcance * 200% transcendence = 400% damage vs an RMTer who has 100% enhance *550% transcendence = 1100% damage + 300% HP + other things. A normal player will be hard pressed to afford that in a reasonable amount of time.

Well of course the whales will always be stronger than the normal player. That kind of obvious. There’s no way to stop that ever.

RMT will always exist no matter what you do.

The real question is why are you so hanged up on someone else being stronger than you? Because it’s unfair? It shouldn’t be allowed? It’s not right? It’s bs? Because it makes your achievements feel lesser?

I mean, it’s their money. It’s the risk they take. It’s their time. It definitely does not affect your gameplay with the game unless you are directly around them.

But WB competition? There never was any in the first place. Besides, there’s the boss drop cd debuff thing. Just befriend them. Bam, problem solved.

Really though, they get stronger than you faster. That’s the only thing I see from this.

I dont understand your point. Why are you so concerned about that?

I get where ur coming from, but when someone is not just 20-30% stronger than you but 300%? Thats what whaling on transcendence allows for :confused:



A 1000 atk weapon with 200% transend vs 550% is only a 3k weapon attack difference

Then we have skills with over 5k attack.

With that scenario, a fully transeded weapon brings a 40% increase of damage.

With a 10k skill attack, it’s only 26% higher.

Of course, using older rank skills see a huge increase though.

But overall, The damage increase from transendence alone is not that crazy. The highest it can get would be 6.5/3 (116%) (I’m assuming a 200% transendence is reasonable)

dont forget the hp boosts and stuff :X
And no wizard classes have the luxury of such high base skill dmg on skills that are actually useful.

Well unless the increased hp lets them live for more than triple the amount of hits, I dont see a big difference.

The highest difference a fully transended weapon can get vs a more reasonable one like 200% is only around 116% increased damage

of course im factoring in survivability, why would so many pple in pvp go full con otherwise. Now were gonna have someone w like 200k hp running around dealing 40-110% more dmg, scary X–x

I don’t see how that’s scary. Assuming most mobs hit for like 10~20k, that person has twice the clear speed and is able to take about triple the amount of hits (10 hits lol).

with 200% more def/ mdef too

That’s like about 5k defense compared to 2k. Like surviving 3 extra hits compared to 1 more hit.