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Known Issue: March 10, 2021

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Known Issue: March 10, 2021’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

just saying,
i discovered a bug where your character can get free skill reset lmao.
encountered this when i farming coin at low level map.
no not skill slot/tab reset but skill reset. and its unlimited lol
i found out the trigger too
no im not going through ticket because none of it was replied properly.
good luck for those who want to found out how
im not here to report, again, just saying

With reset event becoming bimonthly occurrence, class point raining and left to expire 90% of time does that ‘bug’ even amount to anything?

Even if you put step by step replication here I don’t think anybody will get even slightly thriled.

hi chad
read what i said first, just saying
also no matter what bug, bug is bug, developer should give a fk
thats if they care about the image of being a good developer
but yeah since they do better to do the opposite which is new week new bug this doesnt matter anymore lmao