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Known Issue: February 4, 2021

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Known Issue: February 4, 2021’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

TLDR; Sorry we made a copy paste error. Here is a sneak peek that the event will come but who knows. Oh also pretend that episode 12-1 reward dint exists please.

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Nobody cares about this NPC you can leave him there until the event start, donn’t worry about removing him.

Now can you please adress the blatant problems that everybody is complaining about?


@Staff_Alex @Staff_Jin @STAFF_William

Cool beans but chat and queue are only functioning 5% of the time. Nobody cares about this NPC atm. Do the emergency maintenance already FFS


great, now we know how problems sort here
it seems like we really gonna get stuck with this situation until next mt?

Meanwhile in Telsiai, who is still experiencing chat errors, automatch errors, getting kicked to server screen, and all other server unstability issues, many people now selling their items and quitting the game for good.

And When we gonna see the Known issues for Automatch system , Chat error, Map crash and all the other problems we have? Feel more important than removing a npc.
In basic terms the game is unplayable at all u cant chat u cant do partys or queue on the new systems but they spend the time removing a npc. @STAFF_Yuri @Staff_Jin @Staff_Alex @Staff_Brand @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_William can u spend the time on something more usefull?




I know things don’t go as smooth everytime during patches, and especially when implementing sooo much at the same time. And you guys are prolly working on it diligently (one can hope at least). But a little communication with the community can go a long way. Why not just go out with a statement and acknowledge the problems and tell us that you are working hard to fix things but can’t give a statement on how long things will take. Then once a while when making progress go out and let the people know of it, that way you could be ahead of the shitstorm that is bound to happen. I’m positive that this would calm the most of your player base and make em feel heard and validated. But hey, just a thought :man_shrugging:



They don’t even acknowledge the auto match and chat bugs…

This patch would’ve been nice if, you know, we could actually play the game without it breaking every few minutes


They can’t admit to their investors the game runs like trash

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they have investor?
trash panda going for the trash can?

tf is fedi event npc anyway, just fix this automatch n crash problem u fool

I think this is a temporary “new” feature that WE have enjoy until MT and finger cross that this “new” feature its gonna be permanent after MT LOL
But having unable do DG, Automatch chat and yesterday got stuck like SAO inable to logoff, go lodge even QUIT game…anf having to force close the game for 3x what an amazing “new” feature

fix your ■■■■. performance patch is good and all but ■■■■’s sake, everyone’s been having issues with chat and server stability. actually address the problems EVERYONE is having.

2 weeks and this trash still going on. I wish this crap company at least give a compensation over the entire lose we got 2 weeks of no playing. PP points /content points /resets that never been used cuz they made it 1 day and we cant queue or do a single ■■■■ inside the game if u manage to stay in a map without the map crashing for sure. THE BAD PART IS THAT IMC GENIUSES WILL GIVE JUST EXP TOMES AND APOLOGIZE CAUSE THEY ARE BRAINDEAD TO FIX SOMETHING IF WE GET A FIX THIS WEEK