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[Klaipeda] Sanctuary and New Player Guide

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Salutations saviors and passerby’s alike, welcome to the introductory thread for our guild Sanctuary. We were founded in December 2017 and have been blessed with with a community of veterans, friends, and new recruits.

We’re happy to state that we’re a guild that’s focused on nurturing new and returning saplings to Re:Build. The hectic amounts of reworks and information can sometimes be daunting but we hope that you’ll have us along side you on your journey.

Find us on the recruitment board, or feel free to PM one of our officers, AzuraSkyy, Mirie, Zanadal or myself TM27.

While we primarily focus on Tree of Savior card parties and guild raids, we aim to have stream nights, raffles and events. As the community grows and shapes itself we one day hope to tackle the competitive scenes, keeping to the laid back and humorous nature we were founded on.

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To the good people who have come and gone, the memories of you still resonate from time to time. Whether it chimed good or bad I’d like to thank you for the time we’ve spent. As some heed the call to a busier time of life, or simply move on from Tree of Savior. I wish to thank you for your kindness, love and passions that you’ve shared with Sanctuary.

Dear Savior, whom I may not know yet. I wish to offer you an open hand and welcome you to the fray. If not, I pray for your happiness and success regardless.



Tenshi_Red_64 Sanctuary’s New/Returning Savior Guide Tenshi_Red_64

Welcome! With the launch of rebuild the guild was reborn. No doubt a key to our quick growth was our indiscriminate recruitment policy. We have and continue to take in all manner of new and returning players. Having spoken with so many of you and reading every introduction post in our guild’s discord, I see a lot of players getting into Tree of Savior for the first time or returning after a hiatus that began as early as the first beta.

We recognize a responsibility to help these players and wanted to put forth more effort into doing that. As part of this mission we hosted a Q+A event to address some of the frequent questions/concerns everyone had and others will surely have in the future.

Detailed below is an index for each section of this guide.

Token + Tips
Class Selection/Synergy

-Physical Classes
-Magical Classes

Leveling Up
-Challenge Mode

Gearing Guide
-Gear Progression

Money Making
-Crystal Mine Mission
-Hunting Grounds/Irredian


Tokens are akin to a subscription. They offer a variety of bonuses for 30 days including increased exp rates and freedom from trade restrictions. Tokens further reduce market tax, increase the number of items you can list on the market, and a few other perks. One token will cover your entire team and all of its characters. Using multiple tokens will only stack the duration of the benefits.

I cannot stress enough how beneficial this item is. If you think/know Tree of Savior is for you, I highly encourage you to drop money on TP (cash shop currency) to buy a token or otherwise save your silver until you can afford to purchase one. It is priority one. For any questions about acquiring TP refer to the TP Shop page.


  • Player made SP potions have a separate cooldown from store bought
  • Parties can be linked in chat using ‘Inserty Party Invite Tag’ from the party menu.
  • Parties can likewise be joined by clicking the party tag displayed in chat
  • Items can be linked with ctrl+mouse1
  • Location can be linked the same way while chat is open
  • You can view a player’s gear/classes with ‘/memberinfo PlayerName’ in normal chat
  • ‘!! Followed by your message’ will display a message above your head. Good for buying/selling

Class Selection/Synergy

Stalking people is encouraged. View character information of everyone you see who intrigues you. You can also view their gear+classes with “/memberinfo PlayerName”. A surprising amount can be learned about classes doing this; what stats do they like, which skills do they use, which weapons work for those classes?

When picking classes it is important to select classes that can utilize the same weapons, play off each other, or have skills that amplify the effects of each other.The ToS Guru Skill Simulator allows you to play around with builds and skill point allocation. We can narrow down what classes to consider by understanding some basic differences in physical vs magical users.


For my money the big decision when creating a physical attacker is knowing what weapon you want to use as it makes your options clear. The swordsman section will largely apply for Archer/Scout. Please continue reading if you have an interest in one of those base classes.

Swordsman tend to separate themselves based on their weapon selection (as do other physical attackers). Take a skill from any class (the dragoon class for our example) and see what we can take from it and use moving forward.

Take a look at the fancy icons on a few skills and break them down.
This particular skill can be used with the following:

  • 1H Spear/2H Spear
  • While Mounted
  • With a Shield/Dagger

If we take a class with skills looking like this, we can narrow down our next choices. We’ve selected to be a spear user. While their may be neutral classes we can take that don’t require a specific weapon, we know for sure that we can reliably select other classes in the same vein based on our weapon.

Looking through the other classes in the Swordman branch we can see:

| Spear Specific Classes | Hoplite  | Cataphract | Lancer   | Retiarius  |           |
| Neutral Classes        | Rodelero | Murmillo   | Peltasta | Highlander | Barbarian |

While a spear specific class might seem like the obvious choice to select next, it is not always the best option and certainly not the only option. In any event we’re down to 9 out of 15 classes to look at. If you have been leaning on 2-handed spears, now is the time to eliminate Peltasta, Murmillo, and Rodelero reducing you to 6 classes. If you want the mobility of a mounted class you can remove Retiarius, Highlander, and Barbarian leaving you with 3 classes.

Archer follows a very similar formula to swordsman. Sometimes you can pick a class and see an immediate path. If you know you want to be a Musketeer(or want to use a Musket), you can eliminate Quarrel Shooter, Cannoneer, Mergen, Fletcher, and Ranger bringing you down to 6 our of 11 classes to look at. Archer’s are specialists with a variety of weapon types that leave many of them taking support classes like Appraiser and Pied Piper.

Scout (at the time of writing this) has the fewest classes in its branch at 10. Scouts mostly use daggers/pistols. Much like the swordsman (spear user) example above, you can narrow down your choices by finding the classes that use the weapon you prefer. You might find that Scout’s function best with a supporting class in the mix like Linker to compensate for a lack of AoE or generally low damage.


Wizard is home to some of the greatest support in the game with classes like Chronomancer, Alchemist, and Sage, as well as unique summoning classes and the expected lot of elemental types.

Magic users do not break down nicely by weapon choice, instead putting a higher emphasis on functionality/synergy. The right question for starting a wizard is understanding what play style you enjoy. For more detailed information on all things wizard please see the brilliant write up by icyruios.


Elemental Wizards

  • Fire
    • Pyromancer + (Pick 2 of) Chronomancer/Taoist/Elementalist/Onmyoji
  • Ice
    • Cryomancer + (Pick 2 of) Chronomancer/Taoist/Elementalist
  • Dark
    • Warlock/Shadowmancer/Bokor/Onmyoji


  • Sorcerer/Necromancer/Bokor
    • Option to drop one of these in favor of Shadowmancer/Warlock/Featherfoot/Pyromancer/Taoist

Alchemist, RuneCaster and Sage are harder to slot into groups. Again I recommend icyruios’ guide.

Clerics in Tree of savior stand apart from their contemporaries in that they are not relegated to a support role. While Clerics certainly offer unbelievable utility in healing, resurrection, and barrier, they can also compete with the best DPS from other base classes.


More so than Wizard before it, Cleric demands you to have a play style in mind before selecting classes. Locking yourself into full support is certainly an option but not necessary to find parties or retain relevancy. Clerics are unique in that they offer physical/magical DPS along side their more traditional support classes.

Physical Clerics

  • Paladin/Druid/Inquisitor/Zealot

Magical Clerics

  • Chaplain/Druid/Plague Doctor/Kabbalist/Exorcist

Support Clerics

  • Krivis/Dievdirbys/Priest/Oracle/Kabbalist

Utility Clerics ( Good for shops )

  • Pardoner/Oracle

Rubbish Clerics ( Do not use )

  • Sadhu/Monk/Miko

This breakdown is super underwhelming but Cleric isn’t as simple as stacking Physical or Magical classes. Instead I will push the work off to Wurmheart who outlines the strengths/weaknesses of each in this thread and recommends builds accordingly.


Attributes improve damage of skills or otherwise change the way they function. When spending attribute points it might be wise to spread points out evenly across skills rather than focusing all points in a single skill. I’d also highly encourage you to spend attribute points on attributes that change how skills works before attributes that increase damage.

Leveling Up

Player Shops

Several player shops are available to facilitate a smoother leveling experience. None of these are necessary but the more readily available ones seem silly to go without.

The Pardoner shop offers a number of buffs to boost damage and defence. Plenty of Pardoner shops around should ensure you never go without.

The Maintenance shop offers a small attack bonus to your weapon for one hour. While not as powerful as the pardoner buffs, this shop should not be overlooked if you want to be efficient.

The Repair shop allows you to repair equipment beyond its normal durability. Good for long treks into areas with high mob density.

Base Camp + Table offer the greatest buffs. Tables are set up by Squires and shared between party members. One option is to set up a table on an alt and create a party so you can use your Table for food whenever you like. The AoE Attack Ratio buffing food is enough to justify it in your leveling but the increase HP/SP and Regen should not be overlooked.

Exp Tomes

While not a necessity, Exp Tomes can greatly influence leveling speed. These items are available in the TP Shop but can also be obtain from different events (keep an eye on our #Updates Discord channel for current events).

Exp tomes only last for 60 minutes of in-game time and only effect the character they are used on. Thankfully this timer does not decrease in town maps. With this knowledge we can abuse Challenge Mode and Dungeons (see below) to maximize the potential exp of a single tome.

Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode can be accessed by killing a purple mob on a map level 100 or higher. Doing so will open a Challenge Mode portal for 10 minutes. You must be within 30 levels of a map’s level to enter its challenge mode.

Challenge mode offers wave after wave of increasing mob density/difficulty with a boss at the end. Clearing these in parties with XP tomes active will yield remarkably quicker leveling than standard grinding.

The cubes issued upon ending a Challenge Mode run offer materials for crafting, and raid portal stone recipes. The cubes also have a low chance of dropping silver anvils, enhancement cards, blessed shards, enchant scrolls, and attribute points.


Players are also encouraged to complete 3 dungeon runs daily. Daily dungeons can be accessed from the Sentinel Rian NPC in the North Easter corner of Klaipedia. Dungeon queue times for anything below the 330 dungeon can be lengthy and might be best avoided or shouted for.

With the use of Dungeon Multiplier Tokens and Instance One Entry Vouchers it is possible to receive upwards of 30 dungeons worth of Exp in one hour (a single Exp Tome).

Revelation Quests

Revelation Quests are the main story lines for each area of Tree of Savior and offer the best mid/end-game leveling. Following these will take you through a number of maps and award substantially more experience and silver than ever before. You will need all revelations complete to unlock your legend card slot anyway so it is recommended to complete all of these while leveling.

[lvl 21][Crystal Mines 3F] ~ Mysterious Slate(1) ~ Questline starts at Klaipeda
[lvl 48][Tenet Church 2F] ~ The Hidden Sanctum’s Revelation(1) ~ Requires Crystal Mines revelation to start
[lvl 64][Kvailas Forest] ~ To Goddess Saule ~ Requires Crystal Mines and Tenet Church revelations to start
[lvl 94][Royal Mausoleum 5F] ~ The King of the Great Humans ~ Questline starts at Rukas Plateau
[lvl 100][Seir Rainforest] ~ The Goddess’ Hidden Message ~ Questline starts at Bellai Rainforest
[lvl 126][Mage Tower 5F] ~ Goddess Gabija ~ Questline starts at Fedimian
[lvl 145][Grand Corridor] ~ The Bishop’s Last Mission(2) ~ Questline Starts at Main Building
[lvl 272][Investigation Room] ~ The Revelation of Kalejimas ~ Questline starts at Kalejimas
[lvl 347][Valandis Room 91] ~ The Clown from the Closing Show ~ Questline starts at Nobreer Forest
[lvl 386][Astral Tower 21F] ~ The Final Battle(7) ~ Questline starts at Barynwell 84 Waters

PaleMoon’s guide is a fantastic resource you can rely on for best results.

Gearing Guide

Tree of Savior is nothing if not a gear based game.

Gear Progression
In order to contribute in parties and level at a practical rate, it its imperative that you keep your gear up to date! But… what should you look for in equipment?

During the leveling process you can start your early game with Kedoran Alliance Support Items. These are given at the end of certain quests up to level 220. At 220 it is time to start familiarizing yourself with the nuances of gear in Tree of Savior.

| Magic | Berthas | Primus   | Legendary |
|       | (Rare)  | (Unique) |           |

Here we can see a comparison between different grades of equipment. The first three chest pieces are the Basticle Plate Armor (level 350). A set of armor that drops as unidentified gear and is given random stats upon identification. The last piece is a Velcoffer Plate (level 360); a crafted reward from the Legendary Velcoffer Raid. While these armor pieces are only separated by 10 levels (and 0 in the case of the Basticle Plates) we can see a substantial increase in defence as the rarity increases. This applies to the attack of weapons in the same way. While leveling, weapons are your priority. Keeping a weapon of the highest grade and level will secure you better damage.

Crafted/Identified + Lines

“Lines” are another factor to consider when choosing a weapon. Lines are what we call the stats on any piece of gear. Crafted items have predetermined lines while identified gear is randomly assigned lines.

So here we can see a a crafted staff (left) and an unidentified staff (right). We can determined which is which by the presentation of the lines on each. Crafted items have their lines listed with hyphens while identified gear has colored lines.

  • Colored Lines
    • Green lines are base stats (str/con/int/spr/dex)
    • Purple line are support stats (accuracy/block/evasion/critical rate)
    • Red lines (weapon only) are attack stats (physical attack, property damage)
    • Blue lines (armor only) are defensive stats (magical defence, property resistance)
      • Gear Specific
        • Red lines only appear on weapons
        • Blue lines only appear on armor

Identified Lines

  • 1-Handed weapons, shields, and armor generate 1-4 random lines
  • 2-Handed weapons generate 1-6 random lines at higher values
  • The max value of lines is influenced by 1H vs 2H, level, and grade of the equipment

When selecting the same gear of different grades, higher grade wins out for weapons regardless of lines with so few exception it is not worth going into in this guide. Armor on the other hand doesn’t offer enough raw defence on increased grade to sacrifice better lines.

So what are better lines? For the sake of this guide we’ll focus on desirable lines found on unidentified gear and crafted items while avoiding special effects and set effects.

  • Green Lines (Con + Str/Int/Dex/Spr)
  • AoE Attack Ratio
  • Purple Lines (Critical Rate, Accuracy, Block, Evasion)

Con is a great stat for every class. A secondary or even tertiary green line are dependent on class. Red and Blue lines tend to underwhelm as the values offered have not kept up with the raw damage found on equipment in rebuild.



Unidentified items can be identified either at the Blacksmith NPC of each town or player owned Appraiser shops. Higher level appraisers are more likely to produce a higher number of lines with higher values.


Its important to know that most identified gear is garbage. Prior to 350 gear it is only worth identifying primus items or items that are potential upgrades for you. Starting at 350 I recommend identifying berthas armor, and all primus items.


All of the magic items and leftover junk can be dismantled (at Blacksmith NPC) or used to level gems, giving Exp equivalent to the level of the item. Dismantling will result in nucle powder (sierra for primus items) which can be used to reidentify items at the Blacksmith. Reidentification will retain the color of the lines but change the stat and value of the line.

  • 37 Con -> 25 Str
  • 12 Accuracy -> 800 HP

Dismantling berthas and primus items has a chance of giving a Enchant Jewel.


Refining gear can be done by using anvils on your equipment to increase its attack/defence value at the cost of silver. This is a luck based system but will have some impact on how strong your equipment will be. Refinement on armor matters less as the bonuses for refinement offer lower values.

  • Each successful refine increases the equipment enhancement level by 1.
  • Refinement is safe to +5 and capped at +40
  • Each refinement level has a decreasing success rate until +9 where the chance caps at 51.2%
  • Failures result in a decrease of 1 level and 1 potential
  • Items with 0 potential cannot be traded or socketed
  • Failing a refine on equipment with 0 potential will destroy the equipment
  • Attack/Defence bonuses are given for enhancement levels of 6, 11, 16, and 21
  • Weapons/Shields at +15 begin to shine and gain a gradually increasing red hue with each enhance

Given the random nature of enhancement it is often the gatekeeper to a weapon’s life. For high level players heading into end game, weapons below +11 or sometimes even +16 are seen as unfit for PvP and higher competition areas.


Using Blessed Gems, players can transcend their equipment up to ten times, adding 10% of its base attack/defence to the equipment with each transcendence (not factoring enhancement). This can be done at Blacksmith NPCs in each town.


This example showcases a +11 Velcoffer Pistol with Stage 5 Transcendence. This weapon has gained approximately 2300 Attack from the transcendence and 1115 Attack from the refinement.


Socketing gear is the process of adding sockets to equipment at the Blacksmith NPC. Opening a socket reduces equipment’s potential by 1 while offering a space for a gem.

Gems come in a variety of color and offer different stats or skills. While colored gems can be leveled by sitting down to access the gem enhancement menu, skill gems are locked at level one and increase a set skill by a single level.


In this example you can see we’ve opened 2/2 sockets and placed two gems inside, each giving a skill level increase. You may only increase a skill level by 1 with a gem so adding a second Guardian Skill Lvl + 1 gem (in this example) would be a waste.

Color Gems come with a positive and negative stat. The Negative stat can be removed with Player Gem Roasting shops in town.


|                   |      Color Gem      |      Skill Gem      |
|   Can be leveled  |         Yes         |          No         |
|   Upon removing   |      Level - 1      |      Destroyed      |
| Requires Roasting |         Yes         |          No         |
|   Multiple Stack  |         Yes         |          No         |
|      On Death     |       Dropped       |       Dropped       |
|   Acquired From   | Kedora Alliance NPC | Kedora Alliance NPC |
|                   |     Map Gimmicks    |     Monster Drop    |
|                   |        Market       |        Market       |


Enchanting gear requires enchant jewels obtained from dismantling gear. These jewels may only be used on equipment with a level equal to or below theirs. Jewels are consumable and offer a random Enchant line with a random value. Higher grade jewels have a higher chance of granting a higher value enchant. Below is a list of enchants and their maximum values.

EnchantJ JPG

Fret not if you receive a poor roll. You can enchant again and again, replacing the previous enchant. Worth noting, enchants do not stack. Multiple of the same line will only grant you the enchant with the highest value.

Awakening, much like enchants, offer an additional line on your equipment. Requiring a Premium Awakening Stone and use of a player’s Awakening shop, awakenings offer the smallest return on investment for maximizing your gear’s potential. The values offered are generally lackluster but worthwhile if you have some stones from Fishing or Events.

Awaken icon_item_awakeningstone

Episode 11 is promising an update to the awakening system but the maximum values (at the time of writing) can be viewed in this document.


Ichoring is the end game system for applying stats to legend gear by extracting the stats from other equipment. This is hardly something worth worrying about if you are new but I felt it was worth mentioning. Here I’ve linked details on the ichor system.

Weapon Skin
It is possible to change an item’s physical appearance using the Blacksmith NPCs in town. You insert the weapon you want to use and then add a weapon you’d like to use as the appearance. This process costs 1 potential and a lot of silver. The lost potential and silver cost can be mitigated by using a Weapon Appearance Material from the TP shop (can also be purchased from another player on the market).


Money Making


Characters over level 240 can enter Saalus Missions from Saalus Convenant. Keep an eye on shout chat for parties looking to do saalus runs everyday and slowly build up a stockpile of Blessed Shards.
An in-depth breakdown of Saalus runs can be found here.

Crystal Mine Mission

The Crystal Mine can be accessed at level 100 from Receptionist Ramda at the Norhern end of Kalipedia.

The mission itself is a fight with a few bosses and destroying a couple totems. During the 2nd part of the mission you have 5 minutes to kill mobs that drop Ithildin Ore. The 3rd phase gives you even more time if you ignore the objective. This material is used in the process of making BIS Drakonas accessories and sells for a nice price.

Hunting Grounds

Hunting Grounds(HG) are designed to be farmed for hours. Unlike raids, saalus, and missions, HG have no entry requirement/limit. They are the purest form of farming in the game with steady profit. The unidentified gear drop are more common than field maps.

Looting Chance is a very rare purple line on armor that increases the drop rate of unidentified gear. This does not influence any other drop rates in Tree of Savior.

Certain skills like Thaumaturge’s Swell Brain and Doppelsoeldner’s Double Pay Earn can also increase looting chance substantially and help to make these classes viable options for farming.


  • Card Albums
  • Sapphire/Topaz/Ruby/Opal
  • Mithril
  • Blessed Shard
  • Golden Anvils (Untradeable)
  • Ancient Golden Coin
  • Unidentified Gear

card mith gold

Hunting Grounds List

  • (Lv 100) Tavorh Cave , entrance at Seir Rainforest
  • (Lv 150) Narcon Prison , entrance at Gytis Settlement Area
  • (Lv 170) Natarh Watchtower , entrance at Dina Bee Farm
  • (Lv 190) Tatenye Prison , entrance at Ruklys Street
  • (Lv 210) Neighport Church East Building , entrance at Stogas Plateau
  • (Lv 230) Sjarejo Chamber , entrance at Woods of the Linked Bridges
  • (Lv 240) Netanmalek Mausoleum , entrance at Sjarejo Chamber
  • (Lv 280) Rancid Labyrinth , entrance at Grynas Hills
  • (Lv 300) Balaam Camp Site , entrance at Rancid Labyrinth
  • (Lv 320) Michmas Temple , entrance at Balaam Camp Site
  • (Lv 340) Nazarene Tower , entrance at Natarh Watchtower
  • (Lv 370) Baubas Cave , entrance at Mochia Forest
  • (Lv 390) Irredian Shelter , entrance at Spell Tome Town

Irredian Shelter

Irredian Shelter is not a conventional Hunting Ground. It has the same drop table as the other maps with a gimmick that opens up two portals near in the main section of the map when 1000 monsters have been slain. Each portal leads to a different boss that can be killed 5 times per team per week (kill Dog he is substantially easier). The cube it drops houses one of the following rewards.

  • Blessed Shard x5
  • Abyss Irredian Bracelet/Necklace Recipes
  • Cevisa Irredian Bracelet/Necklace Recipes
  • Irredian Seal (Swordsman/Wizard/Archer/Cleric/Scout)
  • Magic Stone
    magic seal

Irredian Shelter is generally considered a great weekly task but a mediocre hunting ground as it has lower mob density than Baubas Cave but a boss that offers insane loot.



When looking to upgrade your gear, raids is a good place to look in the later game. Raids offer unique weapons/armors with incredible stats and effects. Raid Portal stones are consumed upon completion of a raid and the stone cost per raid increases by one for each raid completed (this is per character and resets daily).

Rather than break down each raid I have given brief details of each, their loot, and provided a link to guides by people who have given them the attention they deserve.

Level 330
(Masinios) The First Refugee
Loot: Sierra Powder, Practonium, Golden Socket Recipe, Laitas Cloth Armor, Ausura Plate Armor, Fietas Leather Armor, Masinios Weapons, Prodigious Kugheri Balzermancer Card

Level 330
(FFL) Former Fantasy Library
Loot: Sierra Powder, Practonium, Golden Socket Recipe, Nematoma Accessories, Nepagrista Accessories, Rangovas Accessories, Froster Lord Card, Demon Lord Froster Lord Card

Level 380
(Asio) Asiomage Testing Grounds
Loot: Spirit Fragment: Asiomage, Practonium, Golden Socket Recipe, Asio Weapons, Asiomage Card

Level 380
(Wastrel) Magic Research Facility
Loot: Spirit Fragment: Wastrel, Practonium, Golden Socket Recipe, Wastrel Weapons, Wastrel Card

Level 380
(Ignas) Astral Tower Closed Quarters
Loot: Spirit Fragment: Ignas, Practonium, Golden Socket Recipe, Ignas Cloth Armor, Ignas Plate Armor, Ignas Leather Armor, Ignas Card

masi nepaasio icon_item_rod_nicopolis2 ignas


I’ll try to keep this section brief. Collections are a min-max piece of content that demands a near absurd level of grinding to obtain items. The items collected on each map are then turned in alongside a treasure box for a small stat increase (Physical Attack +6, Stamina + 1, Magic Defence + 9).

This content can be fun or torturous depending on the player’s disposition towards farming. Many players opt to purchase their collection items which leaves you with a great place to sell fairly useless items at an exorbitant price.

Using the in-game collection list (f11) you should try to find collections that give bonuses that are; useful for all classes, damage, stamina, or useful for pvp (accuracy, evasion, block, crit resistance). Once you narrow down these collections it is time to find an expensive item within it. ToS Neet becomes your best friend for this as it will tell you which monsters drop the item, how many spawn on that map, where they spawn on that map, and how far of a wander radius they have. You are looking for anything at a 1% drop rate or lower that might be tedious to farm. For our example we’ll look at Svalphinghas Forest and Nheto Forest.

Svalphinghas Forest’s collection offers +18 Magical Attack. The collection is comprised of plenty of items with low drop rates. Items like this will sell for several hundred thousand silver.

Nheto Forest’s Collection offers +12 Physical Attack. This collection also has several rare items in it, but what makes this one appealing is that Rhodetad drops one of the items for the collection and also drops a Healing Factor Skill lvl + 1 Gem. Finding a mob that has a valuable gem and valuable collection loot is a solid place to earn decent money with the chance for greatness on the side.
collect2 rhode
There are plenty more collections with valuable items to farm so don’t stop at my examples! I’m sure these items will fluctuate in price greatly and are maybe outshone even now.

I know this has been an exhausting read but I hope some of the information was useful and helps you to become a greater savior!

I’d also like to thank the following people for their guides or assistance in the process of making this guide: Queue3, Resource, Crevox, Palemoon, icyruios, Wurmheart, /u/ohhgibo, greyhiem, Sachee, Nightex, DgL, and artwork by Mirie. Shout out to tosbase, toseneet, and tosguru for images and information.

~Azura Skyy


End Game Content

Solo CM 5
Having done your fair share of Challenge Modes while leveling you should be adequately acquainted with the basics. Grab your Squire, set your base camp on Outer Wall 15, and stock up on Pamoka Solutions, Challenge Mode One Entry Vouchers and Challenge Mode Portal Scrolls. Grab the rubbing statue buff from Klaipedia (+100 Looting Chance 30min)

If possible, activate your base camp buff to gain an addition 30% EXP (buff vanishes if you hop channel or switch maps) and activate your Pamoka Solution.

After the boss of each Stage 5 boss you should equip all of your looting chance gear, activate any looting chance buffs (Thaumaturge/Hunter/Doppelsoeldner) and potions you might have.

Upon completion you will get the usual CM loot with a chance for a Planium (7M at the time of writing) and partially fill your Pamoka Solution (3M at the time of writing).
4307b940792ebcca0769f3ed0ad58a05 planium

Skaiclipse Raid

Coming soon

Legend Raids, Gear, and Set Effects

Coming Soon

  • Velcoffer Equipment

White Crow
Coming eventually

  • Varna Equipment


  • Savinose Equipment

~Azura Skyy

i sent in a guild app :smiley: wew

I also just applied to your guild, IGN wnsduf1!

I’ve already spoken with you too and accepted the requests.

Welcome welcome!

As a brand new player, thank you so much for the guide. I don’t understand all the mechanics yet, but it is extremely helpful so far. I applied to the guild.


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We’re now a proud top 5 active guild with a fresh Level 17 to show for it. Panto raids begin this week!
Whisper TM27, Mirie, Zanadal, or myself for an invite/details (you can also apply through the recruitment board (alt+r) or ccomment on this thread)!

Thanks to everyone who has made us a success so far!


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Now involved in GTW and Boruta.

Come join a top active guild with a bustling discord that engages in all types of content, stream nights, and unique events!

Whisper AzuraSkyy, TM27, Mirie, Zanadal, or NobleJack for an invite or details!

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Sent in a guild app! IGN is Succubusty c:
I have two other people I play with who are also newer players & hoping I’ll be able to get them to join too o;

Heya! I saw the application but wanted to hear from you before accepting the application (we like to get everyone in our discord). Please respond to my in-game whisper or reach out to Mirie. Zanadal, TM27 or NobleJack for an invite and discord details.

Have your friends comment here and apply as well. The more the merrier!

Active guild with one of the most active discords. Always recruiting. Whisper TM27, Mirie, Zanadal, NobleJack, or AzuraSkyy for an invite/details!

We’re not cherry picking. This is our discord every night :3

Got Panto card from the raid tonight plus blut and zaura during the card party! woo!

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Just now seeing this! I’ll try and PM one of those people in game right now :slight_smile: I’m an avid discord user, so shouldn’t be a problem~

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Hello everyone!!

I’m taking this oportunitty to bump our thread announce that this week we finally got ourselves a city in GTW! Woooo! Check out a few pictures of us celebrating together after GTW c:

(im kinda glad the gtw costume is ugly af, this way i wont miss it when it expires lul)

(aaw arent those the cutest nerds youve ever seen? (ノˊ꒳ˋ)ノ✧)

(and here’s a picture of the big nerds that lead this guild, feeling super proud of their smol nerds)

I’ll take this opportunity to thank all of our dear members for being a part of Sanctuary :heart:~c( •͈ᴗ•͈c) be it by participating in every single event or by just hanging out on discord, I can’t really express how much each and every single one of you mean to us! so, thank you a bunch <3

Btw, we are still recruiting! Please, feel free to reach out to TM27, AzuraSkyy, Kuro-pi, NobleJack or myself (Mirie) in game! You can also apply through alt+r and we will reach out to you.




Orshan guild

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Sanctuary has a cover page, check it out in game on the recruitment board! (alt r)
We also have an art channel in our discord to show off their talented art :3
The concept was a community board showing off the events and dungeons we do and we received this masterpiece. Feel free to contact any of the leads or officers mentioned below if you’re interested in joining!

Background and Sanctuary Staff portraits done by PaperCloud
Posters done by Cylesti

Here’s the enlarged wanted posters showing the text that’s a bit too hard to see:


Join our GVG squad or just hang out and be casual. We do a bit of everything and we try to enjoy most of it from the most active Tree of Savior voice chat!

There was some gust today but we all had our windbreakers on so it was a pleasant walk in the park.

After a lovely stroll through the park we posed behind our true leader and templar, Ume-san.

Whisper AzuraSkyy, TM27, Mirie, NobleJack, Kuro-pi, Topei. or Umemoto for details/invite, apply through guild recruitment board (alt+r), or express your interest on our forum thread!