[Klaipeda] Impetus


We’re coming up on our one year anniversary, and we are still recruiting!


Can i join your guild…?im level 124 and my in-game name is Zshadow or “whoami”


Whisper me in game please. I’m on now for a short while longer now and will be on later tonight.


i cant send a friend request to you.It saids team does not exist


Whisper Narcissus or Remiri in game please.


how do i whisper…?


/w Narcissus or /w Remiri


still cant whisper to you guys == .can u guys whisper me?


Guessing you either aren’t on Klaipeda or aren’t spelling our names correctly.

Thanks anyway though.


I’m happy to announce that we’ve reached our one year anniversary.


We are still looking for active players, especially those who are interested in the new GVG content coming up!


Always looking for pvp/gvg minded players, please hit me(Remiri) or Narcissus in game!





Join us if you are looking to kick ass in upcoming GvG!


bumpity bump bump dogs like socks