[Klaipeda] Impetus


Bumping this, Impetus is looking to fill some spots for pvp and pve. Would like to start up more ET groups.

Please pm Remiri or Narcissus for more info.




Still need active people.


Hello, I would like to apply :smile:
Right now, I got:
Cleric 2 - Priest 3 - Chaplain - (soon to be )Miko or Oracle - Inquistor lv 211
Cleric 2 - Krivis 3 - Miko - Plague Doctor - lv 254

Msg me when you guys are available


What’s your IGN?

Alternatively, whisper me in game.


Oh right! I forgot my IGN, its Onyu


BearPig? :joy:


1.) Bump
2.) Loving these ridiculous chat bugs right now, makes recruitment fun and exciting. If I don’t respond in game, please message me on Discord at Csiko#2714


New patch is next week already. If you’re looking for people to talk theory with, this is the right place.


cute archer (and 1 pig) bump


Does jace still play?


No. He hasn’t actually played in about 6 months.


Hey! I’d be interested in joining up if you’ll have me. Team name Angryfridge, character is a w2, Link1, Thaum3, FF2. Reasonably well geared, 4K matk self buffed. I’m all about the theory craft and am on most nights for at least a little while. Mostly just looking for a group of cool people to hang with, run some endgame and grind this game out! Let me know! I’ll reach out on discord or in game when I get home from work


Hey, I’ve seen you around. Talk to me in game. :o


ded gaem bump


Bump cause we’re going to try and do regular organized PVP with Lotus and any other guild who’s interested (whisper me for that too).

more random cute from AFK Tower:


bump with baby’s first fruitful Hauberk kill



Bumpity bump bump

We run high level guild events(hauberk gimme pract pls) every day, hit up me(Remiri), Narcissus, or Shiken in game.


Still doing that recruitment type thing.

Doing guild events most days for pract (and guinea pigs), world bossing, and really hoping PVP comes back soon.