[Klaipeda] Impetus


8/1/17 Update:

Impetus is continuing to look for active members, predominantly for PVP, GVG (when it comes back :sob:), and group PVE content, including ET. We prefer ranks 7 and 8 at this time, though if you are very active, a special exception might be made. Being active is a must.

We are looking for the following classes:
Nothing exact, but build should at least make some semblance of sense and be logically consistent. That doesn’t necessarily mean current meta.

Guild culture:
Highly interested in game theory, mostly easy-going. Good mix of people who joined while very new to the game, and people who are veterans. Large range of gaming history in general. Important that you can take a joke, not looking for special snowflakes or people who are excessively needy. One of the few guilds where having a strong personality is okay.

Please whisper Narcissus in game if interested in applying.


If you messaged me in game while I was offline, I’m sorry! For some reason I can’t retrieve PMs if I was whispered while offline. I should be on for most of the rest of today and tomorrow, please whisper me again.

I’ve added about a third of you to my friends list if you messaged me.



Still looking for active people.


Bumping again, still looking for more.


Updated OP and new bump :o



Bumping with our Marnox video. :o

Fun times.


We’re full for now, I’ll update this post again when we have room.


Editing again, need wizards badly. :open_mouth:


Master Jace is at Dina again :confused: won’t even come WB with me.


@Nicola And here ladies and gentlemen you can see a wild jace in his natural habitat



/20 characters


will jace gib me 20 mil if i join


Bumping, still need wizards badly.


Hello fine gentlemen, ladies, I am known as Wynn the Buttblaster,
I would like to apply to this guild, my current builds are:
Archer 2 - Ranger 3 - Falconer 1 - Cannoneer 2
Wiz 1 - Cryo 3 - Chrono 3 - (sage soon)
Swordie 1 - Pelt 1 - HL 3 - DOppel 3

shoutouts to my homie @DieHardLancer for recommending me, and I better get free ET gear u fuggs


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


Talk to me in game. :o


Hi there

Navi_Mage from NAVILAN TEAM.

LV85 Wiz 3 - Ele 1 planning Ele 3- Warlock


You guys still recruiting? im interested in joining.

currently a 197 Corsair, been playing since the beta, but just started zombieing this game again Lol ill message Narcissus in game in a bit. Just wanted to see if forum topic is still updated and stoof