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[Klaipeda] Impetus 2018 Recruitment



Impetus was started in September 2016 with a goal of having an active, dedicated, and competitive core of players. Since that time we have grown, and are looking to continue to grow together with both veteran and new players, encouraging strong personalities, a lot of game theory, and fostering an environment where people can enjoy the game.


We have no current class requirement, but ask that the build you intend to main be internally consistent, and we are generally always willing to offer advice to those who ask. We ask that you be active, and while inactivity can result in being kicked from the guild, you can be reinvited if you decide to come back to the game.

Our main focus will be GVG and PVP content, but we still do PVE content and guild-only content regularly, including world bosses, field bosses, ET, guild bosses/raids, and other guild events (albums and such).

If you’re interested in applying, please whisper Narcissus in game.

Have a nice 8k pic of one of our events:


My friend Typhoonz said this is the best guild he ever joined, and its a shame he couldn’t behave like a big boy in order to stay.

11/10, would join again




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um, sweetie, that’s an old screenshot back from when the guild was alive

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I’m just curious in why you had to say the guild is dead?Because this section purpose is to recruit new members even if the guild is dead or alive.So I don’t understand the purpose of this comment, who are you addressing it to?


“Guild looks dead judging by the screenshots lol”

Even if your statement is right,tell me how is your comment relevant in a guild recruit category?

I hope you got something more creative and intelligent as feedbacks beside getting triggered or that people are sensitive because it’s kinda old as Impetus screenshot.

I find amusing that when you log on you got an add-on that tells you who’s online on every guild.I figure that guilds who are active are actually playing the game.TOS is not made with 3 maps you know…perhaps I am not sure lol that Impetus members are scattered around the world.I’ll let you know when I download the StalkGuild add-on once I get online tonight.


It’s a new account. Doesn’t look like a new player.

Most likely a troll/banned account trying to pull a bait to shame one of the biggest Klaipeda guilds that’s being alive and well just fine.


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also thanks for the support @Loztchild @LunarRabbit


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