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[Klaipeda] Impetus 2018 Recruitment


Ay Babes.

If you care about GVG - territory wars now is the time to join. We will be pushing that hard and playing all week. Join now and get your practice in.


Does this guild raid? and do fresh 360’s have a place in this guild?

My buddy and I are working on our gear but we’d like to join an active guild that raids or will be raiding.


Hi, sure do, whisper me (Narcissus) in game. :smiley:


do you guys have a discord server i can join to chat with you guys on?


Would rather you whisper me in game first.


free bumps, I hear @crevox’s and Bearpigs thaums give the best head in Klaipeda 11/10 would party again


I would love to join your guild please and thanks!


Hi, whisper me in game. :smiley:


Impetus turns two years old this weekend!

We are still actively recruiting. Whisper me in game!


i would like to join your guild


Hi, whisper me (Narcissus) in game. Thanks!


Bumping for October.

Please make sure you whisper me in game if interested in applying. Applications through the guild UI disappear at random. If you already did apply and I did not respond, please just whisper me in game.


Bumping again



Bumping thread. Come join us for Re:Build.


Hello there! recently returning player looking to join a active and fun guild :smiley: will be playing a support cleric of some type have not decided since re build is on the way


Hi thanks for your interest, please PM Narcissus in game!


Bumping with a very smol pig


Re:Build is just around the corner, let’s get ready together! Join us in Klaipeda :smile:


Bamp - come join us for re:build stuff!


Id like to join.

My discord is Zalkion#5590