[Klaipeda] Crimson - Mature/Competitive/PvE/PvP/GvG/Social Guild


There are a lot of lewds.


This is, unfortunately, where Mikai hails from.


Hello guys, thanks for applying! :slight_smile:

As you see, we are currently "full".

However, in these past few days, I've been keeping my eyes on all members, and always evaluating everyone's performance. Based on that evaluation, I've removed some members who were missing in this beta or players that cannot play as much like before (they can only a few hours a day).

For now, we will replace those players with promising guests and applicants that fulfill our requirements. In that manner, I will only invite applicants who fulfill those requirements to join our Discord channel. I deeply apologize for applicants who are not invited.

As for applicants who got invited to Discord but didn't get the chance to join the official member ranks : you can either wait until IMC increase the slot cap and keep playing with us, or you can join another guild but removed from our Discord channel. That is completely your choice. I hope you can understand.


Region/Nationality: south america/brazillian
Usual playing hours: no time set... it's indifferent
Possible primary class: Currently low lvl Cataphrath Dragoon/ Tank
Possible council position: PvP Leader - PvE Hunter
Reason for joining: Joining for fun, but i want some serious PVE metods and i like to do pve strategy
Favourite quotes: "There's no tank without a healer" "You cant do nothing alone"
i played beta too
In game nickname: Kirito
Age: 17
Currently server: Klaipedia


Region/Nationality: USA/Asian
Usual playing hours: At least 8 hours every day.
Possible primary class: Dievdirby - I wanna do alot doe
Possible council position: PvE, Maybe PvP, Maybe Market, Definitely not a social
Reason for joining: Shiba and Furukawa want me to join and I wouldn't mind having people to party with and have fun
Favorite quotes: Moeteru?
In game nickname: Eruis
Age: 18
Currently server: Klaipedia


Seems to be the biggest rp guild around.


Region/Nationality : USA
Usual playing hours : 5-6 hours a day
Primary class : Fencer
Council Position : Hunter (PVE Council)
Reason for joining : I'm hardcore into end game dungeoning/raiding. I chose tank in hopes to find a group worthy of my giant health pool and provocation.
Favorite quotes : "If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything." -Mark Twain
In game name : Andromeda (real name's Joe)
Age : 23
Server : Klaipeda

I look forward to meeting you!


We are not a full RP guild to be honest.
The only RP part of us are the knightly principals and council system.
But in game, we are just a bunch of guys who want to have fun together, make good unforgettable memories, and be the best in the game. :smiley:

As for applicants, I have sent a Discord channel invitation to some of you. Hopefully you receive it in time before the link expires. The rest of applicants who do not receive my message may also join if you are interested in joining our community. Who knows you might get recruited later on when we have more slots, especially if IMC adds more slots in the near future. You can inform me via PM or reply here.


The guild seems really interesting, but I don't know if should apply since the entire family joins the guild.


Region/Nationality : SEA/TH
Usual playing hours : 2-6 hours weekdays 6-10 weekends
Primary class : Druid
Build : Cleric > krivis > diev(cd reduction for all skill :3) > priest > priest(Max revive and resurrect ) > druid > druid
Stat : pure int with some con
Reason for this build : want to try semi support/dps build but who know i might be top dps since druid dps is insanely high xD
Council Position : Hunter
Reason for joining : Want to be a part of great community :3

Favorite quotes : "Not enough mineral" -- Protoss nexus sc2
In game name : KUNGTH
Age : 22
Server : Klaipeda


Region/Nationality: NA/American(Florida)

Usual Playing Hours: Thurs-Mon(10pm-3am EST) Tues&Wed(Anytime, typically +10hrs).

Primary Class: Wiz > Pyro c2 > Thau c3 > Warlock(possibly FeatherFoot)

Possible Council Position: PVE Council/Hunter. I've been a GM/Officer in various games for the past 10 years. I have no problems leading groups if need be.

Reason For Joining: Currently I'm level 100. I'm looking to join a guild that is interested in end game content. I've done competitive raiding in other mmo's and your guild seems like a perfect fit for me.

Favourite Quote: "May you be in heaven a full half hour before the Devil knows you're dead."

*It seems like you may be full atm but I'm willing to wait for a spot to open up. I think I'd make a great addition to your roster. If you'd like to chat in-game I'm Westipher Ragewind, Thanks!


Region/Nationality: Oceania/Asian.
Usual Playing Hours: Around 8 hours weekday, ~12 hours weekend.
Possible Primary Class: Archer.
Possible Council Position: PvE Council.
Reason for Joining: Looking for people to run end-game content together with, as well as having fun.
Favourite Quote: "Dead DPS is no DPS."


Region/Nationality: SA/Chile
Usual Playing Hours: 6 hours a day
possible primary class: support/healer
possible council position: pve council/ hunter
reason for joining: looking for a mature and serious guild to have fun with.
favourite quotes: puta la wea wn ¡¡


Region/Nationality: West Coast US
Usual Playing Hours: 4-5 hours a day
possible primary class: Archer DPS
possible council position: PVE Council
reason for joining: Looking for people to talk and theory craft with, trade tips, make the grind enjoyable, etc.
favourite quotes: HAHA, I threw that ■■■■ before I walked in the room

IGN: Bam Hamstorm


Region/Nationality : NA
Usual playing hours : 12-14 hours
Primary class : Ranger
Build : Archer > Archer > Ranger > Ranger > Ranger > Falconer > Cannoner
Stat : Str : Dex 2 :1.5
Council Position : Fighter
Reason for joining : Looking for a active and hardcore friendly group to be apart of.
Favorite quotes : “Do not ask which creature screams in the night. Do not question who waits for you in the shadow. It is my cry that wakes you in the night, and my body that crouches in the shadow. I am Tzeentch and you are the puppet that dances to my tune...”

  • The Changer of Ways.

You are my new best friend if you know where the quote is from without using google <3

In game family name : Tsukino
Age : 27
Server : Klaipeda


Region/Nationality : NA/American
Usual playing hours : 4+ H/Day
Primary class : Tanky Dragoon
Build : Swordsman>Peltasta>Hoplite>Hoplite>Hoplite>Dopplesoeldner>Dragoon
Stat : End Game Distribution>2:1 Str/Con with some into Dex/Spr
Reason for this build : Cause spears are cool and not dieing is cooler!
Council Position : The PvE one? Hunter.
Reason for joining : I'm just lonely man. :frowning:
Favorite quotes : Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!
In game name : Montblanc Goff
Age : 32
Server : Klaipeda


Region/Nationality : EU
Usual playing hours : 7-15h per day
Primary class : Chronomancer
Build : Wizard > Cryomancer3 > Chronomancer3
Stat : Con : Int : Spr - 1.5 : 4 : 1.5 (might reset and go con+spr later if feel like it).
Council Position : PvE
Reason for joining : I have friends in the guild I'd like to play with. Also, Serus made me do this for his own selfish reasons
In game name : Icy Lindely
Age : 24
Server : Klaipeda


Thanks very much. :3


Region/Nationality : EU
Usual playing hours : 7-10h per day and more then 15h on weekends
Primary class : PD
Build : ClerC2 KrivisC2 DievC2 PlagDC1
Stat : 1:5 Con:Int
Council Position : PvE
Reason for joining : Because of Lindely xD I would also like to join and he helpful, as I'm playing a support character
In game name : Teonaru Haones
Age : 20
Server : Klaipeda


Region/Nationality : SEA/Malaysia
Usual playing hours : 5-7h per day
Primary class : Pardoner (For now)
Build : Cleric>Priest C3>Pardoner
Stat : 1:1:2 CON:SPR:DEX
Council Position : PvE or Social
Reason for joining : Despite being a Pardoner with DEX, I can heal pretty decently (I think Takeo Takeda can confirm on that. :stuck_out_tongue:). Although, my Pardoner is mainly for the Spell Shop skill. As soon as I reach rank 6, I'm gonna play a new and full support/heal cleric.
In game name : Sentou Jahm
Server : Klaipeda