[Klaipeda] Crimson - Mature/Competitive/PvE/PvP/GvG/Social Guild


itttt Asuna Takeo >:o


Region/Nationality : US
Usual playing hours : 7-15h per day
Primary class : Rune Caster
Build : Wizard3 > Ele3 > Rune Caster
Stat : Con : Int : Spr - 1 : 4 : 0
Council Position : PvE/PvP, I do both.
Reason for joining : Because of Lindely, and I was looking for a guild too so, what a coincidence.
In game name : Nepnep Caster
Age : 24
Server : Klaipeda


Region/Nationality : US
Usual playing hours : 6-12hrs a day
Primary class : Doppel
Build : sword>peltasta>highlander 3>doppel 2
Stat : 4:1:2 str/con/dex
Council Position : PvE
Reason for joining : Because of Lindely also, we're bandwagoners. I've been looking for a guild to contribute to.
In game name : Gordon Ramsay
Age : 25
Server : Klaipeda


Region/Nationality: NA/Asian

Usual Playing Hours: 12hrs+ (i have no life hahaha)

Possible Primary Class: Archer/Fletcher (I have a Highlander going Doppel as well)

Possible Council Position: PvE Council and PVP.

Reason for Joining: I am new to this game but not to MMORPG. I heard a lot about how fun the guild is and I am really looking for in game friends as the game would be a lot more fun if there are people I could talk to and have fun with!

Favourite Quote: "If you have time to think of a beautiful end, then live beautifully until the end"

IGN: Caramel Heartfille/Blueberry Heartfille
Age: 22


is this guild up yet ... and do u guys have space


Region: NA
Play Time: ~8
Class: Warlock (Have 240 PvE WL, currently working on a PvP one with full con)
Possible Council: Hunter/Fighter
Reason: Seeking like minded individuals for static PvE content as well as optimization on PvP/GvG


Build: W3E3WL cookie cutter PvE, W3,PSY3,WL PvP

IGN: Hanabi


Hello folks! Thanks for applying!
We will hold your applications for now and I will invite some of you to our Discord channel, especially the ones that I already know in game. :slight_smile:

@denja44 we are formed since last Thursday, but the guild slot is still full atm. However, I just did an evaluation a few days ago, and turned out I am forced to kick several people because of their inactivity and other stuff. That means we actually have slots and we will surely recruit some of you, but we are still busy upgrading the guild's slot via talts. So I hope you understand, and wait a bit as we are working on the guild tower upgrade.


ok np this my info if u guys get space

Region: NA
Play Time: ~8
Class: linker/sorc/father foot
Possible Council: dont know yet
Reason: looking for player that love the game as much as i do... and for some pvp

IGN: denja



Nationality: Singaporean
Usual Hours: 10hrs/day
Primary Class: Swordman > Hoplite > Corsair > Dual Wield Dragoon
Council Position: Hunters
Reason: Looking for a competitive organize SEA Guild.
Fav. Quotes: What's one thousand minus seven?

IGN Family: Meito





Usual Playing Hours:

-15+ with no activities

Primary Class:

-Everything, I am versatile and play many roles actively. I fill the needed positions no one else wants to do. Though I generally play support classes as that is the role that most often needs to be filled.

I am currently working on a thaumachrono support wizard actively

Council Position:

-Float or "Wanderer."


-I aim to participate in all the games' activities competitively, as such I have no set place. This is true for any mmorpg I have played in the past.

Fav. Quotes:

-"If everyone is thinking alike, somebody isn't thinking" -George S. Patton

IGN Family:



Region/Nationality: USA
Usual playing hours: 8hr+ a day
Possible council position: Social Council
Reason for joining: Looking to play with a fun guild :slight_smile:
Favorite Quotes: Work Hard, Play Hard

Team Name: Waruto
Character: Lv149 Fletcher


Just talked with the guildmaster, was really kind and clear about his ambitions for the guild. Guys, apply for it ~ :slight_smile:


Region Nationality: CA USA / Filpino American
Usual playing hours: 5-6 hours daily / 8-12 hours off days
Possible council position: open to PVP/PVE/Social
Reason for joining: teamwork with equally dedicated ToS players, gain more knowledge of the game.
Favorite quotes: It is extremely easy to dodge a responiblity, but you cannot dodge the consequences of dodging your responsiblities.

Team name: Bytez
Character level: 200+ progressing W3/E3/ Warlock/Feather *undecided


Nationality: American/Filipino
Usual Hours: 8-10hrs/day
Primary Class: Cleric
Council Position: Hunters
Reason: Looking for an active guild that communicates with each other :slight_smile:
Fav. Quotes: Seeing is believing.

IGN Family: EndlessMisery


Region/Nationality : USA/American
Usual playing hours : 6-8 hours a day
Possible primary class : Squire
Possible council position : Social Council / Noble
Reason for joining : I wish to pledge my squire services to an honorable guild.
Favorite quotes : That's an awfully large sword you have there. Mind if I grind it for a while?

Team Name: Taff


Region/Nationality: Brazilian
Usual playing hours: 4/6 hours a day, 8 on weekend
Possible primary class: Wiz3/Elementalist3/Warlock
Possible council position: PvP council/Fighter // PvE/Hunter
Reason for joining: I think I can learn a lot with you about the game and it will help me to improve my skills and understanding about this game pvp.
Favourite quotes: ''You're never wrong to do the right thing''

Team Name: Kawky


IGN Family: Vilgear
Character level: 180+ can progress fast.
Age: 27
Region/Nationality: Sakhalin Island, Russia (near Japan)/Korean.
Usual playing hours: 4-12 hours a day.
Primary Class: LinkerC2 and SorcererC2
Possible council position: Fighter.
Reason for joining: I prefer playing in challenging enviroments and share your goals to be the best.
Favourite quotes: When you have financial problems, there is a shadow on other parts of your life.


Ok, so at first I bypassed this guild because it said you are a hardcore competitive guild and I didn't want to join a guild that was all about pvp. Then after looking (and applying) to other guilds, I decided to actually read about this one.

I am happily surprised to see that this isn't just about pvp. I really enjoy all things pve and about exploration and just having a good time in the game. I have even set myself a goal of being in the top 10 of the adventure journal. However, I am completely new to this game and so my time has been split between learning and leveling and all sorts of other things.

Anyway, on to the application:

In Game Family Name: Morihana
Region/Nationality: Central USA
Usual Playing Hours: I'm usually here if I'm not at work, eating (or sleeping... can't forget that), or visiting friends
Primary Class: Paladin
Secondary Class: Peltasta/Rodelero/Templar (eventually)
Possible Council Position: Hunter
Reason for Joining: I'm usually a solo player but I also enjoy meeting new people and helping out with whatever I am able to.
Favorite quote: "The sky is no longer the limit." Richard Nixon

Anyway, after two weeks of playing this game on my own, I'm kinda just looking for some people to get together with and have fun. Even though I am sure that most of you are probably well on your way to level 2xx. I do understand that the guild is most likely full at the moment and that it may be a (long) while before a spot opens up. I'm not really sure how to get in contact with you but if you see Yoko Morihana running around, that's me.


In-game Name: Circe
Region/Nationality: NA/Canada
Usual Playing Hours : When I'm not busy (normally 8 hours at least)
Class: Archer 2 - Hunter 2 - Wugushi 2- Not sure yet
Council Position: Your call, although I prefer pvp
Reason For Joining: I'm pretty a pretty competitive person when it comes to games. Also meeting new people can't be a bad thing.
Favourite quote: 昔者庄周梦为蝴蝶,栩栩然蝴蝶也,自喻适志与,不知周也。俄然觉,则戚戚然周也。不知周之梦为蝴蝶与,蝴蝶之梦为周与?周与蝴蝶则必有分矣。此之谓物化。


In-game Name: Lily
Region/Nationality: Central USA
Usual Playing Hours: When I don't have work (usually work on the weekends) I can play 8+ hours.
Class: Wizard 3 - Psychokino 3 - Warlock
Council Position: Prefer Pvp Fighter
Reason For Joining: I'm pretty competitive when it comes to the pvp scenerio. Also hoping to settle down in a guild where I can call Family.
Favourite Quote: "Don't talk to me!" Lily