[Klaipeda] Crimson - Mature/Competitive/PvE/PvP/GvG/Social Guild


yeyeye i accepted lol


IGN: Seven Seas
Region: Klaipeda - NA (EST)

Playing Hours: 3PM - 7 or 8AM(Sometimes)(EST)
12hours+ except Tuesday

Swordsman C1 > Peltasta C1 > Hoplite C3 > Doppelsoeldner C1 > Dragoon C1 (230) (Main at the moment PvE Build)
Archer C3 > Ranger C3 (149) (SR) (Planning to build it for my Main PvP & GvG)
Cleric C2 > Dievdirbys > C1 > Paladin C1 (106) (Inquisitor Probably PvP build)
Swordsman C3 > Cataphract C1 (102) (Still not so sure)
Other Account Wizard C3 > Psychokino C3 > Warlock (230) (Boosting Maoseleum purposes only)

DPS Attributes for Dragoon and Archer flat Lv. 50 (For Now)

Willing to build anyhting to help the guild in GvG and PvP :slight_smile:

Council Position: Any available :slight_smile: Preferably involving in PvP or GvG section or be involved in the PvP or GvG itself

Reason for Joining: I’m a CBT Player, who quits recently after the test gone live because of the server problem and crash everything I was kinda turned down. But after this game settles a little bit, I got into the game again around 2 months ago. Planning to continue the game till end game or trying to get into a guild that is well managed and organized + who does GvG. I’ve been a big Ragnarok fan and was a Guild Leader back then :slight_smile: haha

I’m can online most hours most days. Up for any GvG’s or PvP’s.
Never been in any Guild before in Tree of Savior (ToS)

Nationality: Indonesian
Living in: U.S


Ign : Dragonborn
Region: NA West Coast
Playing Hours: 4-8hrs a day.
sw3>cata3>goon>lancer (319) (main)
archer2>qs3>sr3 (319)
wiz>pyro>link2>chrono3 (249)
sw>pelt>hop3>dop>goon (241)
wiz>cryo>kino3>sorc (211)
sw3>rodel3> cor>murm (215)

Council Position: any
Reason for Joining: Ilak & Alysse. Best Supports ive ever played with. Been wanting to gvg with em for a long time. Also, im close to a couple of members from Crimson.


IGN : KYJelly
Region : NA West coast
Hours : around 3-5/day after 6pm est except wednesday
Classes :
sw3>pelt1>fencer2 ( pvp build current main gonna switch to diev after it comes out)
cleric2>diev3> miko(still waiting)>pd2
council position : any
Reason for joining : i really want to play gvg and i know that crimson is the best at it and also, i wantes to be part pf an active community


Ign : Aphrodites
Region: NA West Coast
Playing Hours: 3-6 hrs a day.
Cleric 2 -> Priest 3 -> Chaplian 1 -> Kabbalist 2 (330)
Archer 2 -> sapper 2 -> wugushi 3 -> Mergen 1 (330)
Cleric 2 -> Krivis 3 -> Druid 2 -> Taoist 1 (120 still leveling)
Council Position: any
Reason for Joining: Demon & Dragonborn is my firends, also I made group with your guild members and I enjoy the time playing with them. I love PVP and PVE and I am very active.


IGN : Smiffy
Region: NA East
Playing Hours: Literally all the time - schedule upon request
Archer 2 -> Ranger 1 -> Wugu 2 - Scout 1 - Musk 2
Cleric 2 -> Priest 1 -> Bokor 2 -> Pard 1 - PD 2
Wizard 1 - Pyro 2 -> Linker 1 -> Chrono 3 -> Warlock

Council Position: lol whatever you want
Reason for Joining: moba told me to. alsheyra, lunar and kuroi good friends


Hi guys! Thanks for applying to Crimson! :grinning:
As of now, we don’t have that many spots left, so I can’t guarantee that everyone would get accepted.

As for the builds, right now, we are interested to have these kind of classes/builds :

  • Hunter c3 (preferrably with Scout c1 or Musketeer c1/c2 or Cannoneer c1/c2)
  • Falconer c3 (preferrable with Scout c1 or Quarell Shooter c3 or Hunter c3)
  • Hackapell (preferrable with Fletcher c3 or Quarell Shooter c3 or Archer c3 or Falconer c1)
  • Corsair c3 (preferrable with Shinobi or Peltasta c1 or Hoplite c2)
  • Doppelsoldner c3 (preferrable with Highlander c1/c2/c3 or Barbarian c1/c3 or Corsair c1)
  • Featherfoot c2 (preferrable with Thaumaturge c2/c3 or Linker c1/c2/c3 or Wizard c3)

See you in Crimson’s barracks!


IGN : Melodiez
Region : NA (EDT) (Klaipeda)
Playing Hours : Anytime after classes, could range 3 - 9 hours daily
Classes : Wiz 1 -> Pyro2 -> Elem 2 (planning to go to Wiz 1 -> Pyro 2 -> Elem 3 -> warlock 2 or warlock 1 -> sage 1)
Position : PvE/Social
Reason for joining : I’ve been on ya’lls discord for a pretty long time, gotten to know so many of you and see most of you as friends since before release. I acknowledge that I’m not as “hardcore” as the leadership would like, but I am working on leveling and I want to be around those who I anticipated playing with from the get-go. You guys are fantastic people and are crazy fun to hang around, so I figured I’d apply so I could get involved more with ya’ll. :slight_smile:


ING: Ungido

Region: SA

Playin hours: 5~7 hours a day

Archer C1 > Quarrel Shooter C3 > Archer C2 > Schwazer Reiter C2 (252)
Wizard C3 > Elementalist C3 > Warlock C1 (257)
I am planning to make a hunter soon (maybe today)

Council position: PVE. i hope i can go GVG and PVP soon, with appropriate classes.

Reason for joining: I would like to join an active guild, and make new friends


Hello guys, Crimson are recruiting again and we have 8 open slots for :

  • Cataphract 3 Dragoon 2
  • Psychokino 3 with any variants (preferrable with Chronomancer 3 or Cryomancer 3)
  • Priest 3 with any variants (preferrable with Oracle and Inquisitor or Plague Doctor 2)
  • Corsair 2/3 with any variants (preferrable with Shinobi or Dragoon 2)
  • Hunter 3 with any variants (preferrable with Scout or Rogue)
  • Rogue with any variants (preferrable with Scout or Sapper)

I’ll see you at the knight’s barracks! :slight_smile:


IGN: Bladeshriek
Region: NA
Playing hours: roughly afternoons into evenings
Classes Swordsman C3 Peltasta C1 Corsair C1 Fencer C3
Council Position: PVE I want to get into GVG and PVP but i will need lvls and gear sadly
Reason for joining: I want to join a guild thats active and have fun with friends


Just want to say this guy was a leecher in siaulai mission


New to ToS. Looking for a competitive guild.

Team Name: Nokchaa

Region : NA - Klaipeda

Class: lvl 233 currently - Cleric - Cleric - Priest - Priest - Pardoner - Miko - PD - (PD)

Hours of play time: 5 ~ 6 hours of active play on weekdays. 7~8 hours on weekends.

Timezone: EST

Council position: PVE (for now)

Reason for joining: Crimson is hands down the most competitive guild in NA TOS. I would like to join your guild and be the center of the game. I love world-bossing and I am very interested in GVG as well as end-game PVE, as you can see from my build. I am Korean who speaks both English and Korean fluently. I have access to kTOS forums and websites, so I can help your guild early adapt for next upcoming patches.


IGN: Syeron

Region: NA - Klaipeda

Playing hours: 8-12 hours a day

Swordsman c2 > Hoplite c2 > Corsair c2 > Shinobi (256)
Wizard c1 > Pyromancer c3 > Thaumaturge c3 (232)

Council Position: PvE Council - Hunter

Reason for joining: I played the Tree of Savior since the official opening of the game only that I reached a point of the game that does not but to play alone, I want to meet new friends to be able to do the quest / DGs together


Thanks for applying to Crimson, guys!
Atm, I am unavailable until the end of this week because of real life stuff. That means I can’t really process your application as of now.

However, once I get back, I will contact you guys immediately. :slight_smile:


IGN : m1ss h3x (h3x is family name)

REGION : Klaipeda - NA

PLAYING HOURS : 5+ hours a day

CLASSES : Cleric C2 - Krivis C3 - Druid C3 (315)


REASON FOR JOINING : I’m trying to delve deeper into the game, PvE-wise, since I’m starting to get better gear, and am able to tackle harder dungeons. I’m trying to reach the top. I’m looking for a community who frequently hits harder content, such as earth tower, and am not able to do so by myself. I need a team!


IGN: Ichiko

Region: NA - East Coast

Playtime Hours: 3~12 hours. Some variance depending on how much there is to do in-game and outside of it.

Wiz 1 Cryo 1 Linker 2 Chrono 3 Sage 1 (Lv 318).
I like full-support characters. Planning to raise next either a Cleric 2 Krivis 3 Miko 1 Priest/Oracle 1 Taoist 1 or another support wizard.

Council position: PVE/PVP.

Reason for joining: Playing supportive characters is most rewarding in an active and organized guild!
I also have friends in Crimson I regard highly, and other members have usually left a positive impression from what little interactions we’ve had.


Just an update.
I am now lvl 259.
Congrats on #1 GVG… again!


IGN : Satashi
Region : NA West Coast (Klaipeda)
Playing Hours : Anywhere from 5-10 hours a day between 5pm - 9am server time
Classes :
322 - Cleric2-Diev3-Oracle1-PD2
318 - Sword2-Hop3-Dopp1-Dragoon2 - (reseting to catagoon)
309 - Wiz1-Pyro1-Link2-Sorc1-Alchemist3
278 - Wiz3-Link2-Necro3
226 - Archer1-Ranger3-Fletcher3 (then mergen)
170 - Archer2-Sapp2-Scout1-Rogue1- (then cannon2)
Council Position : PvP/Social/PVE
Reason for joining : My favorite aspect of the game is team gvg, I love the strategy that comes with it and being a part of big team fights. Being a part of an active guild that strives for highly competitive gvg matches is the reason I play the game. I also have interests in PVE and I am currently looking for some committed people to form an Earth Tower group to do daily runs with.


IGN: Maclaska

Region: NA - West Coast - Alaska

Playtime Hours: 4 hours on work days. 8+ on weekends.


Wiz3/Thaum2/Link1/FF1 (currently working towards FF2)

Council position: PvP primarily. PvE as well.

Reason for joining: I’m a very competitive person and I find that the main reason I play any online game is for the purpose of PvP. I attempted to start a new GvG guild but as we all know there is not a large influx of new players, especially not ones interested in the PvP aspect of the game, thus resulting in my disbanding of said guild and applying to this one. I’ve been GvGing since it was introduced last Spring, and after a month long hiatus it’s time to get back into it. Thanks.