[Klaipeda] Crimson - Mature/Competitive/PvE/PvP/GvG/Social Guild


IGN: Curdo

Region/Nationality: SA / Argentina
Playing hours: Usually 4 - 6 per day
Cleric 2 / Diev 3 / Druid / PD2
Cleric 2 / Kriv 3 / Oracle / Kabba 2
Cleric 1 / Priest 3 / Chaplain --> To be Pardoner 3, work in progress
(Yeah, I really like Clerics)
Council positions: Hunter
Reason for joining: I think you are the most serious and organized guild in the game. I like the idea of being part of a group who sets goals and won’t stop till they achieve it. I would like to be able to have a group to commit to end game content runs. Also, know some people from Crimson who all are fun in Discord.


Wiz 1 Cryo 1 Linker 2 Chrono 3 Sage 1 (Lv 318).

Update: Since my last post I made a new character:
Cleric 2 Krivis 3 Miko 1 Priest 1 Taoist 1 currently Level 283 and waiting for the commander to settle down before continuing to level further.


Hey everyone, thank you for applying to Crimson, and for your patience.

Erokhi has been busy with school and other things, and has been forced to be away from the game and this recruitment thread as a result. Apologies for the delay in response to those who applied over the last month.

Currently, our GvG roster is in a good spot, “full” until further notice. We might make exceptions for exceptionally well-skilled and well-geared players, but that’s not a guarantee.

There are still open spots in the guild, and we are looking to fill them with strong, PvE-oriented players. Specifically, we are looking for people who are interested in organizing and leading world boss hunts and Solmiki static groups. While these leader-type players are the first priority for recruitment at this time, we are also looking for dedicated PvE players who are able to put a lot of time into this game, and actively participate in said boss hunts and ET statics. As you know, Crimson is mostly a PvP-oriented guild, but getting top notch gear from PvE content is what we need at this time to become even stronger.

To those who have applied for a PvE role in the last month, you will be receiving a reply from me shortly. To those who want to apply after reading the above, please feel free!


Hello, there is spots on the guild? im from orsha but i will play Klaipeda now and im looking for a mature guild (me and my wife), we are currently playing on an average of 4/5 hours a week (some times like 3/4), on weekends of 8/10 hours a day (some times 6/5).
We are a lot active in orsha (I have 3 chars 200+, my main is 243, she have 2 lvl 150+ and her main lvl 256)
Both focus on PvE
So if there is a spot i will be grateful if you take us in :slight_smile:


hello… HIDDEN here wanted to join you since i cameback playing
region/nationality: N/A filipino… have low ping compared to others
1character atm: 1swordsman1highlander3barbarian3doppelsoldner
playinghours: 1-16 or more…
reasons for joining: one of your members show/teach me the ropes when i just returned playing… and i heard your doing ET/solmiki everyday… i wanted to do that… even thou my chars still lack the attrbutes and weapon to do that


Region/Nationality: NA/Canadian
Usual playing hours: 6.
Possible primary class: Wizard. (Flexible with the resets coming out.)
Possible council position: PvP Fighter - PvE Hunter - Social Leader
Reason for joining: A fresh MMO means a fresh and serious start.
Favourite quotes: “Holy Guacamole” “What do you mean.” “Do what you cant.”

Possible IGN’s at launch: Mobaboy

GvG interested
Looking for PvE statics
Looking for quality.


IGN: Resilient

Region: NA
Play: 4 hours a day
Primary Class: I’m new but I’m liking archer a lot. I know a new patch is coming so I have no idea what I will be playing once it hits. BUT I like PVE, farming, and making money!

Council position: based on your description of hunter, that’s me!

Reason for joining: Was recruited by Taff! I’m new so It would be nice to get some help from an established guild. Thanks for the invite, hope I make it in!


IGN: (Milia) Chatelier

Region: NA

Playing hours: 4-6 hours a day (typically more on weekends)

Swordsman2> Peltasta3> Fencer2 (224)
Wiz1> Cryomancer1> Linker2> Chronomancer3> Enchanter(276)
Wiz3> Elementalist3> Runecaster (245)
Archer2> Ranger1> Scout3> Falconeer (232)
Cleric2> Dievdirbys2> Monk3> Inquisitor (276)
Cleric2> Krivis1> Sadhu2> Druid (179)
Archer2> Ranger3> Schwarzer Reiter (175)

Council Position: PvE Council / Hunter

Reason for Joining: Invited by Taff. Looking to learn and grow, and for a great time with cool people! I’m an old time RO veteran with experimental / survival skills to balance skills and gear to match the occaision. Still working on obtaining harder gear, gathering harder goods and preparing to take on endgame content.


Team Name: KingOrGod

Region: NA

Playing hours: 5+ hours daily

Classes: (I just started a couple of days ago so these builds may change but I decided based on meta)
Swordsman (201) - Looking as DPS / Sword c1 > Highlander c1 > Barbarian c3 > Doppel c2
Wizard (140) - Wizard c3 > Ele c3 > Warlock c2
Cleric (130) - Cleric c2 > Diev c3 > Plague c2 > Miko c1
Wizard (100) - Wizard c1 > Cyro c3 > Chrono c3 > Sage c1

Council Position: PvE Council / Hunter

Reason for Joining: I’m a committed player and although I recently started I strive to hit the end-game and find a guild to enjoy and experience the end-game with. I want to improve as a player on a high level as well as be in a social environment.


Team Name: Madthane

Region: NA (PST)

Playing hours: 2hrs minimum a day depending on my schedules at work.

Council Position: PvE Council / Hunter

Swordsman (278) - Swordsman C3 -> Highlander C2 -> Fencer C3
Archer (272) - Archer C2 -> Sapper C3 -> Falconer C2
Archer (269) - Archer C2 > Sapper C3 > Rogue C1 > Musket C1
Wizard (152) - Wizard C1 > Cyromancer C3 > Chronomancer C1

Reason for Joining: Been playing all alone and it’s been getting a little bit boring. Looking to shake things up by joining a guild. As of now I’m focusing on PvE aspects. In the long run I will shift to do some PvP and see if I like it. Would really appreciate it if you can accept me.


Thanks for all the applications, guys!

I’m currently inactive in Tree of Savior so you should not apply by sending private message to me.
One of my friends (Taff) has took over my role as the current Templar/leader of the guild in my absence.
You guys can still apply at this thread or contact “Taff” directly in-game.
We are looking forward to see you at our barracks! :slight_smile:


Team Name: Rossinix

Region: BR (Klaipeda)

Playing hours: As much as i want, while i’m unemployed.

Council Position: Whatever it needs.

Cleric (330) - Cleric C3 -> Priest C3 -> Chaplain C1 -> Taoist C1
Wizard (250) - Wizard C1 > Cyromancer C3 > Thaumaturge C3

Reason for Joining: Been playing all alone and it’s been getting a little bit boring. Looking to shake things up by joining a guild. As of now I’m focusing on PvE aspects. Would really appreciate it if you can accept me. Looking for teammates to do Earth Tower as well :smiley:


Team Name: Darshu

Region: NA (Klaipeda)

Playing hours: 4+ active hours a day, 20- hours a day spent afk neco scumming :3

Council Position: Fighter/Hunter

Maintenance atm so I’m unsure of some levels but all my chars are >= 317
wiz 3 > ele 3 > wl 2 lvl 330
cleric 2 > priest 3 > chaplain > plague doctor 2
sword 2 > hop 3 > dopp 1 > dragoon 2
wiz 3 > link 1 > sorc 1 > nec 3

Reason for Joining: I’ve been playing about 24 days and haven’t made a single tos friend lol. I’m mainly just looking for people to play the game with. I’ve crafted my first pract weapon on my warlock and did earth tower 1-5 today, that was pretty fun and I’ve been meaning to try out the battle league for awhile, but haven’t yet. I figure the path forward in TOS will be that much better with some friends.


Team Name: Norse

Region: Dominican Republic (Klaipeda)

Playing hours: 4+hours a day, sometimes not available on weekends :frowning:


Council Position: The Nice Guy :wink:

Reason for Joining: Been playing for a long time and to be honest is not easy to find an active guild that does ET/Guild raids and such, but it seems like you guys do and would be awesome to join ;D I believe i can be a nice asset since im open to almost everything xd


Greetings, Saviors ~

The Crimson thread cannot be edited at this very moment, so I’ll be bumping this thread to let everyone know that Crimson is currently recruiting!

If you’re looking for a home, you may contact me via Discord at: Moba#8630

We do not tolerate drama, or exploiting/abusers.




just wondering if this guild is still active? thanks!


oh gosh, I didnt see the post. My bad~


The Guild Is still active!! :tired: