[Klaipeda] Crimson - Mature/Competitive/PvE/PvP/GvG/Social Guild

  • If it makes you feel any happier please do feel free to think that.

  • And please if you say " we " you mean your 2 guildies.


I know that you just want to show everyone that you are more “competitive” in terms of world boss hunting compared to Crimson. That is absolutely fine!

I will not deny the fact that we rarely do world boss hunt nowadays, but maybe we will consider to start hunting new world bosses after r8 patch arrives. I remember when we did world boss hunt that often back in the day, people like you talk crap about us saying that we are just casual PvE guild.

And then, once we do not do world boss hunt anymore and actively doing GvG and beat you multiple times, you want to make yourself feel better by saying we are not competitive just because we do not do world boss hunt as often as you guys do. It’s okay, I understand what you feel. *pat

But honestly, I’m surprised that we actually still have people doing world boss hunt these days because they should be able to buy card levelling services. Maybe they can buy the cards from people in your guild?

You can farm the cards for us and we will buy the cards from your members. Win-win situation! Unless if you force all your members to not sell any boss monster card to any member from Crimson, and somehow I can see you doing that.


Nah, like i said if it makes you feel any more happy, sure you can assume everything you like. I see that your triggered, but please don’t stress anymore.

Good day sir.


So many people seem to have issues with one specific problem child. There’s one common denominator in all of these dramas.


@Synjin Hey hey sshh :disappointed_relieved:
the drama is already over, let’s move on to a more important topic.

Crimson are recruiting!
We currently have 7 slots available. (28/35)

Requirements for players who want to join :

  1. We prefer players who can communicate, especially talk, in voice chat, in order to have great coordination with each other during guild activities
  2. We prefer friendly, chill, or even crazy people that are active in communicating with each other, whether it’s in Discord, in-game, voice chat
  3. We prefer players who can play especially during GvG times (9pm sv time) as often as possible, and hopefully players with high playing hours
  4. If those players actually have multiple characters and those characters are the ones that we are looking for, that is a HUGE bonus, most likely auto-join

So, why should you join us?

  1. Competitive environment. We are well known for being the regular #1 at GvG weekly rankings. We’ve always been one of the top guilds in our server since the game was first released.
  2. Friendly, mature, chill, environment. We always try our best to avoid drama and respect each other.
  3. Crimson have been around since early 2015, way before this official forum was available to public, and we are still active until now, being one of the top guilds for a long time, and we will always be around until the game completely dies.
  4. Active in guild bosshunt, guild missions, raid etc.
  5. We have high quality sausages and grills. :joy:

I will not put the list of the builds here. If anyone is interested to join, or even willing to make new characters just to match our needs, please apply here and I will inform what kind of builds we need through private message, or you can also contact Eroc in game.


I need to make another account to post on forums! (Saracsm) gimme any name suggestions. How about “Real_Eroc”?

  • IGN:
  • Playing Hours:
    Can’t really say, as active as I can besides Uni. Should be plenty.
  • Primary Class:
    Cleric Tree, currently PD2 and re-making another char into a Taoist.
  • Others Classes:
    Fletcher3 / Templar / Muskee
  • Council Position:
  • Reason:
    I know many of Crimson through cbt 1 & 2 and even obt+. I didn’t really had any problems with your members while I was leading F.O.E. I dislike playing alone and I’m looking for a guild to fix that, a guild that isn’t inactive and unable to accomplish even the simplest stuff. I’m already using discord. I would take part in GvG/Guildraids/etc.


6-12 hours o play each day, this guild sucks for people who have a life…


You don’t have to play 6-12 hours a day if you want to join. I can put 24 hours as an example if I want to. That’s just an example. :grin:

It is pretty easy to make new character and level it up quickly nowadays.

Members don’t have to play as much as back then.
As long as they are available during important times as often as possible (gvg, raid, other events, a few hours grind or quest session), they are good to go. There is no pressure.

Update for our recruitment : 31/35
4 slots left ! But there is a possibility that you will miss the chance to join because there are 4 people who already contacted me about joining. :sweat_smile:


US East (less than 20 ping)
Playing Hours:
6+ hours per day, available almost all the time
Primary Class:
280 Wiz 3 > Ele 3 > Warlock 2
Other Classes:
Squire, and just started working on SR before r8 patch
Council Position:
PvE/PvP and possibly a leadership position down the line
I’ve been playing MMOs for 10+ years. I lead one of the top raiding guilds in FFXIV. My group completed the recent raid there in 4 days, so I have about 7-8 months now where ToS will be my main game. I am impressed by your prowess in PvP, and would like to be part of an active, skilled guild. I play TBL almost every day and would love to learn and participate in GvG. I still have a lot to learn in this game, and I want to be around those who I feel I can learn a lot from. I also have lots of guild leadership experience, if needed. More than willing to use discord and to be reliably present for scheduled raids and PvP events.


IGN: TeamMuhammad
Region: US East
Playing hours: 5+ hours average a day, available most times except mondays and wednesday afternoons when i have classes (but still available to gvg at 9 pm on those days)
primary class: lvl 317 swordsman c3 cataphract c3 dragoon c1 lancer c1
other classes: archer 3 scout 3 cannoneer, ranger 3 fletcher, a future hoplite 3 dragoon c2 farming build
council position: pvp/gvg, pvping is my main activity on my lancer, the only pve i do is farming silver for my pvp lancer.
reason for joining: i love gvg and pvp and there seem to be only a few guilds that are serious about pvp stuff.
I will participate in every gvg (or more like as much as i can)


Thanks for applying to Crimson guys! :slight_smile:
I will consider your applications, but remember that there is no guarantee that you will join right after you apply.


Basically what hes saying is, if your class choices suck he won’t let you into the guild. You must have a meta build to be of any use.


Yeah we are looking for players with specific setups considering most of our members already cover for multiple roles in various aspects of the game with all their alts.

And those specific classes I mentioned are pretty much the least popular picks nowadays, so the builds that we need are our version of meta builds. That is why it is preferrable for applicants to discuss things with me first.

I’m currently busy for this week, so I’m sorry if I can’t respond to any in-game message. Applicants can contact me in the forum if they are interested. :slight_smile:

  • IGN: Yeule

  • Playing Hours: On and off 12pm-12am est, give or take. (Always go take care of the dog at around 5pm.)

  • Classes: cryo3-chrono3-sage (279 w/ many cards)
    arch2-qs3-Scout-Cannon (270 w/ even more cards)
    pelt3-Squire3 (247, pretty much food buff slave)
    (a bunch of lvl 100 ranged chars, planned ele3 something, kriv/taoist, bokor PD, doppel c3, etc)

  • Council Position: PvE (a lil bit of GvG is alright. :hugging:)

  • Reason: After logging in from my hiatus and realizing I was no longer in a guild, I turned to one that was well established & had familiar faces for me to join. Had been on friendly terms with LunarRabbit, Wizlert, Moesaki, Kuroi, etc. I’m looking for a guild with an active and friendly atmosphere to keep me company & keep me invested in this game.


New to ToS and looking for a guild to PvP/GvG/PvE

Team Name: Bxtts

Class: lvl 110 currently - sword2-Hop1-Cata1 Currently and going Dragoon

Hours of play time: Depends day to day but between 12pm-4am server time.

Timezone: MST -07:00

Reason: A friendly environment to play w/ PvP GvG or PvE always down to do something. Former RO player looking to invest some time into ToS w/ the right guild


IGN: Sasa _pls

Region: NA (EST)

Playing Hours: 4-6 hours on a weekday, 6-12 hours on a weekend (or when I don’t have school)

Swordsman C1 > Highlander C1 > Barbarian C3 (plan to go Doppelsoeldner C3) (171)
Cleric C3 > Sadhu C1 > Monk C1 (133)
Willing to make any build needed really (would prefer a swordie or cleric though)

Council Position: PVP Council / Fighter

Reason for Joining: I’ll be honest, I’m not the best at putting my thoughts into words, but I honestly feel like this guild is a good place for me. I feel like I could help out in PvP and such with the current characters I have (although they aren’t very high level yet) or by making a class that you guys need in PvP. Other than that, I don’t know what to say about myself really. I’m someone who’s always dedicated and loves playing this game. I hope to be able to enjoy this game with all of you guys as well.


Hello! Thank you for applying to Crimson!
I will consider your application, but can you add me in Discord first or in game (IGN Eroc) ? I’d like to keep in touch for now. :slight_smile:


Sure but I won’t be able to be on until around 3 PM EST, in school atm ._.


I already added you in-game. Did you accept it?