[Klaipeda] Crimson - Mature/Competitive/PvE/PvP/GvG/Social Guild


Hey guys, thanks for applying to Crimson! :slight_smile:

I will add you guys to my friend list for now and do my job.

I want to update the list of the classes that we URGENTLY need (in order) :

  1. Dievdirby c3, must have Cleric c2, preferrably with Oracle-Kabbalist
  2. Chrono c3, must have Cryo c3
  3. SR c2, must have QS c3, preferrably with Rogue

If you have one of those characters, please PM Eroc in game or in this forum account. If you actually have multiple characters from those list, it will be most likely an auto join. We also prefer players that can attend GvG at both 9pm and 12am schedule server time.


IGN: Alysse
Region: NA
Playing hours: 6-10 hours daily
Class: Cleric2>Priest3>Chaplain>PD
Position: GvG and PvP
Reason for joining: Jericho recommended me to apply, thanks Jericho!


Hey there,

Thanks for the add and nice chatting with you in game. I’m happy to wait around while the guild figures out how it would like to use its remaining slots - I’m in no rush and looking to make sure that I join the right group. Let me know!



Hello guys! I have great news because Crimson is currently recruiting!

We are currently looking for :

  1. Dievdirby c3 players (top priority)
    Cleric 2 - Dievdirby 3 - Oracle 2
    Cleric 2 - Dievdirby 3 - Oracle - Kabbalist
    Cleric 2 - Dievdirby 3 - Druid 2
    Cleric 2 - Dievdirby 3 - Druid - Plague Doctor

  2. Chrono c3 players
    Wizard - Cryomancer 3 - Chronomancer 3
    Wizard - Cryomancer - Linker 2 - Chronomancer 3

  3. Krivis c3 players
    Cleric 2 - Krivis 3 - Druid 2
    Cleric 2 - Krivis 3 - Priest - Oracle

Dievdirby 3 players are currently our top priority. If you have other characters that are also viable for GvG, then that is a huge bonus.

We also only accept players who are at least available from 9pm to 12am+ server time. If you have more playing hours other than those times, that is also a huge bonus.

And it may be too late to celebrate, but Crimson won the “Top Guild” event a while ago! Since then, Crimson have been consistently competing for the first rank of weekly Guild Battle League. :smile:

We also want to congratulate 2 of our members who won the title of best Cleric and Wizard in North American region :

Please PM Eroc in game or in this forum’s account if you have something to ask. :smile_cat:


IGN: Reisen LunarRabbit
Region: SA (GMT-3 timezone) [Server: Klaipeda]*
Playing hours: 6-14 hours daily (Total played: 2530 hours)
Class: Archer 1 -> Ranger 3 -> Archer 2 -> Schwarzer Reiter 2
Position: PvP/GvG
Reason for joining: Was recommended to apply and have a lot of friends there.


IGN: Kinte
Region: NA
Playing Hours: 6-12 hours daily
Class: Cleric2>Diev3>Oracle>PD and
Position: PvP/GvG
Reason for joining: I have some friends in Crimson and would like to GvG seriously.


IGN: Bubu_Ko
Regoin: NA
Playing Hours: 4 - 5 hours daily
Class:(pvp) Swordsman 2 > Hoplite 2 > Cataphract 3 > ( Rank 8: Lancer ) level 248
(pve) Wizard 1 > Crynomacer 1 > Linker 2 > Chronomancer 3 > ( Rank 8:Linker 3 )

Position: GvG/PvE
Reason for joining: I always try to be the best for the class I choose, so I also want to join the best guild!!


Thanks for applying to Crimson guys!

But as of now, we are not recruiting possibily until r8 comes out.
We do have some slots available. However, we do not really have any reason to recruit anybody right now.

We want to improve and strengthen our current chemistry and teamwork with what we already have. When we start recruiting again, we will surely give an update in our thread.

Just in case, every applicant is always welcome to contact/add Eroc to their friendlist to keep in touch. :slight_smile:


IGN: CaptainFkIt Omnivol
Region: NA
Playing Hours: 5-7 hours a day
Swordsman1 Pelt1 Hop1 Rode3 (190)
Cleric 1 Priest3 Chaplain1 (153)
Archer2 Hunter1 Sapper2 Falconer1 (178)
Swordsman1 Highlander1 Barbarian2 (103)

Council Position: PvE Council/Hunter

Reason for joining: This guild is organized and active and wants to have fun while growing


Hi guys!

Just an FYI, Crimson are recruiting!
We currently have 7 slots available. (28/35)

Requirements for players who want to join :

  1. We prefer players who can communicate, especially talk, in voice chat, in order to have great coordination with each other during guild activities
  2. We prefer friendly, chill, or even crazy people that are active in communicating with each other, whether it’s in Discord, in-game, voice chat
  3. We prefer players who can play especially during GvG times (9pm sv time) as often as possible, and hopefully players with high playing hours
  4. If those players actually have multiple characters and those characters are the ones that we are looking for, that is a HUGE bonus, most likely auto-join

So, why should you join us?

  1. Competitive environment. We are well known for being the regular #1 at GvG weekly rankings. We’ve always been one of the top guilds in our server since the game was first released.
  2. Friendly, mature, chill, environment. We always try our best to avoid drama and respect each other.
  3. Crimson have been around since early 2015, way before this official forum was available to public, and we are still active until now, being one of the top guilds for a long time, and we will always be around until the game completely dies.
  4. Active in guild bosshunt, guild missions, raid etc.
  5. We have high quality sausages and grills. :joy:

I will not put the list of the builds here. If anyone is interested to join, or even willing to make new characters just to match our needs, please apply here and I will inform what kind of builds we need through private message, or you can also contact Eroc in game.


It’s true!


I ain’t here to start drama nor cause problems, if it doesn’t concern you keep out of it. Keep your Lunarrabbit on a leash, have your guys minding your own business. Don’t even talk about snipping people or bosses. Lunarrabbit stole members form Kawaii in the days. Stop playing like white knights and mind your own business. People have their own thought and actions, you cant force someone to leave, unless they didn’t like the guild in the first place.


Oh, hello our friendly neighborhood Kirito.

He’s a rabbit, he likes to be free. We can’t keep cute animals inside a cage. They deserve to get free life.

Oh, we didn’t do that much world bosses nowadays, so it’s your own problem.

All right, I will make sure my little rabbit get a proper lesson for stealing stuff from other people.

@LunarRabbit How could you do that !? I told you to be a good boy! :rage:

We are not white knights, we are red knights, Crimson Knights.


Leaving Aistra to join Crimson… Trying to be a white knight for Aistra then couple of days after to join Crimson in the end… Mind your own business.

Everyone has there own decision.

  1. We simply kicked a member, we don’t have to announce it to the whole world. Nor that it should concern you guys personally.

  2. You guys raised so many spies, In the end you kicked them all, including a troll called ( JACE ) for the longest time. Why do you think you have the rights to flame our forums and posts?. Not everyone knows about you guys, but there are leaks all over the place. Talking about trust issues, who doesn’t want good members and boot out the bad ones? Don’t be a hypocrite

  3. Call your guy to stop causing drama and mind your own business. We simply kicked a member that was causing problems.


I personally don’t have a problem with any of your members nor your guild. Why does your member Lunarrabbit has to be writing all over the place?. It doesn’t concern him.


Keep the drama away from the guild forums @lunnarrabbit. Stop bringing your dirty drama from aistra to Crimson. This is the person you are.

  1. Simply walk away and stop causing drama nor posting in our guild forums. Or we will both have fun bashing each other.


Again. I’m not starting dramas nor keeping hate on.

This is what started all our drama, you know?

  1. I had an item I could sell to someone in shout. The person didn’t have silver.
  2. We happened to be hunting bosses soon and had spots.
  3. I called the person in question to join so the person could try the luck to make silver or get the item later on other bosses in that wave.
  4. I got a Gladiator Band recipe, I was so happy that I gave the item the person needed.
  5. Wanted to keep on playing with the person since the person was nice.
  6. We had spots for Earth Tower and I wanted to make sure the person joined since the person wanted to do more things and was playing alone.

After this I was told people thought I was bribing the person to join Aistra and all things. As well people message the person about things that never existed in the first place. This is what built all the hate I had towards you.

Just because you, again, judged something out of your sight, you know?

I joined Crimson because I talked in their discord more than Aistra’s and most of my friends are there. As well I never abandoned Aistra. I know that some people might think “I’m always busy” or “I end up not helping” or etc of things because I end up doing other things and etc. But I told and I still keep my words:

I’m there to help Aistra whenever they need, in the same way I was in the guild, nothing is changing, I’m only leaving because our guild master is gone now and I want to do more things with more people. So I’ll move on. I wanted the final words on the Templar keeping the guild or not.

I never left one guild to enter in another, nor abandoned. I just moved on to a place I had more friends after my old one was gone.

Again, I’m only posting there because that post you call my friend a spy. Yet I know Mergen isn’t a spy nor would act this way, if something ever happened, you can just talk. Again, good people won’t keep breaking rules/conditions over and over.

I’m not causing drama. You’re doing it all alone and all by yourself. I’m not part of it, sorry.


DRAMA, this is what this game is all about. BRAVO Crimson. What a classic TOS. Applied to crimson, was told to reroll a character and hit rank 7 to get into the guild. Guild leader was salty cause i joined another guild in the end. What a shame. Always trying to play white knights " Red Knights ".

AND FOR ALL YOU GUYS< This is Crimson.


I totally agree, My character name is Threejane, i applied to crimson 1 month ago. I was put on hold until i hit rank 7. In the end i finally hit rank 7 and i was turned down. This is kinda sad.

4/10 They were a pretty nice guild until there core members decided to leave with all these random recruiting from other guilds. This is what you call " Crimson Knights"


Join Ohayou guys. Whats so Hard core about crimson? There are no new contents any way.