[Klaipeda] Crimson - Mature/Competitive/PvE/PvP/GvG/Social Guild




IGN: Azrael

Region: NA

Hours: play very often. After work on weekdays and very often on weekends.

Characters: cryo3/psycho1/necro2 (pvp)280 cryo3/ele3 (pvp and pve)225

Position: pve and pvp

Reason for joining: want to GVG and earth tower with top tier players.


Hey Zilver, you wrote a wrong name x)

IGN is Zilver. Correcting it here if he doesn’t edit it for now.


IGN : Indo
Region : NA - East Coast
Playing Hours : Around 8 hours a day
Class : Wizard C1 > Cryomancer C3 > Chronomancer C3
Council Position : Hunter / Fighter
Reason for Joining : Looking for an active guild that I can have fun word bossing and PvPing with. Have been active since founder’s release.


Thanks for applying guys!
@d_jaed may I know your IGN so I can contact you later?
@IndoX I will contact you in game. Please accept my friend request (Eroc).


Edit: Application withdrawn
My apologies! I have considered the state of the game at length and the time I want to invest in it, and have decided that I don’t want to put forth the hours played on a daily basis necessary to be a part of a highly active like Crimson.

Nothing against you guys. I’ll re-apply if the situation changes or I find myself with more free time. Good luck and thank you!


IGN: Laily

Region: North America - East Coast

Playing hours: Weekdays after 7 most nights. Weekends throughout the day. I work a full time job and am currently studying to take a licensing exam so my play times are less than they would be otherwise. I estimate about 4 hours each weekday and about 8 on weekends. I am able to attend most GvG, but not all. In the event I cannot make GvG I am usually able to give several day notice.

Classes: lvl 251 Fletcher c3, lvl 230 QS3>Cannoneer, lvl 185 Diev 3>Oracle. If none of these classes are in the GvG meta after the inclusion of R8, i intend to choose one that is and invest the time and silver to level it and 70+ attributes. I have saved silver that I am currently not spending for this occasion.

Council Position: Fighter

Reason for joining: I have several reasons for joining. My friend Krityami, is a member of Crimson and has had good things to say about the guild and its members.

My primary interest is in TBL and GvG. I have been fortunate enough to have done GvG with Crimson already, and was happy to see the guild building smart strategies for competitive plays. Organization is key and Crimson members seem willing to execute complex strategies and run solid team compositions. This is also evident by the guilds #1 ranking.

Previous Games -
To give you an idea of where I am coming from and to see if our paths have crossed.

Daoc - Played for 3 years. Was ranked top 1% on my server for active pvpers.

Ragnarok Online - Played since the game was in beta actively until about 4 years ago. I was a core member in several of the best guilds to ever exist on iRo including Unity and Insurrection. I was a core member of Playmates when they won USRC. I was a well known player in all aspects of pvp, and one of the authorities in pvp meta and strategies throughout the games lifetime. I was instrumental in developing WoE strategies for my class which defined the meta for years to come.

WoW - Played a few years and achieved top 0.1% of arena players for several seasons.

Archeage - most recently I lead a 200+ person guild and was a top guild on the server until the game died out. Sore subject. Don’t want to talk about it.

I look forward to hearing back on my application. If you have any questions please reach out to me on the forums or in game. Thanks.


IGN: Arcania
Team Name: Zer0MerCy
Region: NA
Playing Hours: 3-5 hrs a day
Class: Ranger
Reason for joining: looking for people to enjoy ToS.


Ah, man! A fellow ex-DAoC player. If only we had a time machine, am I right? Hasn’t been PVP like that since, probably never will be again, what with Camelot unchained looking like a big hot mess.

Probably not the place for this chatter, but I wish you luck on your app. Anybody who graduated from that particular old school of hard knocks is a worthy addition.


O_ O laily wtfffffff


Omg marsh. Whered you come from. You on klaipeda?


ahaha, oh my goodness. i thought i saw you in fedimian! yeah, i was playing klapeida for a while. i’ve been bored on my thauma so i’m not playing much these days.


IGN: Dec

Region: North America - West Coast

Playing hours: Available most days in the late afternoon into the night, I work Tues-Thurs but wrap up fairly early.

Classes: lvl 234 Warlock

Council Position: Fighter

Reason for joining: Krityami and Laily told me to, I’ve been their token mage slave for many games/moons. I really just like aoe’ing things so GvG is pretty in line with that.

Previous Games -
Ragnarok Online - USRC 2005 Champion (GvG 1.0)
FF11 - HNM hunting
WoW - All that WoW stuff from vanilla to cata

I look forward to hearing back on my application. If you have any questions please reach out to me on the forums or in game. Thanks. Also thanks Laily for the nice template.


IGN Saras
Reason for joining: i love jericho


Your reason for joining sounds like a password Jericho would use on his steam account XD.


Thanks for applying to Crimson, guys! :kissing_heart:
Some of you already joined and I’m very happy to see you guys around.

As of now, we only have a few slots left until IMC decided to increase the guild slot in the future.

At the moment, we are currently looking for people who can participate at GvG both at 9pm and 12am server time. But if you can’t attend at both times, at least I hope you can attend at 12am one.

As for the list of classes that we urgently need :

  1. Necromancer c2, must have Wizard c3 and Linker
  2. Cannoneer, must have Scout and Falconer
  3. Krivis c3, must have Cleric c2, preferrably with Druid c2/Oracle-Kabbalist
  4. Dievdirby c3, must have Cleric c2, preferrably with Oracle-Kabbalist/PD
  5. Psycokino c3, preferrably with Wizard c3 and Warlock

We prioritize players with high playing hours, players who are available for GvG, and players with multiple characters (especially if they have the characters that we are looking for) so they can fill multiple roles in GvG.


IGN: sebbau
Characters: HERE
Reason to join: HERE


Classes: 200 Wiz3/Psy3->Lock(main), 19x wiz3link2RC, 190 Sw/Pelt/Hop

MMO Vet looking for guild to fully enjoy PVE and PVP content and have a social group to hang with and do dailies with. I work full-time in finance but grind/farm efficiently 3-6 hours per night and all day on the weekends EST. Not the highest level but have only been playing a few weeks and will be fulltime grinding to rank 8 before it launches.

really want to GvG and can commit to being present for both times

Past games
FFXI-Endgame raid oriented guild leader


IGN: Rem (Kottaro <- Family Name do you need this? )
Region : NA
Playing Hours: 8-18 hours a day depends on whats going on IRL, but gaming if not busy
Class : Ar1 -> Ranger3 -> Fletcher3
Reason for joining: Friendly folks and love for jericho <3


IGN: Lotteva Faery
Region: NA
Playing hours: 8-10 hours a day
Class: Wiz3>Ele3>War
Position: PvP/GvG
Reason for joining: Was recommended to apply by Jericho