[Klaipeda] Crimson - Mature/Competitive/PvE/PvP/GvG/Social Guild


IGN: HrnyButNotPrvert
Region: NA
Playing Hours: Working days 2-6 hours, Non working days 4-12 hours
Class: (Main) Lvl 269 Archer > QS3 > Archer > Falconer > Musketeer
(Alt) Lvl 257 Archer > QS3 > Scout > Archer > Rogue (boss rusher/Team level)
(Alt) Lvl 230 Archer > Ranger2 > Scout > Fletcher2 > Musketeer (boss rusher/Team level)
(Alt) Lvl 140 Cleric > Priest3 > Cleric (boss rusher/Team level)
(Alt) Lvl XX Cleric2 > Priest > Deiv > Pardoner > Oracle > PD (Currently Leveling to support my wifes character)
Reason for joining: Looking for a competitive guild with cool players, I am a competitive player.


IGN : (Reila) Rozenburg
Region : NA - East Coast
Playing Hours : At least 10hrs a day
Class : Wizard C1 > Cryomancer C1 > Linker C2 > Chronomancer C3
Alt 1 : Archer C1 > Quarrel Shooter C3 > Archer C2 > Falconer C1 > Musketeer C1
Alt 2 : Wizard C3 > Elem C3 > Warlock C1
Council Position : Hunter / Fighter
Reason for Joining : Looking for a competitive guild that has ambition, has eyes for glory but humble at the same time.


What is your IGN (In Game Name)?


IGN: Nadia Winterherz
Region: SA
Playing hours: 8 hrs a day
Class: Wizz c1 > Cryo c1 > Linker c2 > Chrono c1 (planing to go Chrono c3)
(I have an alt that is peltasta/squire)
Reason: I’m looking for a guild with high level of commitment, I’m interested in GvG and PvE


IGN : Krityami
Region : North America (East Coast)
Playing hours: 4-8 hours a day at least.

Char1: Lv. 250 Wiz1> Cryo3> Chrono 3
Char2: Lv. 249 Archer2 > Ranger3 > Scout1 > Musketeer
Char3: Lv. 228 Cleric2 > Diev3 > Oracle > Kabbalist
Char4: Lv 195 Sword1 > High > Hop2 > Corsair2

Council position: PvE / PvP council I suppose. I’m not really 100% knowledgeable or confident enough to lead anyone in this game but the ability is there once that time does come.

Reason for joining: My current guild has fallen off and I want some active people to play with / talk to / experience more content with. Hard to learn about the game and stay stimulated with limited resources in players :(. Plus I like some of your players =/


Hello guys, I’m sorry I couldn’t personally reply because I was having health issues.

I will update the list of the classes that we need currently, because the old one is oudated.


Main: 248 Cannoneer
Class / Build: A2-R1-Scout1-Fletcher2-Cannoneer
Hours of play time: 5-10 hours every day. Weekdays im usually online 8pm PST after I get off work. Weekends I can be online earlier.
Location/Timezone: California/PST / Klaipeda
Stat: Full Str, 150 Dexx, 50 con
Council : I enjoy PVE and alittle PVP/ GvG
What other games have you played? Dragons Prophet, Aura Kingdom, Icarus, Perfect World, RO, Cabal, FF1-x
What are you expecting from us?: Guildmates who are helpful in clearing end game dungeons, world bossing, GvG while having a good time without taking themselves too seriously. I tend to enjoy guilds who have skilled players and are end game driven, but don’t have the snobby attitude that some elitist hardcore players can bring with them.
Another thing I would be looking for in the guild is to be able to help each other when it comes to information, finding parties, world boss timers etc etc. All in


Hi are you guys still recruiting?
IGN: Sly
Region: West Coast NA (PST)
Playing hours: 6-10 hrs most days
Lv. 252 A2-R1-Scout1-Fletcher3
Lv. 252 Cleric2-Priest3-Chap-PD
Lv. 228 Sw-Pel-Hop-Cata3-Templar
working on a PVP wiz
Position: PVP/PVE
I’m interested in trying out all the endgame content at high level be it PVP/GVG, ET, and worldbossing and you guys seem to be one of the most established.


I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I guess I will just because you guys love me so much -_-…

Main: 258 Musketeer
Class / Build: A1-QS3-A2-Felconer-Musketeer
Hours of play time: 30 min per day (i’m grounded, what do you expect :<)
Hours on discord: infinite <3
Location/Timezone: Washington state/PST / Klaipeda
Stat: errr 2:1 str: dex, 100 con or something

What are you expecting from us?:

  1. Kuliat needs to stop being to bully :<
  2. Serus needs to stop being my mom/dad ;-;
  3. Kuroi needs to stop melting like a cheese
  4. Ero needs to stop match making me ._.
  5. Wizlert needs to continue carrying me in 200 dungeons like a boss
  6. Rara needs to stop stealing my milk from the fridge



Keeping the fate alive!

p.s.“sleep now san”


IGN: Angeling
Region: PST NA
Playing Hours: 5-8 hours days on & 10+ hours days off
Class: Lv280 Cryo3 > Chrono3 || Lv270 Cleric2 > Krivis1 > Priest3 > PD <int/con>
Council position: pve || pvp
Reason for joining: Mommy Serus & daddy Erokhi told me so. Real reason: NoblesseOblige went inactive and Crimson looked fun, active & friendly guild. Thankies<3


IGN: Sensate
Region: EST
Hours: 5-10 hrs but 3-4 hrs on Tuesdays.
Class: 270 Wugushi Falconer Cannoneer. 230 Hoplite Fencer. Will reroll to any support class given if needed like Chrono 3 Cryo 3 or a cleric classes.
Position: PVP/PVE
Reason: NO went dead for weeks now and some of my friends have been interested in Crimson or actively partying with Crimson players. I’ve seen how active this guild is and have heard it’s preety sociable as well.


Thanks for applying to Crimson everyone! :slight_smile:
As for now, I will invite you to my friend list (my IGN is Eroc).


It has been a while since we last held a meetup like this.
These are the shots that I took from the meetup. :grin:


IGN: Achilles
Region: Europe (UK)
Playing hours: 2-4 weekdays, Often similair or slightly more on weekends. (I typically play between 12pm-4pm server time)
Class: c3Archer c3Scout c1Musketeer - currently level 252. 66MultiShot, 10Snipe, 10CoveringFire 10Headshot. Currently taking it easy on this one as i’m finding the weapon switch lag frustrating, but i imagine i’ll bring her back for pvp, as she’s super fun to play other than the weapon lag. Quite well geared with a Finisher.
Class: c1Swordsman c1Peltesta c3Barbarian c2Doppelsoeldner - Currently lvl 140. 50Cleave 50Seism 50Pouncing. This char I plan to make Earth Tower viable by stacking AoE attack ratio. To this end I’ve upgraded a Nulis to +10.
Council Position: PvE Council - Hunter
Reason for joining: I’ve been playing since launch and am finally getting a lot more free time to consider endgame content once I reach it. I’ve been impressed by the Crimson members I’ve bumped into.


IGN: Alsheyra
Region: NA
Playing hours: no fixed time atm, didn’t play much in 2 months so I have no idea how it will turn out with the pvp now (have 900 hours on the game at the moment to give an idea of my activity before - playing since the early access)
Class: lvl 275 c1wizard c2cryomancer c3psychokino c1warlock
Class: lvl 265 c1Swordsman c2Peltesta c2rodelero c2fencer
Council Position: PvP Council - Fighter
Reason for joining: Xenisation is dead and a friend gave me a recommandation to join this guild now that pvp is coming out


Thanks for applying to Crimson, guys! :slight_smile:
I will consider your application and send you an invite to our Discord channel later (I cannot send it right now due to some reasons). You may take a look around and get to know other members that way.

I also want to announce some things regarding our recruitment.
We are currently looking for these classes :

  1. Cryo 3s, with Sorc-Necro inside, or Chrono inside

  2. Strong DPS classes, preferrably Scout-Cannoneer, or Wugu

If you are playing one of those builds, don’t hesitate to contact Eroc.
I’ll see you guys soon!


IGN: Kanmusu_
Region: NA
Playing hours: active, but restricted because of job. Mostly playing at night time after 7 pm PST. Weekends depends on schedule, but mostly will finish dailys for lvl up.
Class: lvl 230 c1wizard c1pyro c2 link c1 sorc, c2 nec
Council Position: social councel - Noble
Reason for joining: Want to see end game content and meet new people


Region/Nationality: NA, California, PST (3 hours behind official server time.)

Usual playing hours: 4 everyday guaranteed + extra time / pvp / guild events.
Possible primary class: Wiz 3 -> Ele 3 -> RuneCaster -> Sage? (Damage aoe)

Possible council position: PvP Leader / Fighter, I live for the pvp! And am also good with PvE.

Reason for joining:

I played Ragnarok Online for years, it was a great game, and I want to help our server dominate the international guild battles. I am a strong player who can use voice comm and also a streamer:


I play league of legends and have been D1, am a rapper working on my first mixtape, and like playing TOS as well!

I wish to be part of the very best and will be committed despite possible playtime restrictions of given days. I have a mission run / dungeon routine/ map progression in the mornings while doing vocal exercises. 22 / Male.

I encourage my friends to play and will help nuture the guild!

Favourite quotes: “Patience is not simply the ability to wait - it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.”

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. "

"Energy and persistence conquer all things. "


IGN: Nyabby

Region: NA (EST)

Playing hours: Depends on work. but always OL for GVG

Chars: SWc3-Catac3-doppel going for Lancer

Position: PVP/GVG

Reason for joining: Rozenburg is my queen, She is my LIfe, ill do Everything in my Power as a knight on duty for the Guild just to make rozenburg happy. My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love as deep; the more I give to thee, The more I have, for both are infinite. ~Knight Nyabby