[Klaipeda] Crimson - Mature/Competitive/PvE/PvP/GvG/Social Guild


IGN : Dragus
Region: Canada East
Playing Hours: 2-5 weekdays, 4-10 weekends
Class : Archer c3 > QuarrelShooter c3 > Musketeer c1 (currently 244)
Position : pve
Reason for joining: I want to get hard carried, double backpack with bacon style. Hrmm…maybe be the best laziest afk z player there is but been too lazy to decide.


IGN : Team:Char Purifer Wynn
Region : NA
Playing Hours : 4-5hrs Weekdays 14-16hrs Weekends
Class: Archer C2 > Ranger C3 > Falconer C1
Council Position: PvE Hunter
Reason For Joining: Game gets boring when you have nobody to socialize with, then again that’s for every game in my opinion. I want to join a community where I can help out and participate in dungeons/worldboss/partyquests as a group of friends


Hey guys, thanks for applying!
Sorry for the super late response. I was busy doing a lot of project for a whole week.

I just added some of you to my friend list so I can chat with you guys in game in case I need something. :slight_smile:


Hi Pro, what is the best way to go fast leveling to rank 5, as i have not much time in game so im planning to AFK earn money. and is it still profitable (repair). sorry for bad english. BTW can i add u on facebook so that we can chat sometime? thanks


IGN(Team Name): The_Soss
Region: NA East, Klaipeda
Hours: 6-24
Class: lvl 105 currently but im Wiz>Cryo2>Kino, going Cryo3 and Kino3
Reason for Joining: need friends that play this game and also this looks like a very organized and competitive community that i believe i would fit well in

Hit me up with a PM here on the forums (my whispers are buggy)


IGN: Viel
Region: NA Klaipeda
Playing Hours: Several
Class: Lvl 280 Swordman>Pelt>Hoplite>Cata3>Dragoon
Council position: Pvp council
Reason for joining: 280… what do?

Eizen crashed me all the way with pole.


IGN: Synjin
Region: NA Klaipeda
Playing Hours: 3-24
Class: Sorc
Council position: Any council I am needed in
Reason for joining: I’ve always admired this guild especially in terms of activity, helpfulness as well as friendliness. I also think that my principles are in line with the guild’s as a whole. Looking forward to possibly being in your guild in the future =)


IGN: Sevenstar
Region: NA west, Klaipeda
Playing Hours: 5-10 hours a day usually on night around 8pm PST on weekdays
Class: cata3>drg currently lvl 267
Council postion: PVP or PVE
Reason for joining: Have partied a lot with some of your members seems like pretty good group of people. Mainly looking to get people to do endgame WB hunts with. Looking forward to GvG in the future too.


IGN: Aziwale Cutlas
Region: NA Klaipeda
Playing Hours: 5hr avrage
Class: archer>ranger c3>scout>rogue>muskteer
Council position: PVE
Reason for joining: always wanted to join a big family for tree of saviors, i believe it is what makes mmorpg fun, and crimson knights looks like a warm, fun, competitive guild to play with, and that name is just coolest ever!


Sorry for the late response.
I want to thank you for your interest in Crimson, guys.

At the moment, we are still full, but I will consider your applications.
I will also add you to my friend list just in case. :slight_smile:


We will have several spots opening up in our Guild. We are currently prioritizing ET focused clerics but other classes are welcome to apply as well. Expect to be contacted by myself in-game within about a week after putting in your app.


IGN: Purifier
Region : NA
Playing Hours : 5-18 Hr/ Day
Class : Archer 2 Ranger 3 Falcon 1 Cannon 1
Council: PvE Hunter
Reason for Joining: Guilds, fun right? I gotta get into one and donate my stash of talt, getting boss cubes is another plus, and farming out for the overall benefit of the guild is why I chose this PvE build. I can handle farming for hours if you all anything. I think that this game is more enjoyable with a community you can interact with, and help out eachother, rather than just being a solo player that quests and ignores others.


IGN: Darkon
Region: NA (East Coast)
Playing Hours: 4-20 depending on work/side jobs
Class: C3 Wiz -> C3 Thaum ->C1 FF
Council position: PvP->Fighter; PvE->Hunter

Notables: Max L/R attributes, player with a min-maxing mindset, and an established member of the community with a heavy favoring of PvP and WB encounters. Full INT, knowledgeable use and placements of Reversi, and ~1600 hours not including community contributions. Depending on varied work schedules my typical playtime is anywhere between 10pm-10am (more of a night owl, on server time) but on early schedules would be 2pm-6am and off-days being more open. Largely available when needed.



Sorry for the late response guys.
I’m currently having health issues which doesn’t allow me to check up the forum.
But if you guys are still playing, please check your PM.


IGN: Selvaria
Region: NA Klaipeda East
Playing hours: Many…8 hrs easily on days off from work
Class: Archer > Ranger c3 > Fletcher c3
Council: PvE / Hunter
Reason for joining: I have many friends in the guild already. Always partied with many of them and its about time I join a guild for a more sociable and interactive play of the game where I can meet friends and help your guild altogether.

Thanks for your time and I appreciate.


IGN: threejane
Region: NA - west coast, late night player
Playing hours: been averaging close to 16 most days for a month
Class: i have a scout/wugushi c2 i love playing… working on linker3/chrono right now
Council position: PvP - fighter. would like to get into PvE with this linker, and I consider myself to be extremely social.
Reason for my application: I see you guys every time i go to do a worldboss, so I know you have access to the content I am most interested in. Moreover, I know you are stable and successful, and I find that attractive. I’ve been a bit of an altoholic, and I have a solid start on a few builds, so if you’re interested in something specific, please let me know.


IGN: Minzin Veren
Region: NA
Playing hours: 12 hours
Class: Wizard C3 > Elementalist C2 > Necromancer C1
Council position: Fighter/Hunter
Reason for joining: Looking for a community to enjoy the game with.


IGN: Zunishaa
Region :NA
Nationality: Filipino
Playing Hours : 5-18 Hr/ Day
Class : wizard 1 - kino 2 (kino 3 after 180) -pyro 2
Council: PvE Hunter/Figher
Reason for Joining: Seeking for a FUN
Favorite Quote: Work Hard, Play HARD!


found a guild thanks.


IGN: Rin Faenya
Region: USA
Playing Hours: 8-10 hours a day, more on weekends (other than tues/thurs, where I play less)
Class: Currently Level 230 wiz3/elem3/wl1
Reason for joining: I’m looking for a guild with enough members to play with on a regular basis so I can stop spamming LFG to get things done. I grouped with Xylonez a few times in Alemeth recently and he seemed like a good player, and then saw your post on the forums so figured I’d apply.