[Klaipeda] Crimson - Mature/Competitive/PvE/PvP/GvG/Social Guild


IGN: Jericho
Region: NA
Playing hour: 6-8H/Day
Class: 252 W3>Ele3>Warlock 226 A2>QS3>SR2 Currently making Cyro3Psy3
Council Position: Pve and Pvp
Reason for joining: Looking for a group to play with.


IGN: Sense Duffers – Duffers is family name and /w name.
Region: NA
Playing hours : 8-20 hours a day
Class : Archer C1>Ranger C3>Fletcher C2 atm, going Fletcher C3
Council Position : PvE Council
Reason for joining : I want to join a PvE guild that is drama free and that will dominate in PvE end game content. Just as a side note, I am pretty well-farmed…currently level 175 Fletcher with Manamana and Magas shooter. I look forward to being a valuable addition to the guild :slight_smile:


IGN: Stevess steve
playing hours :8-16 a day
Class:Archer c1 > Ranger c3 > Fletcher C3
Council position: PvP Council
Reason for joining : This guild has the same goals as mine.


In-game name: Hades Bleeds
Region: East Coast US
Playing hours: depends, sometimes 10 and then sometimes 20. i have 780 hours of game time post beta ( prob 100 of those were spent afk lol).
Class: 217 C1 Wiz/ C3Cryo/ C2 sorc. will end with warlock.
Council Position: PVE and PVP
Reason for joining:I’m tired of being a solo player and this guild meets many of my needs in terms of finding a long term group to play with. I want to be part of a community that not only strives to be the best as a whole, but also helps individual members.
I’ve also met a few members and they’ve all left a good impression on me.
Favorite Quote: “People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered. Love them anyway.”


Hello guys, thanks for applying to Crimson! :smile:

As the server is currently at maintenance, I just want to inform you that there is no guarantee that you will get accepted. There is a process and it will take time until we can make sure that you are the one that we are looking for. The guild slot is really tight so we can’t afford to put random people in. I hope you can understand.

But anyway, I will add you guys to my friend list just in case I need to contact you whether you can join or not.

And btw, I want to say thanks for everyone who joined our 1st guild gathering last Saturday. These are some of the fabulous shots (unedited yet) that we took at our guild hangout :


Class: (C1)Pyro, (C3)Linker, (C1)Alchemist
Playing Hrs 8+

Reason For Joining: I’m looking for a guild to better my hero and looking for opportunities constantly improve my gameplay. You can treat me as a mercenary for hire, as long as there is always things to do or opportunities, I will stay.


IGN: Corya
Class: Archer3-QS3-Musk
Playing 8hrs +
Reason for joining: I am looking to make the most of my time here, and this seems to be a friendly guild to do it with. Had a nice chat with Eroc about the guild further proving that this is my kind of guild. I tend to play MMORPG’s and do all available content while it’s still fresh (before new patches), and I’m hoping to do so within Tree of Savior as well, which seems to be the goal with this guild as well.

I’m eventually going to make more characters as well, but this will be my main for now.


Region/Nationality : East Coast United States
Usual playing hours : 24/7, I live here.
Primary class : I’m a level 280 Fletcher
Build : Archer1 Ranger3 Fletcher3
Stat : Primarily Dex, 100str 320dex 55Con
Council Position : PvE/PvP I enjoy both a lot.
Reason for joining : I need a fun guild that actually takes the game serious enough to organize groups to do end game content, PvP, and field bosses.
In game name : Talon
Age : 27
Server : Klaipeda



My name is Daniel (Clow in ToS), and Here is my information:

  • Region/Nationality: Central America/Caribbean/ Dominican
  • Usual playing hours: 5-7
  • Possible primary class: Cleric C2 (currently C1) - Priest C3 - Monk C2 (currently C1 and primary class) - Plague Doctor as soon as Rank 8 arrives.
  • Possible council position: PvP Council and also PvE Council.
  • Reason for joining: So far I’ve read everything you have written on this page, and I must say that I like your ideas and your philosophies, and I would love to join this guild because this is a game that requires a lot of teamwork and I get the feeling that you are this team I’m looking for, and in the meantime be part of the fun you speak of. I am currently working on getting my main character to monk C2. Later on I want to become a Plague Doctor. I’m fluent in both English and Spanish. I’m also a Psychology student, I don’t know but that might become useful for the guild.
  • Favourite quotes: “There are no coincidences, just the inevitable”; “Always expect the unexpected”.


Hello guys, thanks for taking your time reading the thread and decided to apply to Crimson. :smile:
At the moment, we are currently looking for these builds or any similar/related build :

  1. Peltasta c1/2/3-Rodelero c2/3 build (with Fencer or Doppel or Squire inside)
  2. Cryo c3-Chrono c3 build
  3. Wugushi c2/3 build (with Scout or Musketeer inside)
  4. QS c3-Rogue/Fletcher/Scout-SR
  5. Cleric c2-Diev c3/Priest c3-Druid/Oracle-PD/Kabbalist
  6. Psychokino c3 build (with Wizard c2/3 inside)

We are currently still observing our applicants and will accept anyone who have the fastest progress and ready to roll with us in high level content (Earth Tower & world boss hunt & guild raid if its not bugged again).

And I want to say thanks for all members who attend our weekly gathering yesterday. It was fun! Here are some pictures that I took.


IGN: Yachiro
Region: Hawaii
Hours: 8 - 12 hours, often times more.
Current Class: Swordsman > Pelt 1 > Hoplite 2 > Corsair 2 > Dragoon
Future Alt: Cleric 2 > Dievdirbys 3 > Druid 1 > Plague Doctor (After dragoon is 280)
Position: PvE is my main focus, but I would be open to PvP as well.
Reason for joining: My friend (Aiyoo) and I are looking to surround ourselves with like-minded gamers who are determined to reach the top. Being at the bottom is not an option for us as we have been at the top in every game that we’ve played. We want a community with motivated, knowledgeable and competent players that can hold their own as we are confident in our will power / abilities to hold our own.


IGN: Mang0s
Region: United States (Texas)
Hours: 8–16 hours a day (from 12pm towards 1-2 am)
Class: (193 at completion of application) Archer c2 -> Qs C3-> Falc c1 -> to be musketeer
Council Position: PVE Council-Hunter
Reason for joining: I read the description of your guild and found the goals similar to my own. I strive to be the best and I want to be the best. I don’t play mmo’s half cocked. I want to be one of the best DPS, if not the best. I want to grow as well as help the guild grow and be the best guild on Klaipedia, then we’ll dominate the other regions. I was born a Leo, so I have competetive drive, and I’m itching to reach the top.
Favorite anime: Prince of Tennis
Favorite food: Pho
Favorite quote: “If you’re going through hell, keep going”, Winston Churchill.


IGN : Kobayashi
Region : U.S. Central
Playing Hours : ~10 Hours
Class : (Current level 224) Wizard(C1) > Cryomancer(C1) > Linker(C2) > Chronomancer(C3)
Council Position : PVE Council - Hunter
Reason for Joining : I’m lonely and looking for people to carry me to victory. It’s getting tough doing things alone when my damage is severely lacking.


IGN: Aiyoo
Region: USA
Hours: 12 - 20 hours, sometimes even 48 hours straight
Current Class: Cleric 2 > Priest 3 > krivis1 > Kaballist
Position: PvE is my main focus, but I would be open to PvP as well.
Reason for joining: Looking to surround myself with driven and competent people. Being at the bottom is not an option for us as we have been at the top in every game that we’ve played. We want a community with motivated, knowledgeable and competent players that can hold their own as we are confident in our will power / abilities to hold our own.


IGN: Kaori Eguchi
Playing hours: 5-8 hours per day
Class: Wizard C3 > Ele C3 > Warlock C1 (Currently 261)
Council Position: PVE Council
Reason for Joining: To be able to socialize with fellow guild mates, doing world boss and pursue the same dream as mine in-game.


Nationality: Portuguese
Usual Hours: 6hrs/day
Primary Class: Archer > Quarrel Shooter C3 > Archer C2 > Wugushi C2
Council Position: Hunters
Reason: Looking for a mature and social group.

IGN Family: Dad


GN: Requiem Reminiscent
Region : Na [ east ] Klap
Playing hours: 10-12+ hours a day
Class: Arch 2 > Qs 3 > Falcon > Musk ( currently 245 )
Council Position: PVE Council- Hunter / Pvp [ for GvG ] ( would make a second character specificaly for pvp )
Reason for Joining: I strive to be the best I can be in all of my games. [ despite being a full-time college student generally taking 18 -21 credit hours]The competitive PvE content drives my reason for playing games. I have several WF and server first under my belt throughout my gaming history. I built myself to one, be able to play as a dmg dealer but also to bring support to my party. Be it in GvG situations or PvE I strive to bring something to a team I work with as it isn’t just about me it all comes down to the team and syenergy. I love to be with a well coordinated group that is focused on a single goal that being of the competitive nature. Groups like this drive me and help keep the fire burning to push me through. The thrill of progression and comradery are what I desperately look for in a group.Crimson has shown me to have everything I look for in a guild.


IGN: Vheissu
Region: USE
Playing Hours: 8-12 hours
Class: Cryo3Chrono3
Council Position: PVE(ET, World Bosses), PVP(Team Battle GvG)
Reason for joining: I’ve partied with many Crimson players over the past weeks and all have been really kind while still being on the forefront of progressing ET and securing world bosses. I’ve been waiting for a while to find a place I can call home.


IGN: Peanuts
Region: New Zealand (On Klaipeda)
Playing Hours: Weekdays 5-6 hours, Weekends 10+
Class: Cryo3 Chrono3
Council Position: PvE Hunter or PvP Fighter

Reason for joining: It’s lonely playing in a New Zealand timezone (Active 3am - 9am server time usually), my previous guild unfortunately had no one on when I was. However, I tend to notice your members online during my play hours and they’re a really active, friendly bunch - which is what I’m looking for. Your guild clearly has a goal and I want to be part of it, whether it be ET, World Bossing or PvP.


IGN : Sinzee / sinzzzY Acurai
Region: US East
Playing Hours: Around 8 -10 + Depending on what I’m doing.
Class : Archer c2 > QuarrelShooter c3 > Falconer c1 > Musketeer c1
Council Position : PvE / PvP / Social, Mainly Pve for world bosses, earth tower, can pvp if need be as well.
Reason for joining: Was part of Stormakovs group for iTOS when we hit 280 1st. BlainL is also in the guild and asked before I took a break to join. I also like playing with hardcore groups with similar mindsets :smiley: