[Klaipeda] Crimson - Mature/Competitive/PvE/PvP/GvG/Social Guild


In-game Name: Hex
Character level: 170
Region/Nationality: SEA/Philippines ( Plays in Klaipedia)
Usual Playing Hours: 8 - 12 hours a day
Class: Cleric 2 - Krivis 2 - Priest 2 - Plague Doctor
Possible council position: Fighter/Hunter
Reason for joining: Playing alone is not that enjoyable especially as a priest and that is why I want to enjoy my adventures and hardships with many different people.
Favorite quote: I dont have one...


Hey there Saviors!

We are 'The RED', a RU guild ( http://thered.su/) looking to find other ambitious guilds to discuss, well, the entirety of Tree of Savior!

Current & future aspects of the game, guild wars, recent bugs and updates, or just have a friendly chat!

Please understand that communication will be translated through twitch when needed, but we are willing to talk to any other ambitious guild.

Here you can ask me a question, but would be better if you were write in skype kamikadzes3 .


Region/Nationality: LA/Brazil
Usual playing hours: 3 to 4 hours a day
Possible primary class: Paladin
Possible council position: PvE Council - Hunter
Reason for joining: I aspire no less than being at the top. I believe we could help each other at achieving our goals.
Favorite quotes:
"Thy intent is to persevere… to the bitter end, hmm? Hah hah hah! Good, good. What is bravery, without a dash of recklessness!"

Team name: Wyatt


Region/Nationality: Brazilian
Usual playing hours: 4~10h per day. ~5 days per week.
Possible primary class: Cleric 2 - Priest 3 - Chaplain - (?)
Possible council position: PvE Hunter
Reason for joining: MMOs are just a tool to hold the community together, the real fun in any RPG. Even on offline games, it's awesome to share what you have accomplished. Meeting new awesome new people and fighting with them makes the whole thing a lot mot fun.
Favourite quotes: "Koyaaniqatsi" - Koyaaniqatsi (1982)
Age: 20

Team name: Zoo


Hello guys! Thanks for applying to Crimson Knights!

Sorry for the late response. I got sick these past few days thanks to my stupidity for eating expired food. My stomach got totally fked. Now as I am feeling a bit better and I also already hit level cap, I can be more responsive towards applications and such.

At the moment, the guild slot is not full and there will be some spaces that we can spare for promising players. However, please remember that we do not recruit random people just because they are "hardcore" or "competitive" or such. We will usually observe your progress in the game, and maybe even spending some time with you together, get to know each other, before we can accept you as one of us.

Moreover, we do have priorities to recruit specific classes or builds :
1. Wizard builds with Psychokino c3, Linker c2/3, Chrono c3
2. Archer builds with Scout c1/2/3, Fletcher c3, Sapper c2, Rogue c1/2/3
3. Cleric builds with Oracle c1, PD c1, Kabbalist c1

I will contact you guys via PM or in game by adding you into my friend list. Hopefully we can keep in touch with each other and help each other while waiting for the final decision. :smile:


Region/Nationality: North America/Canadian
Usual playing hours: 8-10
Possible primary class: Archer2/Ranger1/Scout1/Fletcher3
Possible council position: PVE -Leader/Hunter
Reason for joining: I'm highly competitive at PvE, world bosses and dominating in-game economy/market. Looking to join people who share similar desires and interests.
Favourite quotes: "The word impossible is not in my dictionary"

Team Name: Courage


Region/Nationality: Central America/Caribbean/ Dominican
Usual playing hours: 5-10
Possible primary class: Alchemist C3 alt, Necromancer Main
Possible council position: PvP Council and also PvE Council.
Reason for joining: I want to be in a guild that feels like family like Crimson appears to be. I'm loyal, I'm focused in tree of savior since it's my dream mmo, I will be playing for years and I want to be in a guild as determined as Crimson in being good as much as enjoying the game.
I'm already an alchemist C2, currently working on my main while at the same time working slowly on my alchemist to be ready for when Rank 8 arrives.
Favourite quotes: "Don't waste your time or time will waste you"

Team Name: Lena



You already grind my weapons all day every day!! I make it a point to seek you out every time I’m back in klaipeda. ;DDD I’m also baffled at how you’re already 280, since I always see you in the city ready to grind.


Region: North America
Usual hours: Variable from 2-10
Primary class: Plague Doctor
Position: Just regular guild member PvP oriented player
Reason for joining: My buddy Jace told me to apply
Favorite quotes: Go home and be a family man.


  • Team name: KappaGasm

  • Region/Nationality: NA :flag_us: /Thai

  • Usual playing hours: 10 hours+ a day

  • Possible primary class: Monk lvl 155 (Cleric>Priest C3>Monk C1 (Currently)>Monk C2>Monk C3/PD [I’m not sure yet.]

  • Skill build: http://www.tosbase.com/tools/skill-simulator/build/3a6q2n03u3/

  • Stats build: http://www.tosbase.com/tools/stat-calculator/build/5ichfe04kx/

  • Possible council position: PVP Fighter or just a simple member is fine

  • Reason for joining:
    I’m a competitive player that is friendly, kind and mature. This guild seems mostly to be competitive and I’m looking for people to have a good experience with and to dominate in PvP and GvG with you guys. I’m not a fan of PvE, but down to PvE if you guys want to. Let’s make an amazing history together by dominating in PvP and GvG :medal::medal:

:white_check_mark: Dominate PvP, PvE, GvG (#1 in Klaipeda? #1 in all server if it’s possible to fight across servers)
:negative_squared_cross_mark: Dominate in-game economy and markets (I don’t want to be the richest guy (P2W?) by dominating in-game economy and markets, I just want to be able to afford what I need to achieve my/our goals and be able to buy something for friends.)
:white_check_mark: Dominate in-game events
:white_check_mark: Build a friendly, mature and solid comunity
:white_check_mark: Build a good relations with other players
:white_check_mark: Contribute to community by making guides and tips

  • Favourite quotes: :comet:I simply destroy.:comet:


Region/Nationality : USA/American

Usual playing hours : Usually from the moment I wake up till I doze off. Rinse repeat. My progression is a bit weak to average though (currently lvl 112, but with a stockpile of exp cards, so more realistically 120-130ish), because I do a lot of small multitasking that adds up rather quickly plus right now I’m doing the entire Orsha quest line to get it caught up to my Klaipeda story.

Possible primary class : Fletcher 3

Possible council position : This decision requires additional pylons.

Reason for joining : Before my break, I was a 93 sniper on iro and was in a guild that held 3 castles with ease. I was also in my hardmode guild back in the WoW days of, Ulduar, and then I immediately joined another hardmode guild when I made my return back to WoW upon the release of it’s current expansion, Warlords of Draenor.

I came here with friends and their intent was to create a guild of their own, but they couldn’t retain interest and have return to their original games’. I spend most of my time doing my own thing, which nothing wrong with that, but connections’ are key to success and not to mention plundering is always more joyous when jolly cooperation is involved!

Favorite quotes : “Haste makes Waste”; “After all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.”; “Utilize your resources wisely, otherwise you’ll face yourself missing golden opportunities, because you wanted to procrastinate.”

Team Name: Reignfall

Thanks in advance for taking your time to review my application of admittance. Hoping your morning is a glorious one.


I understand that at the moment the official guild slots are already filled; however I am more than happy to run with you guys as a psuedo-member via Discord and in-game parties. I would also like to note with finals season happening this week and the next that my playtime in the immediate future is not indicative of what my playtime will look like for the majority of the coming summer. As soon as I am free of my university obligations, I intend to play this game like it’s a full time job :wink: I am also willing to level and gear alts to fill the roles you’re currently missing.

IGN: Alyssum
Region: NA (CST)
Playing Hours: Anticipated 8-16 hours a day, starting 5/11
Class: Wizard C3 > Elementalist C3 > Warlock
Council position: Hybrid Hunter/Noble
Reason for joining: I’ve been an active part of MMORPG guilds since I was 10 - I started with WoW and played through the end of Cataclysm. I’ve always been a DPS/Support PVE-minded player and have experience as a raid/dungeon leader. (Let me tell you, trying to raid lead a bunch of PUGs as a squeaky 12 year old girl is nearly impossible. People got on Vent, heard me, and immediately left the party. Their loss.) Since I quit WoW, I’ve been drifting from MMO to MMO - trying to find one that fit stylistically, was mechanically complex enough to be interesting, and had a dedicated guild who, in their focus on end-game content, did not neglect the social aspect of MMOs. Tree of Savior clearly provides the first two pillars for me, and I believe that Crimson Knights has the potential to provide the third. I believe that I would be an excellent addition to the Crimson family.
Favorite quote: “I need not a shield, for my will is my protection. I need not a sword, for my mind is my weapon.”

P.S. I am a computer science student looking at picking up LUA this summer, so I may be able to hook up the guild with some guild-exclusive addons :wink:


IGN: Hakai
Region: NA
Playing hours: Weekdays 5-8, weekends - A lot…
Class: I have a few characters, one is Wizard 1> pyro2>ele1>sorc1 | Going to make this an alchemist.
The other (which will be my main) is Wizard 1 > cyro1>linker2 | Finishing being sorc3 (or maybe sorc 2 thau 1)
Counsil Position: PVE Council
Reason for joining: Looking for a good community with the same passion as myself for this game. Looking to get out of the “Solo play” mode.


Hello guys! Thanks for applying!

If you guys are playing at Klaipeda server, then I will send you guys a friend request. My team name is Eroc. However, please understand that we cannot guarantee that you will automatically join us. We do have slots, but we do not recruit people randomly. See you in game!


IGN: slayerbaozi
Region: NA
Nationality: Chinese
Usual Hours: 6hrs/day
Primary Class: C2archer-C3Ranger-C1scout-C1canonner
Council Position: Hunters/Fighters
Reason: Looking for a competitive guild.
Fav. Quotes: Surprise mother-farther!


IGN: BodzBadguy
Region/Nationality: North America/Philippines
Playing Hours: 8-10 hours (normal with breaks) 2-3 hours minimum
Possible Class: Monk / Corsair
Possible Council Position: Anything fun :3
Reason for Joining: Guild has same goals as mine copy paste :stuck_out_tongue:
Favorite Quote : "I didn’t fail , i just found out 100 ways that won’t work " & “IF you use your brain , you won’t get fat”


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IGN: Ezio Auditore
Region/Nationality: NA
Usual Playing Hours: Around 10-12 hours a day
Class: C2 cleric ->C3 Diev ->C1 Druid-> PD
Council Position: PvP Council / Fighter. PvE Council / Hunter
Reason for Joining: I’m a Veteran MMO player who’s highly competitive and always tries to get to the top in any game I play. played WOW from burning crusade until pandaria, played RO actively for about 3 years, currently Platinum in league of legends, but frankly the goals of the guild align with my own not to mention that there is nothing like meeting like minded individuals.
“puts on glasses”:sunglasses:
Favorite Quote: “In life you can only see as far as your headlight shines but somehow, we make the entire trip that way”


Hey guys, please make sure to check your PM, inform me your IGN as I need to invite you to my friend list. :slight_smile:


IGN: Mayonnaise
Region: SEA
Playing hour: 10-12 hours a day
Class: Wizard C1>Linker C2>Chrono C3
Council position: PvE council
Reason for joining: I want to make more friend in this game