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Keep an updated list of "Known Issues" pinned

Make a thread and pin it with a list of all the “known” issues where people can discuss or post if they find more. Then not only keep it actively updated when new issues arise or get fixed, but also please try to give response if possible. This will stop people from getting angry over seeing tons of complain threads and everyone from getting angry every time you delete a thread about an issue. You’ve split the community by trying to hide problems which people know obviously from playing the game first hand. It’s created tons of forum clutter and many more disgruntled people than needed and people won’t get as angry when you actually start cleaning everything up since they can be heard somewhere.

This doubles as a means to track your progress of fixes and helps players confirm that there’s actually a problem. People are more angry that you run away from the problems than actually acknowledging them or speaking the truth about what’s wrong. So please could you make one single post where people can talk freely about problems keeping the list updated frequently so everyone will go to the thread instead of spamming your forums? Everyone on both sides of the community would appreciate it greatly to see something like this happen. For the sake of cleaning up the forums please consider this suggestion.

Thank you.


BUMP, since a lot of people browsing forums doesn’t use the search bar/button

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