"item discarded while equipping gem" After Re Build Patch, I put level 9 red gem on my +16 Velcoffer shield and my gem and shield discarded


oh and one more thing, please try to make the title of the ticket clear of the issue:

something like i.e. “item discarded while equipping gem” would make it easier for us to compile the tickets




whew finally a respond .
Ive been weaponless since yesterday we hope we get it back asap. T_T

Btw Ticket send.


We will soon perform short maintenance to fix that issue.(include restore the item)
Stay tuned to our announcement for more details.

My Item is gone, After Green Gem
Lost a Lvl 7 Blue Gem and Masinios Rod

Someone confirm here when it’s safe to put gems lmao


Maintenance is expected to take place today (January 17, 2019) soon, so pls try to put gems later.(I recommend…)


Thank you @STAFF_Amy and other Staffs for hard working, we will make more invest and support IMC

I have not yet been restored their items that have been discarded while equipping gems

Here’s our temporary maintenance announcement. :sob::joy:


I’m haven’t get my weapon back… Instead, they give me useless weapons. They not answer my ticket yet.


same generic response as others after my pike got discarded


Gm, please, I not have received yet. :soluço:


i haven’t got mine either, i only got the generic response :frowning:

please help


now u got ?

i didn’t get mine item too
AFTER Maintenance today



i didn’t get my item back don’t worry :tired:


why only us ?

lost chance to test build

lost chance for farm

and now lost 100%confirm…

don’t refund anything nice nicencieeceicie



any updates regarding this matter? i haven’t got my item back even after today’s maintenance.

please help :frowning:


I have not received mine yet


please update when bug solve, I want use discount for trans my weapon on sunday later


i have only one massive weapon
and i lost them :frowning:
lost chance to do other content and missing trans 50%event…


What !??!

answer from the previous ticket to this:

RealY?! @GM_Francis