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Item awakening is absurd

So yeah, old topic of discussion. But hey IMC, want to earn more profit? Here’s a great idea:

  1. Let us select the stat we receive via item awakenings.

  2. Make the values range random as usual

  3. Sell item awakening stones in TP for like 10 TP each

  4. ???

  5. profit

We only get these awakening stones via events or cubes (1st RNG), then we awake it to achieve desired stats (2nd RNG), then we hope we get decent value (3rd RNG). Seriously wth?

In relation to a thread I made earlier: Little rant on item awakening
(In summary, 20 awakening runs and best I got was +88 sp reco on solmiki medal)


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They can be acquired from fishing, but for some reason IMC made them unable to be put on market or direct trade

I’ve gotten quite alot from fishing daily using shrimps

just fish everyday in one week i got like 30 !!

Thanks guys I have not really tried fishing but I’ll give it a go. :slight_smile:

As far as I understand will shrimps just increase the chance to make a successfull catch and doesn’t affect the rarity of an Item.

so 4,2 Awakening Stones per day in a 10 fish cycle. Sure :smiley:

We share our fishing cycles @ Discord and so far the average catch of “Awakening Stones” is 0,71 per (Day / 10 catches)

Yep, fishing is the way to go.
Awakening stones are so overpriced in the market, the first Leticia Box edition I bought a lot for 100k, now they are costing more than 3M.

I usually get 1 awakening stone per day, on lucky days I get 2. It’s rare to fish for 2 days straight and not get a awakening stone.
note: I always use shrimp+bonfire+paste bait

You can also fish with other account if the item you want to awake is tradable, (I do this with my brother’s account since hes not playing anymore) and get more awakening stones, I am trying to save as many awakening stones as I can before I get my Velcoffer set and transcend it.

Got an awakening stone from Log Calendar and got a high + HP recovery so I guess I’ll keep it

Hey guys just dropping in to update. I cannot thank you for those who said to try fishing for the awake stones. I get them very often now. Yesterday I even got 2 on one cycle of fishing. Today, I got another stone on the first cycle.


I got lucky on some, still have a bunch that are tradable, glad I hoarded some.

Again, updating thread.

Was about to post how I just gotten 2 stones when bam when I was about to take the photo a third stone.

Idk is this luck or the rate to get it is high?

Ordinary rod. Shrimp not even the fancy bait on the new popo shop. That’s it.

Tyvm everyone!!

I remember I hoarded too when they were 500k each before and I bought all like 40 pcs lol


I agree. Most awakening stats are pretty much meh. The stats should be improved.

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/me connects to the game
/me goes to event board and click on “log calendar” event
/me gets an awakening stone
/me looks at equipped rod (on a wizard) and sees it’s not awaken yet
/me awakens the rod
/me looks at result and sees “Awakening: Physical Attack +47”
/me facepalms

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Hahaha xD Strong rod you got mate