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Little rant on item awakening

Yeah so actually considering how low values from awakening are, and how expensive Item Awakening stones are (and rare) these days, this is what I got trying to awaken Solmiki Leather Medal +11 20 times:

ice property resist +19
holy resist 14
dark resist 15
sp reco 84
sp reco 88
magic def 21
magic def 15
phy def 16
poison resist 13
fire resist 14
magic def 13
ice resist 24
sp +91
crit res 21
fire resist 18
evasion 21
poison resist 17
dark resist 13
poison resist 13
phy def 19

I was aiming for +HP, and with 20 bloody tries the best I got was +88 sp reco at the cost of what? Kinda abdsurd, it’s not like you can buy awaken stones from TP shop for 5 TP each ffs

i would have stopped at 84 or 88 sp rec. Solmiki 3-piece set (accs) gives decent amount of Con but not enough Spr, anyway, imo.

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Sadly gamblers fall into the “next one will be better” trap…

me included

I was going to make a Thread about IA but my threads sucks that a fact :pensive:

My problems with the skill is not just the fact that you need an extra item to use your own skill, but the fact that its just random and lazy…

I remember it having a graph (is graph the right word… table of content :confused: a thiny?_?) and cause it sucked and not many liked it they just say FUCK IT AND REMOVE IT…

which seems to be the alchemist theme, if cant fix it remove it :unamused:

Rods getting accuracy and 2H swords getting magic amp is no just sad is lazy…

it waste both a precious resource AND time…

I prefer my weapon had q potential than risk the 10th wrongly places stat on my weapon :angry:

LIKE WTF, at least separate what we get by type; X Gear type gets this ones and Y Gear get those and…

The main problem in my opinion is not awakening being weak (although it could use some improvements), the main problem is current items, instead of having unique features, having stupidly high stat bonusses ( on current items you can get stat bonuses worth 270+ character levels on a single item! ) to such a degree that awakening bonuses seem laughable.

That being said, i’d love awakening to have somewhat better bonus options aswell as some option to choose which bonuses we can get by sacrificing some misc items… like using some leaf items and a green gem giving you crit bonus when awakening your weapon, or using a red gem and some monster blood items give you an hp bonus, etc, there are many way in how this could be made more interesting to the point where we can choose what to get but also have to work for it by collecting items.


Well, actually I do have a tally of all my gears’ awakening stats on my pc… every part of my miki has +HP and this is my last one, and I kinda knew it would take a couple of tries… I used to get +HP on 10 tries average but holy fcuk 20 times and not even +800 HP ffs

We should get rid from random worthless stats like Elemental/weapon type resistance or elemental damage since their values are so small that u wont ever notice them

Let’s stick to Phys/Mag attack

Yeah or maybe i’m just another salty player but no one can blame me coz the amount of farming for these stones in any way is too long, when if I can spend the same amount of time and enjoy other games instantenously…?


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Is there a list/table/calculator with current max values per stat?
All i saw is old from Lv315 or lower patches…

I am not sure myself but when I compare the values to that table (if we are talking about the same thing) sounds about right to me

Why do you even care about the HP bonus? just get some CON and you’ll have the same HP…

The best stat boni you can get from item awakening are SP recovery and Evasion.

The rest is not even worth the try.

Since mages have lower HP factor compared to other classes getting 1000-2000 raw HP from an item is a huge boon.

It is more of a “completionist” thing I have. I know that the bonus is low.i know the risks involved as well since i am not new to the game. But like i said i used to roll 10 on average and get HP, now i rolled 20x and didnt even get it once

I should show you the berthas raffye crossbow I got yersterday… huge boosts to INT, SPR, MATK, MAMP. This game has a sick sense of humour sometimes…

For the stones, what’s the common drop rate when you go fishing?

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one every few days, depends on lure as well.

Atleast you got a very smart archer lol :smiley:

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Heh yeah. I was about to keep the thing for ichoring… then remembered that whatever I do, it would only work on a crossbow anyway :man_facepalming:

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