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It seems Julie made some mistake =)

Continuing the discussion from Reminder: Community Etiquette:

@Staff_Julie We can’t leave comments!!!


She will fix it, i think…
Just wait.

I dont think she wanted it to be commented on. it might become a bulletin.

i think its better with no reply… ppl cant spam.

@VnZzz @sykwitit540

just sayin, coz she asked us to leave comments

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Maybe is because she is sure she didn’t.

Goodness gracious, my struggles throughout the night… I thought it would allow comments just like any other announcement posts, since I didn’t touch any settings.

I’ve never encountered a forum like this, it’s very difficult to learn its mechanics.

If @Wednesday may allow me to hijack this thread, you may leave any comments here… If.


she even left a kiss in there thats so cute now i wanna read forum guidelines twice <3 /KappaPride

This Thread has been OFFICIALLY HIJACKED


@Staff_Julie Do the Thing.


Asked for a community manager.
And we got 1, bois.


take a breath, as far as I know you are usually offline by this time. I see you have been running around for 16 hours (maybe had a small time to recover, but still).

edit: could you edit ur nickname to full uppercase STAFF like the others? I’m perfectionist :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you will tell us more of IMC ideas …plans … and other things.

BEFORE they happen xD.

A little roadmap with little accuracy and a big warning “not suspect to be done in that timeframe”.

Would make me fall in love~


Posting things you don’t own …

Read community guidelines again xD…

Post Only Your Own Stuff

You may not post anything digital that belongs to someone else
without permission. You may not post descriptions of, links to, or
methods for stealing someone’s intellectual property (software, video,
audio, images), or for breaking any other law."

I don’t abide by it from time to time.
But youtube links … are more of an little advertisment to the creator.
And i think retyped images … are debatable to whom they are fully owned.

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ok got a question

if i call somebody a tiny wiener on here but not really meaning it does this:


basically asking if “jokes” are allowed

Great initiative, I have been finding some members quite abusive and spammish. Not really a question, but what I would like to see is a flag feature similar to posts, but for members. Like if someone gets flagged more then 5-10 times a staff member will have to review his posts and act accordingly. You could limit this feature to 1 flag per user, per 24-48 hours, that way people won’t abuse the feature. “Punishments” could be limiting the user to 1 comment per set time. There have been some that have crossed the line more then a few times on different subjects and offended many members and even if their posts we’re flagged and hidden, they would just spew their garbage again on a different post. I believe this feature would make a difference.


confuses me a little too

Adding something too…

Use the edit button, no need to creat another post if no one has posted something.

Also the reverse feature;

If a person gets over 20 likes on a post, have a Mod come look into it.
(Like if someone makes a really good suggestion)


BAd habbit… bad forum mechanics as said by julie.

I’m used to it … adding it up AUTOMATICALLY.

I can’t get that out of me …

This forum is so weird… even after nearly 200 days here… still alien to me.