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Is this finally a good bye?

We’ve reach new heights and it’s saddening.

695 average head count. 4 servers.
We don’t even know the real numbers since there are many multi-account users, bot army funnelers, dead account pilots, shop class entrepreneurs, and coward troll accounts included in the this count.

5-6months more and the game will completely die based on the trend(but who knows?)

Call me masochist but despite all the bugs, problems, complaints, imbalances, etc. I still love this game.
And seeing its population drop by 60% in just 3 months due to a major patch(goddess patch), and still consistently dropping every month by approx. 100+ players is really saddd.

And now a new controversial game changer patch is awaiting to be deployed in iToS, that will probably make another major population drop due to negative feedback from kToS and iToS itself.

Welp, time to find some back up game in case, and prepare myself for that fateful day.


The updates beginning in 12-2 have been largely positive and even more so since 13-1. MTX has gotten pretty hardcore but the game itself is so much better than any point in 2020.


As a doomsayer myself, i must say you’re being a bit hasty. We just got through holidays, people should be busy doing important stuff. Wait at least till early March to be sure.

When Lost Ark releases in SEA, yes. It releases next month in NA and SA. SEA is the sole region supporting iToS.


Old but gold meme to answer that question.


I’m not surprised. When I started in 2017, the game was like WoW: do the quests, improve your equipment and build step by step, reach endgame, do the endgame raids. It took me one year to do so, with every patch a fun event. It felt like I was playing a game and I got hooked… Now a new player starts the game, finds in the mailbox everything needed to make an endgame character that has to follow a meta build. After a few days, you have seen everything the game offers, there is no meaningful event, you just move on to something else because there is nothing to hook you anymore. When I look at our EU server, the best indicator is the AJ rank (F4): during the last month, there are still over 1000 accounts that have scored points (so there are still people “connected”), but most of these are just “passer bys” or old accounts. Each day there is nobody in automatch queues, barely over 20 people in towns… The worse is looking at your friend list and seeing most of them didn’t connect in weeks or months, including diehard players that you’ve known since day one and thought they would play until servers shut down.

And you’re not the only one. Problem is: even if they fix all the bugs, listen to the playerbase and make a hell of a game, it’s probably too late.

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we can see probably by the end of January, on how much people actually return to the game for some patch iirc, and thats also if imc wont delay again
idk about new player but clearly if they try to gain new player i dont see any attempt on hype building

the next milestone would be somewhere around march-april during itos anniversary
if the surge of player during those period is just some temporary spike and its continue declining again from this number than we can clearly say the development road has failed to attract new players or returners to keep intact in game

what imc has to keep in mind is the fierce competition of game market
competition of what mmos or any other game genre that can provide and guarantee more fun

as a fanatic player you might say, man “if you like it just play it if you dont just piss off” comment, pft i got enough of this comment
you need to see on bigger perspective, imc as company, tos as business, if they didnt see that their development road is shallow and they didnt even try continue to build hype of this game and keep ignoring its already small community tos will further succumb and keep losing the probability of gaining fame and profit and we are getting closer to the ending

even now, pre incoming patch, and the patch is pretty much spoiled already, personally i dont feel the hype at all, i just cant formulate reasons to go back to the game, not only because the game development road isnt my taste, but there just so many other good game for me to play that surely guarantee me fun compare to grinding for earring or higher level giltine relic

tos is like old early ET attempt, and along the way someone messed up, and anyone who play long enough know the only viable option to do

imc has to bring out tos from its early access vibes zone, getting away from its overly intensive class skills rebalance, set a fixed standard and moving on, creating more fun and players favorites contents, instead of fiddling around the same things over and over and call it patches just so player delusionaly feels like something new each time around and just to get bored pretty fast



we are almost there
Chill out white knight
im not doomsaying
all mmo end up the same
What makes it differs is
Is it end good
or bad ?
for tos ?
Judge for yourself

Wait yall, we still have earrings, belt, tank top, panties, socks, 10 rings to implement next. And If these still can’t save the game, we’ll come up with more stuff. Don’t worry!

~ IMC (probably, most likely)

While I agree that you would need to wait till end of January/next patch to judge I don’t think the next patch have anything that generate hype as ep 13-1 and 13-2 patch (which is a low bar) let alone keep player, attract new player or “save the game”. 13-1 patch give us the anticipated Giltine raid while 13-2 with goddess equip remove bunch of heavy resource drain and RNG (sadly not all of them). The upcoming ep 14 patch did nothing like that.
Also I don’t see any “feeling of progression” that IMC often say in 2021 in the ep 14 patch. Atm you still feel a bit stronger after dumping 500-700 scales on the gear for +1 enhance and go do 1 more bernice level. Ep 14 is the same system for accessory but you don’t have 6 alts to do auto for voucher and you don’t exactly sure that you can clear party raid while the earing sounds like either god roll or bust.

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Well you may translate my “all mmo end up the same” however you want,…
Though having marked me and what I said as white knight talk is clearly a misunderstand as I am a doomsayer alike myself lol
Mine “all mmo end up the same” simply means all mmo will end up getting shutdown anyway, whether it’s good or bad, it won’t last forever, and it’s having no relation whatsoever with representing any community like those who quit lmao
so yeah, If you quit so be it, if you translate it that way like hell I care :joy::joy:

Hmm… interesting view
though personally im on holiday myself
In fact between jobs and I got 3 weeks+ to kill since december and all I do most times is gaming lol
Too bad I don’t have tos in my list
Just to get updated sheldomly
Even in my country it’s end semester holiday for school kids but yeah, they don’t seem to play tos to at least to increase those chart number
I don’t get why it would appeal them as well and how to attract them to play it
Unless they love maggi arts style like me, they would get hooked, at least for a while
But yeah, even now maggi arts or cute pet and costumes not enough to keep players in game

About those chart numbers, you should check around July 2017
It’s like the biggest decline after tos first year of multiple drops in 2016, become somewhat steady early 2017, having surge in may, and bam, its the biggest number of player drop since then with 1,5k
You know why?

It’s the introduction of leticia cubes

Anyone with enough mmo experience can tell where this game is heading and how it will end up
They basically oracles

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Even if, by a miracle, this game gets 5k+ players, the servers themselves couldn’t sustain them. On release, and if Every big patch/episode release, the game becomes unplayable because of the lag and channels dropping or chat/automatch not working. Those aren’t “bugs”, those are server stability problems, and as long as ToS have those, it will stop itself from growing more, always on those player thresholds.

I will always say this: this game would be so much bigger if it hadn’t the horrible lag and stability problems when it gets to a “big” amount of players. Even on release it was like that, maybe even worse, and those who survived/came back after all the hell it was that, stayed in the game.

I could also make a really long analysis on how the change of perspective of this game, from a “explore and get Gear steadily with your friends and more people” to “go automatch and farm endgame nonstop, no need to get out of town” has hurt this game and made players log 3-4 hours a week, do their content and leave until next week or for GTW/Boruta if they’re in a Guild, but I guess everyone who still reads this forum knows that ;_;

I love this game, its music, visuals and most of the core gameplay/class variety, and I don’t think it will die, even with the steady player drops. After all, they’re still trying to mantain the game fresh on the class balance side of things. But at the same time, I don’t think this game will surpass the 2-3k mark of active players ever. It has a niche, and that’s fine, have fun with the game if it’s fun to you, it’s still fun to me and I’ll play as long as that’s still true. I just feel bad for the new/returning players that get lost and info-overloaded and content-locked because everything now is just for max level and the Goddess/Gear Storage system is even more complicated than the Ichor System when you’re new.


i think 5+ Years is a GOOD RUN for a PC MMORPG in today’s era. TOS came out after the golden era of pc mmorpgs(2004-2012) ended. Coming out at 2016 and making it this far itself in an accomplishment.
it is sad that the playerbase is declining. even the the TOS JP concurrent players has fallen from 2000+ players in 2019 to just less than 500 nowdays.
But whatever maybe the case… i m happy to see that the DEVS are pushing out some kind of new content/update(good or bad) and that is the motivation for the players i believe.(that ONE DAY THE GAME WILL BE GOOD…).

as for the players, the game is fun if you are a New player (never played TOS BEFORE).
you can be amazed and excited by the one-of-a-kind beautiful artstyle. the vast and beautiful world and its maps(although abandoned and deserted). the pleasant music and the main story quests is fun to do for the first time, have Fun exploring and trying out different classes of your preference and heck its fun even grinding for all gears for the first time.
After that the reality strikes in… of the MMORPGs the endess grinding and never-ending power upgrading and brain-dead gameplay and TOS also took the same path, a one like the MOBILE HERO GACHA RPGS.u cant blame them for that… but it kinda failed for a PC MMORPG.

the only Savior for Tree of Savior would be a Pri Server which can undo ( the bad updates )or try to balance but that would take years just to reach the same point as Ragnarok online (RO is unbalanced in a way too but its possible to find a balanced server of your choice)
For the old players, its fun if you have joined the top3 guild in your server and fun doing content toegther because most smaller guild just die and the leftover active players move on the the top 3guild.

In the end, i dont think the GAME will die anytime soon because as long as there are occasional new players coming and going and the pillars of the TOS ,the WHALES and HARDCORE players who are still there, that have put in YEARS of HARDWORK and EFFORT (or) LOTS OF MONEY that they are just too far, too deep to quit now.even 500+ Active paying players is enough for the Game to be kept alive.or atleast the SEA server will live on xD.

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SteamDB comparison

Finally someone called out the elephant in the room. Nice to see extreme copium on the first reply.


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There’s two possible ways, or the amount keeps lowering until a threshold, or stay like that for some time

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