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Is this brilliance debuff 100% chance to trigger?

Tested equipping this card and auto attacking with solmiki bow, no brilliance debuff at all

Does solmiki bow do holy attack attribute?
What I understood from this card is that it’ll trigger brilliance when the attack has holy attribute, like crusader and exorcist skills.

It’s because elemental add damage doesn’t rly exist anymore or at least that’s what I think… I know it doesn’t work with yekubite card either.

Sacrament triggers it btw but that only works with your AA.
(Sacrament is not add damage)

ah, i see

i use tosneet to quicksearch any weapon with holy property and found solmiki bow.
So this card is only useful for cleric then…

maybe BM can work with that holy buff skill

IIRC add. [element] property damage is not considered as the stated [element] for the purpose of any element-related effect (although still affected by elemental multipliers), e.g. +80% fire damage from Taoist’s tri disaster charm does not boost the damage of add. fire property damage stat. Add [element] damage is more like the new add damage (neutral) but affected by elemental modifiers and nothing else, then we can say it is not exactly an elemental kind of damage. So this brilliance effect should be triggered only through effects that are “true holy property”, such abilities that are affected by +X% holy damage.

which specific class has that holy property skills? excluding the obvious cleric tree

Isnt all add. damage consolidated into the single additional damage stat which has no innate property? I believe all of the “elemental” versions of add. damage are just leftovers that havent been updated.

Tested; any Pistol type damage can activate this card if Silver Bullet is active. This includes skills like Blindfire, Fanning, and so on.

Also, anyone with access to a Pardoner shop can make use of this card if they have the buff that adds an additional hit to their basic attacks. It’s no wonder why they chose this to be the effect of the Pardoner Master card.

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Right now, Rune Caster (will be changed into Psychokinesis in the future) and BM (silver bullets), I think

This. Sacrament works because its Holy Hits, that did not change. Add damages despite showing elements will no longer have any element associated to them.

which class really get benefit from using this card? i dont think pardoner sacrament buff+AA justify using this card.
we know so far, BM.

Any class actualy, you can pick up the holy damage build from guild tower.
Chaplain i think is the best user of this card, besides Miko (Hamaya) , Kabbalist (nachash), Exorcist, Crusader, Zealot (emphatic thrust), Omioj (ying yang maybe), Rune Caster (Rune of Justice) and Priest (Sacrament and Turn Undead)
I need to test more, but those are the best users that i tested until now

Use Fanaticism and put the Brilliance debuff on yourself.


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Does anybody notice any damage increase other than from Auto Attack? For example Owl damage isn’t increased from my tests.

Seems like a very good card for Chaplain though. Too bad nobody plays that anymore.

Works with Pardoner holy damage when AA.
Best card for SR atm.

Much better than the bleed card combo which has low proc and requires 2 cards.

How does the card work? Currently I’m switching cards with my Crusader depending on the boss I fight with him, but I have no card for regular use. Would this card be useful? I suppose you trigger the Brillance effect with any holy skill (which is 90% of Crusader/Exorcist) and then it does +% with anything including skills, not only AA right? Is there a CD?

I don’t know which skills it increases the damage on but it works like this:

Whenever you hit the enemy with a holy attack it gets to 100% for 5s the “Brilliance” debuff. If you hit it again the timer is reset to 5s. So basically if you do AA it’s permanently on and if you stop AA it will last 5 more seconds before it’s gone.

It increases my damage from AA hits (13000 damage instead of 10000 per hit), but it did not increase the damage of Owl. It was too hard to tell for me if it increases damage of Nachash and Merkabah, but it DID seem to increase the damage of Turn Undead by 30%.

in party, if B triggered brilliance debuff to target X, can other party member who use this card enjoy+30%dmg to target X while it last?

Other Red Cards do exactly the same… not a big deal.