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Is there a site with build guides?

I’m thinking of going back to the game, but I would like to find some build guide (I’m terrible at making my own builds). Is there a site with builds? Including the classes and what skills to pick? I used to consult a site a long time ago, but I couldn’t find it anymore. I was looking for a summoner build, but I would like to check what other builds are out there. Most popular and the likes. Is there anything like this out there updated for the new class system?

No. Almost all site is ded.

You may want to check for popular class in WBR across all servers and from there you can ask people in discord/forum about your particular class for skill allocation or anything.

Thank you. That seems just too much work and research for a game. I will have to pass going back to it.

  1. This is one of the most recent ones:
  1. Follow the class links to get to the most popular class & skill builds:

nope.all sites are dead.that blogspot build also outdated.this game itself will be dead so why either being milked by cute costume gacha or waste your time grinding here lmao